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Playing soccer is a great way to get fit and have fun. It’s an activity for kids and adults, and you need the right ball, so it’s not too big or too small. Kids will grow quickly, and their soccer ball needs to grow. The size of the ball will depend on the age of your child, their height, and what position they play. By reading this blog post, you’ll learn what you need to know about getting the best soccer balls for kids right size soccer ball for kids.

Size of Best Soccer Ball for Kids

A soccer ball’s size depends on a few things:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Position Played

When you buy your child their first soccer ball, it’s important to consider their age, height, and preferred position. If they’re a beginner who is just learning the basics, a size 3 ball is a good option. It’s smaller and easier to grip. The downside is that it doesn’t have much bouncing power. For older children who are more experienced in playing soccer, size 4 or 5 balls would be better because it has more bounce and allows them to play at higher levels without worrying about the ball slipping out of their hands. Plus, these sizes are easier for kids to carry around.

If your child is tall and plays as a goalkeeper, you might want to go with an adult size 7 or 8 soccer ball because those sizes can help them control the ball better and reach high shots without the risk of dropping it. These balls aren’t good for younger kids, who could easily become frustrated with this type of ball because it will be harder for them to kick and catch it.

How to Measure Your Child to Get the Right Size Soccer Ball

The first step to measuring your child is determining their height and weight.

Height: If your child is between 3’0″ and 3’2″, they can play with a size 3 ball. For kids who are between 3’3″ and 3’4″, use a size 4 ball. Those between 3’6″ and 3’8″ should be using a size 5 soccer ball. And if your child is taller than 3’8″, use a size 6 soccer ball.

Weight: Your child should weigh between 20 and 40 pounds for the best size 3 soccer ball, 25-50 pounds for a size 4, 35-55 pounds for a size 5, and 45-65 pounds for a size 6. This information will help you determine the appropriate match for your child’s age group, height, weight, position played on the field, and skill level. It will also save you from the disappointment of receiving an inappropriately sized soccer ball.

Here are Our Selected 6 Best Soccer Balls For Kids in 2022

1. Wilson Traditional – Best Overall Soccer Ball for Kids

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\Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

14,995 Reviews

The Wilson Traditional best size 3 soccer ball is one of the stores’ most commonly sold soccer balls. Its popularity can be attributed to its excellent durability and affordability. This ball is an official size ball with adequate weight for young children (below 10 years old) who are still learning how to play the game.

It has a standard grip, making it easy for kids to handle, spin, or roll. Kids will not feel any difficulty or discomfort when kicking this ball, thanks to the perfect level of hardness and cushioning provided by the rubber bladder enclosed inside.

The outside part of this ball is made up of synthetic leather. Inside consists of butyl material which gives it enough bounce and good air retention capability, thus making it easier for children to play. The ball is available in different colors; kids can choose the color they like best according to their preferences or mood.

Pros Cons
It has a nice grip, allowing it to be easily handled, controlled, and spun by young children. None knew at the moment.
Has an improved fit and shape retention.  
It has a diameter of 23 inches, is perfect for young children, is affordable, and comes in different colors.  


Is this ball machine-stitched?

Yes, it is stitched with 4-5 panels per ball.

Does this ball have laces?

No, it does not come with any lace.

What size is this best soccer ball for kids?

It is a size 5 ball, measuring 23 inches in diameter.

2. Mikasa Serious – Best Soccer Ball for Toddlers

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Mikasa Serious


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

1,468 Reviews

The Mikasa Serious the best soccer ball for kids, is perfect for any soccer player, regardless of age or skill level. This soccer ball is designed to give players long-lasting durability and allow them to play with it on different surfaces, including concrete and grass. These are some of the most popular choices amongst youth leagues, high school teams, semi-pros, and even professionals.

Most youth league coaches have every single player on every team use this same type of ball. Doctors also recommend them as they will not cause injuries or abrasions if the kids fall while playing with this product. Its bright neon colors make it easy for all ages to see, so there isn’t a chance of missing an important moment in the game. This ball is very easy to set up, and once it’s inflated, it will be ready to use within minutes.

The Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball comes in several different sizes, making buying them for bulk purchases much easier. Whether you are looking for a kid, youth, or adult-sized ball, they are available at your local retailer or online store. Additionally, choosing the right size can help determine what skill level you prefer to play at. That way, there is no confusion when someone asks if they should get an “A” ball or a “B” ball.

Pros Cons
A soft toy-like exterior makes it great for young children without good control over their shots or kicks to use. Expensive compared to other options on the market with similar features and characteristics.
The shape helps improve accuracy when using at goal. It can be hard to inflate and may need a manual pump rather than an electric one for the best results.
Bright colors make it easier to see in the air.  


What is the difference between this ball and the SX40?

The only thing differentiating these two balls is their color scheme. The SX50 has green laces, while the SX40 has black laces.

Is there a version of this ball without ‘Mikasa’ printed on it?

No, all Mikasa balls have ‘Mikasa’ printed on them at some point.

3. Baden Perfection Thermo – Best Soft Soccer Ball for Kids

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Baden Perfection Thermo


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

23 Reviews

The Baden Perfection Thermal best size 3 soccer ball for Kids is a great option as a first soccer ball. It is inexpensive and has received many positive reviews from customers who have used this product and other parents who have recommended it to others.

The color of the balls makes them easy to find should they roll away, but bright colors should be discouraged in a game setting because it can make it difficult for a player to see where other players are. White should be the only bright color used in a game setting. The advantage of having brightly colored balls at home is that they help children learn how to use their peripheral vision to pay attention to what is happening around them, even with little or direct focus on the ball itself.

Pros Cons
Aesthetically pleasing design that has had rave reviews by customers on Amazon (5/5 stars). The Thermo ball is just a little bit heavier than the standard best soccer ball for kids, so it may not suit the needs of older children.
Great price at the time of writing.  
Thermally bonded, seamless construction with textured casing adds durability to the ball and enhances grip when held or kicked by players.  
The design of this soccer ball makes it easy to control, dribble, pass, and shoot.  


What size is this soccer ball?

It weighs around 9 ounces. It’s about 8 1/2 inches in circumference. It’s suitable for children between 8 and 12 years of age but also works great for 4 to 6-year-olds.

What are some ways/activities that I can incorporate playing with my soccer ball?

The Baden Perfection Thermo is the best soccer ball for kids; it is great for people of any skill level to play alone, with friends, in a group, on the playground/park, in physical education class at school, or outdoors.


4. Franklin Sports – Best Soccer Ball for Kids with Goals and Pump

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 Franklin Sports


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4,390 Reviews

It is a good soccer ball for kids as it is made with thermal tech, enabling one to play with it in chilly weather without any problem. Pros It has a thermal tech that can be used in cold weather and the summertime. This soccer ball provides excellent grip and balance. It seems larger than standard-sized balls, so children have a little more time to learn how to control it even when they grow up from average-sized adults.

Pros Cons
They are water-resistant, making them great for playing outdoors or indoors. The con about this product is that there isn’t much information on what materials were used to make the interior or exterior of the ball.
Since they do not contain helium inside them, their weight will be steady as soon as it hits the ground. Lastly, these balls will keep their form even if kicked very hard.  


What material is used for this product?

These balls are made of high-quality vinyl.

Are these the best kid’s soccer balls, indoor or outdoor Soccer Balls?

They can be used in both settings. They’re water-resistant, which makes them great to use in the rain.

5. Aoneky Size 3 – Best Soccer Ball for Kids with Pump

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Aoneky Size 3


Aoneky’s soccer balls are made for kids between the ages of 5-8. These age group-specific best size 3 soccer balls are great gifts for any young boy or girl interested in playing soccer. They are high quality, with materials that will last through many games.

Pros Cons
These soccer balls are tough and can take a lot of wear and tear while still lasting a long time Though this size ball is good for children in their early years of playing soccer, it does not make a good ball for older kids or adults.
The price is unbeatable, especially considering how much use they will get from a child. You may want to invest in a full-sized ball if you are an adult who wants to play and do drills with younger players.
Enjoy free shipping within the United States on all orders over $35.00.  


Is this product available outside the U.S.?

Yes! This product is available on Amazon Prime with free two-day shipping for customers in Canada and many other countries. Please be aware that import taxes and tariffs may apply when ordering from a different country, and a small percentage of orders will not arrive due to these fees.

Does this ball have any special features?

Yes! This soccer ball is made with the same material as the more expensive Brazuca balls used at this summer’s World Cup. It can withstand all kinds of weather and bounces on any field surface (unlike another popular indoor/outdoor ball).

6. Hero Egg Traditional – Best Easy to Inflate Soccer Ball for Kids

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Hero Egg Traditional


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

14,994 reviews

The Hero Egg Soccer Ball is a high-quality traditional style ball made for children between the ages of 8 and 14. This ball has a good feel and weight, making it perfect for play in any weather conditions. It has a beautiful design makes it great for practicing skills like juggling and passing. It also offers great durability overall compared to other balls in its price range.

Pros Cons
Made with an all-weather material that provides good grip even in slippery conditions; The surface is a bit thin, making it more vulnerable to tearing than other options on the market (3/5).
Beautiful design makes it easy to focus on gameplay; kids love showing off their soccer skills.  
Offers better bounce than many comparable balls at this price point (3/5).  
Durable and inexpensive, it provides great value for the cost (4/5).  


How do I take care of my new soccer ball?

The material of this ball makes it easy to wipe clean, but you should avoid leaving it out in wet conditions. If you play with your Hero Egg Soccer Ball inside or outside, dry it well before storing it. It’s best if kept in a moisture-free environment when not being used.

How big is the Hero Egg Soccer Ball?

The Hero Egg Soccer Ball has a diameter of 21 cm. The circumference is about 57cm. This size makes it suitable for youth between 8-14 years old.


Finding the right soccer ball for kids with so many options can be overwhelming. You must think about several things to find the best ball for your child. For example, not all balls are created equal. Some balls are designed for beginners, while others are more appropriate for competitive players.

What’s more, there are many factors to consider when determining the size of the ball. In this article, we’ll discuss why you need to measure your child before you go shopping to get the best soccer ball for kids. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. See full affiliate disclosure here.

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