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When you are seeking a striking appearance on the basketball court, purple shoes leave no other second option! It is an undeniable truth to purple color lovers. The fact that you are here proves that you are also no different from purple-blust lovers like me!

But when there are a thousand purple basketball shoe options in the market to buy, I know, it will be not easy to decide the best one. That’s why today I decided to list the top best purple basketball shoes that meet up all the souls of the basketball shoes based on my personal as well as customer reviews.

So let’s straight off to the discussion…

Quick Overview Of The Best Purple Basketball Shoes Of 2023

Our Top Picks Best For Customer Rating
Nike Mens Air Jordan 3 Retro Joker Leather Basketball Shoes Best purple basketball shoes from Nike  5/5
Nike Mens Lebron XIX 19 “Space Jam Basketball Shoes Best for sleek design   4.4/5
Adidas Unisex-Adult D.O.N. Issue 3 Basketball Shoe Best Overall Adidas Basketball Shoes 4.5/5
PEAK Mens Flash Basketball Shoes Best adaptive cushioned purple basketball shoes  4.5/5
Sanearde Men’s Fashion Basketball Shoes Best men’s breathable & lightweight purple basketball shoes  4.4/5
WELRUNG Unisex High Top Basketball Shoes  Best purple basketball shoes for high-top lovers  4.2/5
Celtros Men’s Basketball Shoes Best affordable & durable purple basketball shoes  4.0/5
Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoe 4.5/5
ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes Best purple basketball shoes for professionals  4.4/5
WILTENA Women Fashion Anti-Slip Basketball Shoes Best fashionable anti-slip purple basketball shoes 3.8/5

The Benefits Of Purple Basketball Shoes

Several new signature basketball shoes hit the court every year. These shoes come in the top priority list among the player not only for comfort but also with classic styling and color.

Thus if you are looking for shoes in the popped purple color on the list, you are not alone! Many purple lovers like me always look forward to the perfect basketball footwear that will support any specific playoff style on the court.

But the query may start are purple basketball worth the investment and hype? Let’s end the conversation by pinpointing some key advantages that you will get from purple shoes:

Enhance Styling

The great advantage of purple basketball shoes is that it adds a pop of color and a different interest to the overall basketball outfit. The bold purple footwear will surely match you up on any of your outfits.

Thus you can incorporate them into your casual outfits as well. Coming to the basketball court, when you are confident enough about your styling, it will impact your performance by boosting speed and strength.

Restricts Unusual Feet Movement

High-quality purple basketball shoes are not only incredible in styling but also superior in ergonomic features. It will fit on your feet like a glove and prevent unusual moves and cuts.

Even if you are choosing the mid-top design, it will prevent ankle sprains. Research shows that the perfect cushioned shoes reduce ankle inversion on the specific basketball movement on the court.

Ensures Stability & Supports

When you go through our top pick list of the best purple shoes for basketball athletes, you will find that all of the ones are carefully designed that meet players’ every inch of needs.

High-quality and well craftsmanship shoes feature special padding in the ankle area to protect the user from excessive stretching.

The Top Purple Basketball Shoes In The Market

1. Nike Mens Air Jordan 3 Retro Joker Leather Basketball Shoes

Nike Mens Air Jordan 3 Retro Joker Leather Basketball Shoes


Brand  Nike
Department Men
Item Weight 5 Pounds
Material  100% Leather
Color  Black/Electric Green-Canyon Purple

Additional Features

Let’s start with the most valuable footwear brand “Nike” which is offering you the most comfortable basketball shoes through the well-known Jordan model. The most amazing part is Jordan 3 Retro Joker has brought the perfect shoes in purple, nicely mixed with the Black/Electric Greenish on the sides- I think all that you hunt for!

But it’s obviously not worth it to finalize your decision by just seeing the color. Let’s highlight how this footwear will be well fit to your taste and needs.

Nike uses 100% pure leather in Jordan 3 shoes, which not only tends to be more breathable but also far easier to clean. Leather is also durable enough that is resistant to wear and tear.

That’s not the end that you need to know! You are getting the high-quality rubber sole that is quite slip-resistant, offering you the best grip on even treacherous surfaces. So, you can completely rely on this footwear to run on the slippery wooden basketball court.

What We Like Most About The Product

Not to mention, the purple color with an eye-popping greenish side border attracts me a lot. Aside from the classic look, I am mostly amazed by the leather upper. To be honest it feels so comfortable to me!

Another fact that I need to mention -I have got the best support and traction on the court while my long practice, hardly find on other brand I’ve used ever.

Price: $599

Pros Cons 
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Great support to the feet
  • Classic look
  • May seem weighty to some

2. Nike Mens Lebron XIX 19 “Space Jam Basketball Shoes

Nike Mens Lebron XIX 19 "Space Jam Basketball Shoes


Brand  Nike 
Department  Men 
Item weight  3.3 Pounds
Material  100% Synthetic
Color  Purple 

Additional Features

Let’s meet the next basketball shoes in purple blust from Nike as it has never ending footwear models in the list. Lebron is such a model that is always in the first row of best-performing shoes for any purpose.

So, from the Lebron XIX 19 “Space Jam Basketball Shoes, you are getting awesome cushioning and maximum impact protection in your perfect. Plus sleek design adds a new dimension to the pair, making it one the best ones for the basket player!

Above all, the overall construction of synthetic leather makes it lightweight and increases its durability to the next level. No matter, how harsh you are on this footwear on your basketball court, the pair will provide you solid support to your feet for longer.

Plus, the inside cushion will give you a crazy amount of bounce when you are busy at your target goal!

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What We Like Most About The Product

From all honesty, definitely, I’ll give reviews from my personal experience. I’ve ordered the exact purple shoes and got a few noticing factors that can’t deniable. First, the pair was well-fit for my thin feet even without wearing the socks.

 The next thing that amazes me is the craftsmanship that is truly amazing. They were so comfortable to wear and even I felt like I’m wearing a very big boot.

So, if you’re a serious basketball athlete, concerned about the right fit shoes for your thin feet, I bet this pair has brought much more than you need!

Price: $129

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Classic design
  • Better cushion
  • Comfortable
  • Not for wide feet

3. Adidas Unisex-Adult D.O.N. Issue 3 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Unisex-Adult D.O.N. Issue 3 Basketball Shoe


Brand Adidas
Department  Unisex-adult
Item Weight   3 Pounds
Material  100% Textile Synthetic
Color  Black with bright purple 

Additional Features

Are you a fan of Donovan Mitchell, the American most professional basketball player? If so, I bet this pair is going to amaze you! Adidas D.O.N. Issue is the third signature basketball shoe of Donovan Mitchell from the brand Adidas, having a  spider logo just on the tongue.

 The pair is much like the prior model, featuring a high-quality mid-cut mesh upper and a different material on the overlay panels. The overall construction will provide you with a lightweight and dynamic feel. Plus the rubber outsole will be enough to complete the pair, ensuring you exceptional traction on the court.

Along with the high traction, the rubber outsole will deliver you an outstanding grip on every of your move and cut. Adidas has refined a super flexible textile on the upper that will not only feel stretchy on your foot but also help you enough to avoid possible friction and inflammation.

What We Like Most About The Product

You know what I am always a big fan of Donovan Mitchell, so it is obvious for me to get attracted to the Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3 Basketball Shoe easily.

Not only the impressive purple color with the black combination, the high-quality material that I like the most! Just after 1 use, I fall in love with them. Though the price seems a bit higher to me, the superbly comfortable and stylish look that I get, it’s true value for my money, trust me!

Price: $110

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Well fit to any fit
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Great traction
  • Has the potential for heel slippage
  • Expensive

4. PEAK Mens Flash Basketball Shoes

PEAK Mens Flash Basketball Shoes


Brand  PEAK
Department  Men
Sole Material  Rubber 
Item weight 2 pound 
Color  White & Purple 

Additional Features

With the best combination of super soft and breathable material with amazing protection from the underfoot cushioning, PEAK Mens Flash Basketball Shoes has owned a place on our top pick list.

PEAK always continues to carry the best series of basketball footwear, the Flash model in a purple-white color combination is certainly at the top of that row. If you are looking for shoes with mesh or perforated uppers that allow air to circulate, this will be the perfect pick for you!

The high-quality breathable material will help you in that and more to minimize sweat and odor during your long time practicing. Plus, if you want shoes with the best shock absorption, look no further!

The infused Large 3D TPU with anti-torsion comes with great support for your arch. Without straining your foot, you can move freely on the wooden surface and at last ensure a safe landing by maintaining stability to the next level.

Above all, Peak uses a durable full palm rubber outsole that is incredible for anti-slip as well as wear and tear resistance in any case!

What We Like Most About The Product

If you’re looking for basketball shoes that are superior in both stylish and deliver high performance, I recommend not searching more! As per the review from one of my basketball teammates, the pair is well effective enough in providing the right support and stability in every game and practicing.

After deep testing, the point that grabs our attention is the comfortable adaptive midsole with outstanding cushioning. Plus the Double TPU increases the torsional stability to its highest!

Price: $129

Pros Cons
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Revolutionary design
  • Lightweight and longer lasting
  • Improved arch support
  • Might not fit wide feet

5. Sanearde Men’s Fashion Basketball Shoes

Sanearde Men's Fashion Basketball Shoes


Brand  Sanearde 
Department  Men 
Material  High-quality leather 
Color  Purple 

Additional Features

“Lightweight, Breathable, and Best traction provided non-slip shoes”- are you wondering if to have such basketball shoes with a combination of that features? Here is the best pick for you! Sanearde Men’s Fashion has covered all that a basket player will need to ensure the best performance on the court!

The core attractive part of the shoes is the high elastic outsole. The textured outsole is quite durable that will prevent any slips and falls as well as protects against falling objects.

Along with the high-quality outsole, the soft and firm arch-supportive insole will allow you to stand up to the impact that basketball involves.

Plus, it is breathable enough that let you feel fresh while your long practice. Along with other features, the fact of upper leathering is quite undeniable. It is enough durable, comfortable, and obviously never goes out of your style.

You don’t even need to get hassle for cleaning! More to all, this footwear is versatile thus you can use it to play tennis running, indoor, and outdoor, sports, and even in regular walking!

What We Like Most About The Product

When I and my teammate test the Sanearde Men’s Fashion basketball shoes personally the thing that amazed us the most is its overall craftsmanship. Starting from the outsole or insole, and the high-quality leathering with the adjustable strap, make a full package that we hunt for long days!

Besides the ergonomic design, the shoe seems very stylish in a dark purple color personally when I wear it on my feet. So I highly recommend this pair for your next basketball match even if you’re looking for comfortable & classy footwear for casual wearing!

Price: $40

Pros Cons
  • High elastic outsole
  • high-quality leathering
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Strong enough to last all season
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit
  • Not recommended for heavy exercise

6. WELRUNG Unisex High Top Basketball Shoes

WELRUNG Unisex High Top Basketball Shoes 


Brand  Welrung 
Department  Men & Women 
Color  Black Purple 

Additional Features

I bet most basketball players prefer to have a high-top basketball shoe to get the best performance on specific basketball movements. If you are in that lineup, I think the WELRUNG Unisex high-top basketball shoes would be the right pick for you.

This high-top footwear will reduce the roll on your ankle in each of your moves on the court. Plus the enough lightweight and breathable upper will keep you moving forward in no time.’

Even it will offer more support and stability on your ankles and feet compared to the lower-profile ones. Plus the added collar foam will increase the comfort of the user to the next level.

Above all, the high-quality cushioning helps to absorb impact during running movements thus you won’t feel every little bump beneath you while playing. Plus, the pair is durable, portable, and flexible enough, making the perfect pick that values your money!

What We Like Most About The Product

I with my teammate have tested each of the products in this list and decided to provide a true review for your assistance. Honestly saying I am not so comfortable with high-top sneakers as it feels like rubbing and chafing on my ankles.

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But when I wear the WELRUNG Unisex high top, you know it completely changes my thoughts! I don’t even get hurt.

 That’s the end! There are a lot of different factors that go into choosing this high-top pair! Like I feel very decent ventilation and good breathability in my feet. Plus the soles seem very thick and springy to me. So I suggest to all high-top lovers must try out this at least once!

Price: $59

Pros Cons 
  • High-performance molded design
  • Soft & lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Decent ankle support
  • The material may disappoint you

7. Celtros Men’s Basketball Shoes

Celtros Men's Basketball Shoes


Brand  Celtros
Department  Men
Inner Sole Material  Rubber 
Color  Black Purple 

Additional Features

Celtros Men Basketball Shoes is the perfect footwear that is well fashioned as well as guarantees you the highest comfort to the users. The high-cut design of the pairs with the above lacing up offers the greatest degree of support to your feet and ankle and reduces injuries.

Plus the added collar will perfectly wrap your ankle and increase foot stability while you’re running and jumping on the court.

It’s not only great in styling and looking but also awesome in providing the highest comfort to your feet. The masking of the pair is breathable enough, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Plus, the overall material of the shoes is so sturdy, thus you can easily wear them in winter outside or even for many activities like exercise, indoor running, or various outdoor sports like badminton, volleyball, tennis, and so on.

What We Like Most About The Product

Let me share the top secret about this high-quality Celtros Men basketball shoe. When I and my basketball teammates have tested the shoes, we find the almost same features as the expensive Air Jordan 3 Retro.

Thus if you are concerned about your tight budget, the Celtros Men’s basketball shoes will certainly affordable alternative for you! Moreover, due to its versatile construction, you can use them on various occasions not only just at the basketball court. So aren’t they value for money?

Price: $49

Pros Cons
  • Shock absorption
  • Good traction
  • Breathable
  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight, flexible
  • Comfortable sport shoes
  • The material seems to most ones OK but not the best

8. Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoe


Brand  Under Armour
Department  Unisex-adult
Color  Nebula purple 

Advanced features

Well, let’s unfold what makes Under Armour Unisex different from the others. The first thing comes to the fittings.

You know, most basketball players often find it difficult to get a shoe that can provide perfect fitting with comfort, especially the wide footers.

Resolving the problem, the Under Armor comes with a unisex Lockdown 6 Basketball shoe that is truly perfect for wide-footers.

Talking further to the features, along with its beautiful nebula purple color, the shoe is also great providing comfort.

The players who want performance hoop shoes, as well as comfort, can wear the shoe all day long.

You know, as a basketball shoe, gripping matters a lot on the court. The shoe has an excellent grip on the sole that allows quick changes in different directions with confidence.

In a word, once you see the craftsmanship and features of the shoe, you will surely can’t hold back its appreciation.

What We Like Most About The Product

You know to most of the basketball players, Under Armor shoes all mean Steph Curry’s signature kicks. But I bet Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6 Basketball Shoe cannot still be ignored.

In fact, there is also the commentary of the players that the shoe is a good alternative to the pricier Curry shoes. Literally, I am also one of them.

I got the most fashionable appearance with the shoe in the compare to its price. I personally think the shoe is a good bet for purple lovers along with price, appearance, and comfort.

So to me Under Armour Unisex has more than enough worth to get it one of the most liked places in my basketball shoe rack.

Price: $38.55 – $70.00

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Easy wearing
  • Awesome quality
  • Great look and feel
  • Nice sale price
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Fashionable appearance
  • Not suitable for narrow footer
  • A little weighty

9. ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes

ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes


Department  Mens 
Color  Black Purple 

Additional Features

If you are looking for a pair of basketball shoes that can provide great good arch support and good grip, ASHION Mens is one of the best options. Considering the customers’ reviews of the product, you can find the right size as well as the shoe is comfortable to wear, even when you are doing physical activity.

ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes Non-Slip Sneakers Professional Basketball Sports Shoes for Men is made of rubber sole. The upper material of the shoe is breathable and soft to keep your foot in comfort all day long.

Moreover, the manufacture of the shoe is enough to provide flexibility while playing basketball. I know, you will easily get attracted by the shoes’ Anti-Slip Outsole and Superior Traction.

It offers stability and enhances the gripping performance of the basketball. The lightweight of the shoe assists you to play the basketball without any foot fatigue or any foot issues.

In addition to the features, the shoe is wear-resistant for its quality materials like the EVA midsole. Apart from the basket court, you can also use it for daily purposes.

What We Like Most About The Product

You know, on the basketball court, appearance matters to me a lot. So literally, I like a shoe that provides great features with an attractive visual appearance.

Of course, the ASHION shoe is great in all the features that a shoe should have. But to me, along with the feature, the color of it is the most appealing to me.

A great combination of black and purple colors gives the look that is all I want in the basketball court, of course only in the matter of appearance.

Price: $50.00

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Sleek design
  • Good grip
  • Arch support
  • True to size
  • The quality of the shoe can be a little concerning

10. WILTENA Women’s Fashion Anti-Slip Basketball Shoes

WILTENA Women's Fashion Anti-Slip Basketball Shoes


Department  Women
Color  Black Purple 

Additional features

The last best product of our today’s discussion comes with the WILTENA Womens Fashion Anti-Slip Basketball Shoes.

When it comes to suitability, the shoe is a perfect match for women, men, boys, or girls. In combination with black and purple color, the shoe has a unique appearance that is worth notable.

Aside from the appearance, the shoe is also great in its quality. It comes with a rubber sole which has an elastic concave-convex texture design on it.

Due to this considering manufacture of the shoe, you will get a stable grasp on the basketball court and supports your weight.

The shoe is safe and secure for playing on the court and suitable to walk for a long period without any foot fatigue problems.

Moreover, WILTENA is lightweight and breathable enough to feel the optimum comfort while playing basketball or any other outdoor activity. The EVA midsole and the Honeycomb insole add an extra layer of comfort to the shoe.

Adaptive support, wear-resistant, and durable stability are all the features that keep the shoe in line with the best purple shoes for basketball.

What We Like Most About The Product

All the products we have mentioned here are products of high quality without any doubt. But still, there are some things that we like about products individually.

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Like for me the WILTENA is a good choice for multi-purpose uses. You do not have to take the hassle to change shoes every so often for many occasions.

Apart from basketball playing, the shoe is suitable for running, riding, driving, workout, jogging, and exercise.

You can also add traveling, walking, outdoor gym sports, and play balls to the list. So it can be a good choice for a striking appearance on almost all daily occasions just with WILTENA.

Price: $53.33

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Lovely colors
  • Unique appearance
  • Durable stability
  • Soles may wear out quickly
  • Have some quality issues
  • Have plastic appearance

How To Choose The Best Purple Basketball Shoes For You?

Whether you are a professional basketball player or just a beginner looking to step up your game, a well-fitted basket is a must for you. But for that, you’ve to know what aspect makes basketball footwear right for you!

Here are some points that you need to consider while choosing the best purple basketball shoes for your next match!


Wondering why I mention this? Yes, it is essential! Whenever you’ll pick the basketball shoes for you, it’ll mostly depend upon what positions you play. Like:

Defense: If you’re a defensive player, make sure you’ve chosen the most lightweight one for you. You can go with the mid-top or even low-top that will perfectly support your feet on any of your movements.

Offense: If you are a power forward or a small forward, the core fact that you need to build up is a strength as much as position. For instance, a high-top basketball shoe with the best support will be the right fit for you. If so, you can go with our listed Welrung Unisex High-top basketball shoes.

All-round players: If you’re an all-around player, certainly you play in different position thus various movement on the court is a must! Here if you choose the mid-top shoes for you, they will ensure the best stability of your foot at any position keeping your strength throughout the game!


The next term that you need to notice is the right size for you. But the question may arise how do choose the right size basketball shoes for you? For instance, there are various aspects to finding the perfect shoe.

When you have new shoes in your hand, make sure you have a thumbnail length between the end of the shoe and your longest toe. Also to get the most accurate fittings, take this measurement while you’re standing and the shoes are bearing the complete weight for the body.

Plus it’s always wise to choose the half size bigger rather than quite fit especially when you’re choosing for your athletes. This is crucial because it will ensure the best comfort and mobility while you are in long practice.


Along with other aspects, it is essential to perfectly judge what kind of material you need to look for in your next basketball shoes. The common materials that are used in Basketball shoes are leather, synthetic leather, and canvas.

 Among them, leather is always preferable as it proves durable and sturdy, no matter how harsh you are on your use. But as it is a bit expensive thus Synthetic leather will be the most affordable alternative for you.


The midsole and outsole are the most essential portions of a shoe. It plays a great role when it comes to the player’s performance on the court. In most cases, you will get a midsole on the EVA materials.

I am not telling you that it is bad but the high-quality cushioning in the midsole is somewhat like a game changer! It provides cushions on the pressure points of your feet, making you feel confident all day round.

Along with the midsole, you can’t ignore the outsole as it is the point of traction. You will find either rubber or synthetic material on the outsole. Both materials are good enough to ensure you the maximum balance. But you need to look for the outsole with the hexagonal that will secure your feet to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should I Replace My Basketball Shoes?

As per the doctors’ recommendation, it’s always best to replace the basketball every after 75 to 100 hours of use. If you are a professional payer and always busy on the court, try to look at replacing your shoes on a monthly basis to prevent premature injuries that lead to never-ending aches, or pains. If that isn’t possible, you must change the shoes every three to six months. Otherwise, it will feel less comfortable to you.

Can I Wear Basketball Shoes For Other Activities?

Yes! Beyond basketball playing, basketball shoes can greatly be used for individual needs. You can carry the shoes on other sports activities like tennis, volleyball, indoor running, and while weightlifting as well if the shoes are sturdy enough. Even basketball shoes can be versatile for casual wearing and walking in terrain where the surfaces are rough and rigid as the shoes are designed to meet all the criteria.

How Do I Break Into New Basketball Shoes?

It really feels tempting to wear the new basketball shoes all the time. But if you can wear them with a pair of thick socks, it will help you cope with the new shoe material in less time. Even in the first week, you may try to adjust to the shoes by wearing them on your daily walking for up to half hours. From next week, carry them on the jogging and then they will be ready for long basketball practice.

What Should I Do If My Basketball Shoes Start To Smell?

If your basketball shoes state smelling, simply keep the insole out of the pair and wash them with spray water. Even if you are not cleaning them regularly, try to at least air out the shoes daily even after your basket practice. Baking soda is another effective home remedy that keeps the insoles smelling fresh for a long time. You can try out this as well!!

What Makes Good Basketball Shoes and How Do Purple Basketball Shoes Meet Those Standards?

There are a few characteristics that will let you determine that your next purple basketball shoes are well effective for basketball practice. Like midsole stiffness, good traction, the right-size ankle collar, and soft & durable cushioning. Also, the pair should be roomy enough from the inside but provide you with perfect sturdiness whether you’re running or jumping on the court.

In Closing

Imagine, you are jumping freely over a defender, running on the court without any worrying about your ankle, and pivoting powerfully, all that can be possible only when you can ensure the right footwear while practicing. Along with other features, styling, and color is other major factor that all the players concentrate on.

 Just to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your next basketball shoes in your favorite color, we have compiled a large list of the best purple basketball shoes in 2023 on the market.

Yet, when it comes to having new basketball shoes for you, you should think about your position on the team first and obviously the size of your feet is a must! Also choose shoes that will prove to you lighter, more dynamic, and designed with less material.

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Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports.


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