Mizuno Jpx 850 vs 900 Review Which One To Choose

Mizuno has announced three new JPX irons, comprising three models: the Hot Metal, the Tour, and the Forged. Each iron is made of various metals to enhance its performance.

The Forged uses boron, like what the JPX-850 Forged utilized. We’ll explore the ways this improvement leads to improved performance.

The jpx 900 is a refinement of the 850’s concept. Mizuno continues to use an eight-gram set of adjustable weights that aren’t tied to any particular track.

This allows the golfer to position the weight however the player wants it. According to Mizuno, this provides the capability to precisely set the spin and vertical launch settings.

In this article, we will go through Mizuno Jpx 850 vs. 900 drivers that will help you to choose one for your game improvement.

What is the difference between the JPX 850 and 900?


The Mizuno JPX-900 Forged irons are an example of a more forgiving superior player’s iron. Although the top of the iron line may not be slender and slim, it is still lean. There is a small amount of displacement.

Compared to the JPX-850 Forged, the JPX-900 is almost identical in size and form. The significant difference in appearance is that the space beyond scores lines has been chromed in 850 and matte in 900.

Feel and Sound

Mizuno iron didn’t address the issue that plagued this model JPX-850. Forged; the feel. It’s a rigid and numb feeling. JPX-900 feels very hard upon impact, similar to its predecessor. For a company that puts its hat on feeling it’s not a great thing.

In addition to this issue, the feedback is poor. The most skilled players who prefer to play these shorter irons would likely need more information about how the shot was made.


It’s not clear if the rest of the industry is getting caught up or Mizuno is moving a little back, and the JPX-900 isn’t as impressive in terms of distance, the same way it did the JPX 850 irons. Distance irons such as that of PING iBlade and the Srixon Z 765 produce lengths similar to game improvement irons, and the JPX-900 barely keeps up.

JPX-900 is similarly unimpressive in terms of forgiveness. The heel and toe could easily result in losing 10 feet or even more. Longer irons are designed for players with better skills. However, other brands have added more forgiveness to similar products.


The JPX900 driver, made from steel alloy containing chromium and molybdenum, has a lot of attraction on the shelf due to the striking blue crown and the fascinating degree of adjustability on the sole.

The head is more substantial over JPX850 with a finish that is classier and matte blue. It’s much closer in size than its predecessor, the JPX EZ driver, and Mizuno forged claims that the JPX 900 hot metal irons are a combination of the previous drivers’ best parts.

It is likely to be more tolerant than the JPX850; however, it will have a lower spin than JPX forged EZ.

The result

We could see some powerful shots with the JPX850 in the first place. However, a few instances had spins that were too low.

Around 1400, the ball fell from the sky. The roll was smooth, but the overall carry didn’t go enough as long as it could have been due to the ball’s speed and swing.

In the JPX900, the spin rate was always slightly higher, which made the overall dispersion smaller. There was not a lot of variation to increase ball speed; however, the fastest was the JPX900 which had a more excellent average.

We’re confident that a professional fitting can squeeze a few more yards of space and regulate the spin by changing the settings and attempting several shafts. In our opinion, JPX900 is our choice. JPX900 is a superior product with the advantage of being more adjustable and having a better sound, appearance, and feel.

Mizuno JPX 850: Pros and Cons

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mizuno jpx 850

A stunning design driver by Mizuno EZ forged that lets you use it efficiently regardless of how knowledgeable you are about the club’s weighting or loft/lie angle.

A wide range of loft adjustments and the ability to adjust the loft anywhere between 7.5 to 11.5 degrees. It is quite forgiving and feels good when it hits. However, it is not the most gripping sound from the face of the club.

The low spin generated at the moment of impact could not be appropriate for those with slower speeds in their swings. However, if you’re an athlete who is a long-hitting hitter, then you’ll get the most with this Mizuno jpx 900 forged model.


  •  The best-rated model in this class and the one with trajectory control is the most effective. These sticks create well-controlled medium flights, ideal for regaining shots from rough areas and around greens.
  • The dispersion pattern is relatively compact, and the JPX-850 is reliable for all but the most severe hits. Shots follow the target when you perform the correct way.
  • Best in the test can adjust distances as if you’re playing with an instrument, shines brightly on approach shots, and is ideal for flag hunting. Mis-hits remain in their space.
  • The JPX-850 is by far the most impressive of all the offerings. It doesn’t have the same impact feel as a Mizuno golf MP, but it does provide a pleasant, soft sensation for some guys. You instantly think about where it hit you.
  • These are the most attractive sticks in their class. They are beautiful and functional as a player’s club.


  • The JPX-850 is not for beginners or men who need much more help. It doesn’t offer the same level of forgiveness and moon-shot launch as many of its max-game-improvement peers. 
  • Misses can feel quite harsh.

Mizuno JPX 900: Pros and Cons

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mizuno jpx 900

The JPX 900 is a new level regarding distance, forgiveness, and, most importantly, adjustability. The acoustics at the smash confirm that it has the WOW factor. The club has two tungsten sole weights and an aluminum disc to adjust the face angle. It caters to every need and preference.


  • A lighter CORTEC face with a more prominent sweet spot will result in better ball speed and forgiveness.
  • Noticeable extra distance.
  • You have 16g of movable weight, VFA, and toe & heels. Fast Track for a world of adjustability at the feet.
  • Harmonic Impact Technology creates a beautiful sound.


  • We never forget that $500 is still a sizable sum of money to spend on a golf club.


What are the key features of each?

Mizuno JPX 850 

jpx 850

Design & Appearance

Mizuno is instantly associated with the striking electric blue crown on the JPX850. It is a solid-looking, decent-looking club with a 460cc head. It is slightly more round than the JPXEZ.

The driver’s appearance is strong, with a deep club face. However, it might be slightly too extended towards the club’s rear.

Build Quality

A solid offering in terms of build quality simplifies the moveable weight technology offering. It only provides a few options and three basic positions at the club’s sole.

There is one central fast track offering, followed by one on the heel and one on the toe of the club. You can position removable weights in a way that favors a draw bias, fade bias, or a low or higher ball flight.

Although Mizuno has always been the most popular manufacturer in the driver market, it gradually gained popularity as the models passed.

Control & Feel

Although the JPX-850 feels good, it is not exceptional. The JPX-850 forged and hot metal could be more explosive at the impact. When striking it out of the middle, the slightly hollow sound doesn’t give you that same ‘post-execution pleasure’ as some competitors. The sound can change depending on the weight.

You may achieve a satisfying sound and feel depending on your chosen setting.


The JPX-850 favors stronger players as it has very little backspin at impact. This will reduce carry for weaker players.

You must have a good swing speed. This driver will not allow you to realize your full potential. It’s best to stick with the Callaway XR16 and the Ping G.

The only loft that is available is the 9.5-degree option. However, this can be adjusted to two degrees in either direction, making it 7.5 or 11.5 degrees. It is an excellent option for amateur golfers as it offers forgiveness and minimizes distance loss from off-center strikes.

Mizuno JPX 900

jpx 900

Build Quality

The JPX900 forged is capable of adjusting to many things. However, the JPX900’s extraordinary customizability allows forgiveness, control, and ball speed.

You will find two adjustable weights at the sole’s center track. They are 8g each and can be moved to your heart’s content.

This allows you to optimize launch and spin rates while setting the optimal bias in the draw or fade. You can also use the adjustable hosel to adjust the loft from the stock 9.5deg.

Control & Performance

The Mizuno 900 hot metal irons are a great example of how technology and quality can translate into performance.

First, nothing can beat a satisfying, decisive impact sound at the club. The crisp sound produced by Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT) is second to none.

Its three essential elements are forgiveness, control, and distance. It’s easy to see how you can’t go wrong with this clubface. 

Design & Appearance

It’s blue! It stands out like the Nike Vapor Fly. This is not my first choice when it comes to color schemes, especially when compared with the fiery red Fujikura Speeder Evolution II shaft. However, the blue matte finish on this driver’s head is elegant, and the thing is easy on your eyes.

As mentioned, the design is not too distant from the JPX850. Some subtleties make it stand out, mainly in terms of its size. Mizuno claims that the clubhead has a longer, wider, and shallower shape than any other they have produced. This is evident at your address and in front of you.

How do they each compare in terms of price?

Mizuno’s JPX 850 Forged set of irons ($799), and JPX 850 Forged long irons ($1,000) offer a range of performance benefits, including long-lasting distance.

Mizuno JPX850 Driver Review is a solid offering with good value for money.

The JPX-850 impresses with its simplified weighting system, more robust loft setting, and forgiveness that most golfers desire.

Mizuno JPX900 hot metal irons seem to be able to charge you $500 for this weapon. These are premium materials. This club has the most advanced technology available. They’ve even thought of the sound at impact.

Perhaps more importantly, they have created the goods to meet all possible requirements. The Mizuno JPX 900 hot metal driver is adjustable. It doesn’t matter your preference for trajectory, lie angle, or shape; it will fit your golf swing like a glove.

Is the JPX 900 a superior model to the 850?

One could argue that Mizuno might have erred based only on the results. However, several aspects merit further investigation.

  • With the planned changes in CG position, it’s possible that moving the weight further in the 900 to closer match the 850 could yield similar or even better results.
  • The consensus was that the Mizuno JPX 900 was more precise and reliable among all these test participants.
  • Although it is not included in the broad averages, the JPX 900 forged provided significantly higher ball speeds and launch angles for a few particular testers.
  • Mizuno’s JPX -EZ Driver is likely to benefit more golfers of average ability, while its JPX 900 is more designed for fast swingers and better golfers.

Final Words: Mizuno Jpx 850 vs. 900 drivers

We believe that the Mizuno JPX900 is the most efficient Mizuno driver to date. It’s checking many boxes in terms of looks, adjustability, and performance.

There are many golf stores where you can buy a driver if you’re looking for one. But the best one would probably be the jpx900.

Mizuno claimed that it combines the best parts of JPX850 and JPX EZ, and it’s tough to argue with him. It is likely to attract a broad range of players. It will be interesting to see how your club golfers and players are involved.

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