Laver Cup Format 2022

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The Laver Cup is an event that has only been held for a few years now. And people are still getting to grips with the actual format of the three-day exhibition event. Because of that, I feel like it is appropriate to share the key details relating to the Laver Cup format before the action begins. But before getting to the format, in case you needed a general overview, let’s kick things off with that.

The Laver Cup is an exhibition event that involves Team Europe taking on Team World. Both teams are made up of six of the best players in the world at the moment. However, it goes without saying that only players from Europe can compete for Team Europe. As for Team World, the players can be from anywhere on the globe. And historically, this has been a pretty successful event for Team Europe. 

In fact, they are yet to lose to Team World, which is pretty impressive. As for the 2022 Laver Cup, this will be the first time that the event is held in London. So if you are a big tennis fan and you love team events, this is not one that you’ll want to miss. And now, as promised, I will be sharing the actual format of the event here to ensure you know how things work.

Format of Laver Cup 2022

The 2022 Laver Cup will involve 12 matches that get played over the next three days. This involves a total of 10 singles matches, as well as 2 doubles matches which get played on the opening two days. The winner of the overall Laver Cup is the team that manages to rack up 13 points. Don’t worry, all of this will become clear through the next sections. 

Laver Cup 2022: Players, Results, Schedule, Where to Watch

Day One Matches and Points

On day one of the Laver Cup, there will be three singles matches played and one doubles match. For the day session, 2 singles matches will be played. And for the evening session, there is 1 singles match combined with 1 doubles match. Each victory grants the winning team a single point. So for day one, there are 4 possible points up for grabs.

Day Two Matches and Points

The format for day two of the Laver Cup is actually identical to day one. Once again, there are two singles games played in the day session. This is then followed by one singles game in the evening, and everything is wrapped up with a final doubles game. The catch for day two, however, is that each of the matches played has 2 points attached to it. So instead of 4 points being available, there are 8 points available on day three.

Day Three Matches and Points

Day three is where the Laver Cup 2022 will come to a close. Yet the schedule for the final day is different from the previous two. Here there will be 4 singles matches played back to back, and the action starts at 12 PM – earlier than the 1 PM start on Friday and Saturday. But as you may have guessed, these matches are now worth 3 points each, meaning that they are immensely important for the overall result.


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