Who is Alejandro Davidovich Fokina’s Coach Right Now

Alejandro Davidovich Fokina is a professional male Spanish tennis player born on the 5th of June, 1999, to the family of Eduard Mark Davidovich and Tatiana Fokina. He was born in Malaga in Spain but now resides and trains in Florida, US, with her family.

He began playing tennis at a very young age after being introduced to the game by her father (a  champion boxer) when he was five; he began to train at Calaflores and later Serramar tennis courts with coach Manolo Rubiales. In 2009, Jorge Aguirre became his coach and made it possible for the young lad to be on his way to reaching his full potential.

The 23-year-old achieved a career highest ranking of 24 on the 3 of April 2023 and is currently on the world ranking as number 35. He also has no career Singles title to his name with one Doubles title to his name and is ranked 396th in the World’s Tennis Doubles Category.

Who is Alejandro Davidovich Coach in 2023 ?

Alejandro Davidovich has had two coaches throughout his life; Manolo Rubiales and Jorge Aguirre. His father introduced him to tennis, but he started his training under Manolo Rubiales at age five (5) before continuing his development under Jorge Aguirre in 2009.

Jorge Aguirre



Jorge hails from Spain and was an ex-tennis professional player, although he never reached the limelight. After retirement from playing, Jorge became a coach and is currently a certified coach under the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA).

The relationship between the two has grown from that of a coach and trainee to one similar to that of a father and son. This was confirmed when Alexandro described his coach by saying, “he is like a father to me.”

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Jorge also has a few things to say about his trainee during an interview with ATP.com; he was recorded as follows when asked about his relationship with Alejandro;

“It’s a very special relationship. We can all see what the world of sports is like. The players tend to look for blame when they have three straight defeats. Coaches can struggle to deal with the implications of that and the commitment to combining the personal and professional sides.

In our case, they have come together partly because of my sporting ambition. For many years I have loved producing players and trying to be among the world’s elite. When we started with Alex, I saw that possibility. I fight with all my strength to help him as much as possible.

Alex has confidence, loyalty, and conviction that he is in the best hands he thinks he can be in. Trying to overcome any kind of slump everyone has, he does it without looking elsewhere. He looks inwardly, knowing where he has made a mistake or where we all make mistakes, but without blaming anyone.

“We want to improve between us all, putting things on the table like in any relationship you want to last. That’s the key: We both want the other to triumph. That gives us great strength to spur each other on mutually.”

Seeing a 22-year-old guy with the loyalty and honesty he has with us is really wonderful. Both with me, the psychologist, and the fitness trainers… he’s someone who doesn’t do things for the sake of it. He is very committed to those close to him. He’s very close to his friends; he has a great need for affection. He has that affectionate side that sometimes he doesn’t show, but it is there.

He is still a 22-year-old guy looking to fight for his dream. He has been a brilliant tennis player since he was little. He is grappling with his character to become a great player and so that people can see what a great guy he is.”

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Previous Coaches Of Alejandro Davidovich

Manolo Rubiales



Manolo Rubiales is the first well-known coach of Alex, as nicknamed by his friends. Manolo helped in the development of Alex during his junior career when he started training at the Serramar Tennis court. Manolo is a development coach and has assisted many tennis players in setting their careers on the right path.

After the surprising performance of Alex at the Masters 1000 Tournament in Monte Carlo, Manolo was invited for an interview and quoted as follows;

“You can’t see the roof of Alejandro; he is not 100% focused on tennis. “It has been quite a surprise. I follow him a lot, it’s been a long time with him, and I’m the number one fan behind his family. Alejandro was capable of the best. He has reached the final, and we hope he is not left alone with this one”. “In Spain, we have seven, eight players in the top 50.

If we talk about Malaga, let’s see if we can get Alejandro to be the driving force. Malaga is not much on the tennis map, but events like the Davis Cup are perfect. Now there is also another important one in the Inacua facilities. It is a challenger -tournaments for non-members of the Top 100- and that is worth it”

Alejandro Davidovich Fokina’s achievements with different coaches

We have collected in the table the data about the trophies won by Alejandro Davidovich Fokina under the guidance of various coaches.

Coaches Years of Completion Titles
Manolo Rubiales 2004-2009
Jorge Aguirre 2009-till date 2020 Chile Open (Doubles)

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