10 Most Stylish Golf Straw Hats From Around The World

Fashionable straw golf hats offer ultimate comfort and style throughout your game of golf.

Golfers often enjoy being out in the sunshine. Therefore, it is recommended that golfers purchase a hat with UPF 50+ protection for maximum sun protection.

We’ve curated a list of the top straw hats available, organized into an entry-level format for easy reference.

If you’re an avid golfer, selecting the ideal straw golf hat is essential. In this article, we’ll give a guide on selecting the most stylish golf straw hats as well as an overview of some of the top choices online in 2023.

Product Name Specifications Price
Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat
  • Breathable Comfort
  • Adjustable Fit
Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer Mesh Hat
  • Lightweight polycotton
  • Newest design and style
$31.95 – $62.30
Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Rush Gambler
  • Durability and comfort
  • Proper protection
$19.99 – $21.99
Columbia Unisex PFG Bonehead Straw
  • Provides comfort
  • Featured to provide a subtle style
Puma Golf Men’s Nassau Straw Sun Bucket Hat
  • Moisture-wicking performance sweatband
  • The all-Over print graphic under the brim
American Hat Makers Straw Hats For Men
  • Stylish leather band
  • Ample airflow
Quicksilver Men’s Sun Straw Hat
  • 100% rafia straw fiber
  • Most stylish fashion
$18.00 – $19.51
Panama Jack Safari Straw Hat
  • Ensure maximum comfort
  • Lightweight straw material
$35.00 – $39.95
Natural Matte Toyo Safari Sun Hat
  • Ideal for sun protection
  • Top quality, functionality
Coolibar Men’s Kaden Crushable Ventilated Hat
  • Water repellent
  • Great UV protection

1. Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat

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Sunday Afternoons Havana Hat 

Manufacturer Sunday Afternoons, INC
Color Agate, Black
Material 90% Paper, 10% Polyester
Item model number S2A27040C21902
Product Dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches
Package Weight 4.5 Ounces
Department Womens

Sunday afternoons, Havana Hat is the perfect accessory to take with you on and off the course. Having an accessible golf hat that you can carry wherever life takes you is essential, and this one easily rolls up for storage when not in use. Simply roll it up and store it away safely without fear of it losing its shape.

These golf hats come in a range of sizes, including medium, small, and large. Furthermore, the adjustable band inside allows you to customize the fit perfectly while acting as a sweatband that wicks moisture away for dryness and comfort.

The weave allows air to circulate, keeping your head cool. Plus, this hat offers UPF 50 protection and sun protection – keeping you secure during hot weather.


  • Flexible
  • Travel bags and backpacks
  • Good size hat
  • Band adjustable
  • UPF 50+ Protection


  • The brim is smaller than the rest.

Why So I Like This Product?

I really love this hat. I have a similar one, but it’s not packable. I purchased this one to wear on an upcoming trip. It’s better sun protection and stays on well even when it’s cold and windy. It is a must-have product!

2. Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat

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Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310 Cotton Mesh Hat

Manufacturer Henschel Hats
Color Khaki, Earth
Item model number 5310
Product Dimensions 14 x 12 x 4 inches
Package Weight 5.93 Ounces
Department ‏ Mens

We always try to purchase American-made items whenever possible. While the title “Aussie” refers to fashion rather than production country, this 100-cotton hot will block out the sun while keeping your head cool.

We particularly like that this cap features an adjustable sweat liner. This allows you to wash and clean those areas which tend to accumulate dirt quickly.

One of the greatest features of a straw golf hat is that it comes in an array of shades. You can dress up by wearing traditional straw or khaki… but why not stand out by sporting something bright and shining yellow?

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  • Colors available in a variety of shades
  • Super cool
  • Chin chords for additional security


  • can’t fold it up

Why Do I Like This Product?

The mesh allows plenty of air. I could feel the breeze through it just walking around the home. The sweatband was comfortable; however, it did feel warm, and sweating while wearing this hat resulted from that.

3. Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Rush Gambler

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Dorfman Pacific Co. Men's Rush Gambler

Manufacturer Dorfman Pacific Co.
Color Natural
Item model number 383-NAT1
Product Dimensions 14 x 10 x 6 inches
Package Weight 2.4 Ounces
Department Womens

The Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Rush Gambler golf straw hat gives you the highest value. This straw golf hat is made of pure rush straw, which is sturdy and long-lasting. You’ll get a lot of use from it, and you’ll get great value for money.

This straw golf hat is an excellent choice for fashion and makes a statement on the golf course. Its faux leather strap wrapped around the hat adds a nice feature. The hat isn’t just about fashion, however, since this hat sports an oversized brim to provide security.

The straw golf hat has great ventilation, and air flows freely through the shape. It’s guaranteed to keep your head cool while on the golf course.


  • Excellent value
  • Durable
  • Fashionable
  • Wide brim
  • Great air circulation


  • There is no protection from UV rays

Why Do I Like This Product?

I bought the straw sun hat for my husband, as it is a common practice for him to spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, and it requires additional protection. It took a bit to arrive and fit just as expected, and my husband was pleased with the hat.

It was packed in a sturdy container and secured inside, but nonetheless, there was a slight cut on one side. Therefore, I would guess that it was there in the box when it was put away.

4. Columbia Unisex PFG Bonehead Straw

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Columbia Unisex PFG Bonehead Straw

Manufacturer Columbia
Color Fossil, Collegiate Navy
Item model number ‎1435931
Product Dimensions 14 x 13 x 5 inches;
Package Weight 7.05 Ounces
Department Womens

If you’re looking for sun protection, then this might be a great option for a straw-based golf hat. The weave of this straw hat is quite consistent and thick. This is great since it provides the UPF50 sun protection you need.

Although it is referred to as a “straw” hat however, in reality, it’s made of an amalgamation of polyester and paper that makes it very sturdy. One feature I love is that it is able to be folded in a way that it can easily fit inside pockets on the sides of golf bags. It will bounce back to form once it’s unpacked.

While it is an extremely tightly woven weave, it’s nonetheless quiet and breathable. It should be possible to play golf in this shirt without sweating too much.


  • Multiple styles of the band are available
  • Excellent travel experience
  • Light and easy to carry


  • A little heavy

Why Do I Like This Product?

I came across some quite convincing advertisements for the Bonehead someplace. However, Columbia only adds it with a PFG tag to signify Performance Fishing Gear.

It comes with a large brim and is meant for people who spend the majority of their time enjoying the outdoors.

5. Puma Golf Men’s Nassau Straw Sun Bucket Hat

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Puma Golf Men’s Nassau Straw Sun Bucket Hat 

Manufacturer Puma Golf
Color Bright White-bright Cobalt-hot Coral
Item model number ‎ 023808
Product Dimensions 17.17 x 16.65 x 6.77 inches
Package Weight 6.74 Ounces
Department Mens

One of the first things people will notice when picking his hat is its lightness. It weighs just 6 ounces due to it being made of straw. It is fitted with a light chin strap that wraps to the crown’s front, but it is designed to stay comfortably in its place.

The brim is the right size. With a width of 3 inches, it provides the best protection for your face without obstructing your view.

The style is quite simple, and it features its Puma emblem on its front. The brim’s underside is decorated with the Hawaiian floral design – extremely beachy and sassy. The brim is pretty and broad, but the ventilation isn’t there.


  • Very light
  • Affordable
  • Wicks moisture well


  • Tight weave and limited ventilation

Why Do I Like This Product?

This hat is precisely what I was searching for. It’s not loose, as many others appear to be. It’s a great straw hat that is stiff and brimmed as a high-quality cowboy hat. It arrived at my doorstep with a well-packed container designed to ship hats. It’s pretty and well-ventilated.

6. American Hat Makers Straw Hats For Men

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American Hat Makers Straw Hats For Men 

Manufacturer American Hat Makers
Color Tan, Cream
Item model number ‎4-LNMILAN
Product Dimensions 15 x 15 x 7 inches
Package Weight 1.6 Pounds
Department Unisex-adult

The hat is similar to the first hat we mentioned in terms of design. The brim is wide, which provides adequate solar protection. There is also a strap for the crown and a ventilated crown. Additionally, there is a chin strap.

The brim is four inches wide, and the hat is extremely lightweight overall. Many of us forgot that we were wearing it while conducting tests. The sweat liner within the crown does an excellent job of keeping the sweat off your brown while you’re setting up your shot.


  • Button enclosure
  • Fits many head styles
  • Lightweight


  • A bit costly

Why Do I Like This Product?

The product is amazing. It’s evident that it’s an excellent-quality cap. You will like buying American products due to one reason: the quality is higher. If the seller is willing to wrap the hat to ensure secure shipping, you can tell they are very proud of their product.

7. Quicksilver Men’s Sun Straw Hat

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Quicksilver Men's Sun Straw Hat

Manufacturer Quiksilver Young Men’s Sportswear
Color Natural/Red
Item model number ‎ AQYHA00145-CTF0
Product Dimensions 20 x 20 x 10 inches;
Package Weight 4.66 Ounces
Department Mens

Our top pick for the highest-quality wide-brim golf hats is Quicksilver’s Men’s Sun Straw Hat. Crafted from 100% Raffia Straw Fiber, it offers excellent ventilation and lightweight comfort.

The broad brim provides ample protection from the sun. Furthermore, it blocks out distracting factors–a huge advantage for golfers.

This headband with a lined design helps keep you cool during the summer heat. An adjustable chin strap guarantees an ideal fitting, even in windy or rainy conditions. Now you don’t need to worry about that with this cap!


  • Wide brim
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lined headband
  • Adjustable Chin strap


  • Compared to the other options, it is less durable

Why Do I Like This Product?

A great hat at a reasonable cost. Plenty of room for a large nose. If you’re looking for something to wear while cutting grass, the hat will last for a time.

8. Panama Jack Safari Straw Hat

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Panama Jack Safari Straw Hat 

Item model number ‎ PJ106-Nat
Product Dimensions 13 x 12.5 x 5 inches
Package Weight 4.16 Ounces

When we first got our first Panama Jack Safari Straw Hat, we were apprehensive that it would not last for long. Because it was lightweight. But, the rush straw which the hat is composed of is extremely durable.

Additionally, there is an elastic sweatband inside, which helps keep sweat beads away during hot weather. There isn’t any strap for the chin. The elastic inner band does a great job of keeping the hat on.


  • Vented crown area
  • Durable
  • Very reasonable


  • No chin strap

Why Do I Like This Product?

Panama Jack has done a fantastic job on this hat. It looks amazing and is incredibly comfortable! The most appealing feature of the neck belt is the fact that it can be positioned on the inside of the brim of the hat to keep it away from the face when it’s not that windy. Absolutely worth the price.

 9. Natural Matte Toyo Safari Sun Hat

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Natural Matte Toyo Safari Sun Hat 

Manufacturer Panama Jack
Color Bright White-bright Cobalt-hot Coral
Item model number ‎ HPJ83-NA-M
Product Dimensions 13 x 6.2 x 4.7 inches
Package Weight 4 Ounces
Department Womens

If you feel that Stetson-style golf hats are too big and bulky, then you might want to consider a Panama hat. The Panama hat is elegant in its design. The white hat, paired with a black band, creates the perfect fashionable contrast.

The weave is pretty dense, which means that you’ve got excellent sun protection. It’s also very breathable. Every side of the hat has ventilation holes so that your head won’t get too hot while you wait to start your game!


  • The classic Panama style
  • Good air circulation
  • Excellent value


  • Not enough ventilation

Why Do I Like This Product?

I’ve received many compliments already. It’s perfect for the warmer Texas weather. It’s an extremely stylish cap that looks great with everything. It came via Panama Jack; therefore, it was carefully packed to ensure it was safe.

10. Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Kaden Crushable Ventilated Hat

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Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Kaden Crushable Ventilated Hat

Manufacturer Coolibar
Color Bright White-bright Cobalt-hot Coral
Item model number ‎ 023808
Product Dimensions 17.17 x 16.65 x 6.77 inches
Package Weight 8.8 Ounces
Department Mens

On a hot July day, we tested Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Kaden Crushable Crushable Ventilated Hat to see how well it could keep our heads cool. Surprisingly, it did an outstanding job at blocking UV rays while still allowing our heads to breathe without adding extra weight around our necks.

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This is an ideal hot choice if you play in extremely hot conditions. While not an actual straw hat, its look, and feel are similar. Plus, with a 70% polyester and cotton blend, the cap can be folded down in any direction without getting sagging.


  • Last for quite a long duration
  • Helps keep you cool on hot days
  • It can be stored in golf bags easily


  • Can’t be machine washed

Why Do I Like This Product?

I love this most stylish golf straw hat. First of all, it blocks the sun from my face. Additionally, the vented part of the hat is a light, white lining that I don’t think is too hot.

I’ve previously purchased vented hats without the liner, and my hairless appearance put me in hot water with the sun directly across the holes for vents.

The inside rim of the hat is elasticized, so the hat remains on when the wind is extremely strong. In this situation, the neck strap performs effectively.

What to Consider When Buying a Straw Hat?

When purchasing straw hats, you should think about comfort, sun protection, longevity, ventilation, and the brim.

Take a look at these aspects:

1. Lightweight Design

You might believe it’s true that “straw hats” are a light material in themselves. However, no straw hats are created alike.

Ideally, you’ll want a hat that is light and doesn’t make you feel heavy – especially in case you’re taking a walk. Make sure you know the size and weight of any straw hat that you are considering purchasing to ensure it’s really light.

2. Full Brim

The ideal choice is straw hats with an open brim. The issue with baseball caps while golfing is the fact that they do not cover the neck’s back.

The straw golf hats you buy do. If you don’t have plenty of sunscreens available throughout the day, it is recommended to choose an all-brim straw golf hat.

3. Secure Strap

Certain straw hats have an under-ship strap to stop them from falling off. Some people might feel that the strap is uncomfortable. Some straps are a bit tighter on the forehead.

It’s important to make sure the straw hat you buy is secure so that you don’t worry about it floating around in the air as the hat is being moved.

4. Ventilation

Be aware that there are numerous types of straw hats. Certain have a more tightly weave than others. If you are wearing hats with a tight weave, be sure that they have ventilation holes to allow your head to breathe.

5. The Right Fit

And lastly, ensure that the hat you purchase is a good fit for your head. If you’re purchasing a hat on the internet, be sure to secure an appropriate return policy if the hat does not be a good fit.

Bottom Line

From the basic hat that retails at REI to the luxurious custom-designed, made-to-measure Optimo Hat, we believe we’ve made it to the top of the list of the most stylish golf straw hats available.

Which one do you want to pick up?


Is it OK to Play Golf While Wearing a Straw Hat?

Of course, it is ok to play golf while wearing a straw hat! In reality, it’s an extremely good idea.

Straw hats are stylish, light, and lightweight and provide a great job of protecting your neck and face part of your neck against the harsh sun.

If you pick a quality one, it is easy to roll them up or fold them when your son’s playing.

What are the Best Golf Straw Hats?

If you’re talking about brand names, you’ll find too many brands to pick from! One could argue that the best golf hats are the straw with a wide-brim selection when it comes to styles.

Although you may think you can turn it around, you may find that certain courses have rules against this. A straw golfer’s hat can be the ideal option to shield your neck and maintain the appropriate manners at the golf course.

Are Straw Golf Hats Really Made of Straw?

The true answer here is… It depends. In the list above, you’ll find a range of different types of materials. Some companies use plastics that they then transform into a straw and then weave the hat.

Classic companies like Stetson utilize 100% genuine straw to make their golf caps. Certain golf hat manufacturers opt for an amalgam. They employ genuine straw but enhance its strength using synthetic fibers.

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