Tennis important 5 things
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Starting a new sport is always fun and thrilling. You learn to know the new rules, get new equipment, meet new players, and more importantly, enjoy the new game.

Tennis is a wonderful game that has produced a lot of great players. Each era has some big names, rivalries, matches to remember. The era of 2000 so far belonged to three men; Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. Your child can become one of those in the sport.

Every tennis player started his career as a beginner and a junior player. Tennis has the potential to bring the best out of your child and can certainly become the next big thing in tennis.

Let’s have a look at the important 5 things that your child should know before starting tennis;

1. The Equipment

You cannot play any sport without proper equipment, can you? Tennis mainly has two main equipment; tennis racquet and tennis balls. Well, with these you should be able to play tennis, at least some sort of.

Buy your kid a new set of tennis racquets and balls as he is gearing up to step on the tennis court for the first time.

In the future, he’d need other equipment also like grips, strings, gear, etc.

2. The Court

Tennis is played on a special-designed playing area, known as a tennis court. Know the tennis dimensions as it will help you in playing effectively.

Tennis courts have different surfaces such as the hard court, clay court, and grass court.

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3. The Physical Game

Tennis is among the most physical and challenging sports. It includes lots of running, jumping, and hitting all the time from the first point to the last. The whole body is involved to hit one shot.

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Tennis athletes are stronger and fitter because of the nature of the game. Your kid must be up to the challenge to play for long hours, hitting thousands of balls under the blazing sun. All of which is not possible without a strong body. Tennis makes you stronger.

4. The Outside Effects

Tennis plays a big part in shaping your personality. It helps not only to make you stronger but also has other mental and psychological benefits as well.

Personality development, mental strength, discipline, social links, better coordination, better immune system, and decision making. These are some of the benefits and skills that your kid will learn and develop as he’ll be learning and developing his game.

Clearly, these skills are important enough to have them in you in any professional life.

5. The Life-Long Sport

Tennis is an addiction. The chances are fairly high that your kid if started to play tennis, might be playing tennis forty years after. That’s the addiction. It has categories of different age groups.

The sport has the potential to make you a great player and a big name in the world of tennis. A competitive sport that is played all over the world and has tournaments going on throughout the year. Want to make a name of your own, go make it!!!

Shayan, currently living in San Diego, is a recent graduate who covers news on American Football. In his early days in high school, he was captain of the main team of his school.


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