Dubai Sevens Rugby World Cup is now on the front line of sport. Dubai is always shining with so many sports and functions. And among all other sports and glowing light rugby fans are inflaming their fire. The desert fire of Dubai is now heating the heart of the Dubai Sevens 2021.

The attraction of the competition of Rugby World Sevens Tournament is high as the sky. All the rugby fans from all around the globe wait a whole year for the day to come.

Finally, the Dubai Sevens 2021 is here. And we prepared an article on the world’s most popular Sevens Rugby Dubai tournament. Here we will discuss when and where the game is, where to live stream and how to watch Dubai Rugby Sevens on TV.

There will be some other interesting facts too, so let’s start.

Dubai 7s Rugby 2021: Date and Venue

The Rugby Dubai 7s tournament is usually taking place at the beginning of December. The matches always take place in the Sevens Stadium of Dubai. That’s why it has the name beside it, the Sevens Dubai tournament.

The first tournament of this year which was in November happened in the indoor cause of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. No spectators were allowed in the first part of this year’s Dubai Rugby tournament. But this time they withdraw the restrictions cause the effect of Covid-19 is very much less now. You can get the whole tickets online, plus you can book a hotel and tour guide that is specifically planned for the 7s Rugby championship.

The 2021 Dubai Rugby Sevens Championship is scheduled from December 4, Friday to December 5, Saturday.

How to Watch Dubai Rugby Sevens 2021?

TV Channel – Flo Rugby

Live Stream – Premium TV

To live stream the Dubai Sevens 2021 World Rugby tournament you can use an online streaming platform or regular TV watching method. In both media, you can watch the whole rugby tournament and enjoy it with your friends and family. So, let’s see what are the option of watching Dubai Rugby 7s.

Flo Rugby is the most popular TV channel to broadcast all the rugby-related content. They will telecast all the matches of the 7s Dubai tournament. If you can not access Flo Rugby from your region, try ExpressVPN. It will unblock your regional restrictions.

And Premium TV is there to provide you with the live stream of Dubai Rugby 7s. You can watch the game live plus replay with Premium TV. So, enjoy the last biggest rugby tournament of this year.


The tournament is divided into two parts. The first is part of the tournament that takes place the last November. This has already happened for the year 2021 and it was a hugely successful event. And the second half or you can say the final part of Dubai Rugby usually takes place in early December. Now, the December tournament is about to start just in a few hours.

The Rugby Dubai Seven is probably the oldest sports contest in the Middle East. If we look at the history of the Middle East they used to do some very odd sports and almost all of them includes fighting. Except for those sports, rugby is probably the oldest game in the Middle East. The tournament is also the most senior tournament in the Middle East.

The last time the game was held indoors was the cause of the Covid-19 situation. But in December we can enjoy the game with the audience.


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