Who is Andrey Rublev’s Coach Right Now

In recent years, Russians have significantly upped their game and made it to the top rankings in tennis. One of the talented Russians is Andrey Rublev, who is the current world’s number 6. Andrey was born on the 20th of October, 1997, in the capital city of Russia, Moscow, to the family of Andrey Rublev Sir and Marina Marenko.

He comes from a family with a sports history as his father and namesake, Sir Andrey, was a professional boxer before he turned to manage a restaurant. His mother, Marina, is a tennis coach at the Spartak Tennis Club and has worked with professional tennis players such as Anna Kournikova and has been honored with the Medal of Order for Merit to the Fatherland in 2009. His maternal grandfather was also a professional coach in freestyle wrestling and had several involvements in tennis.

Due to his mother’s influence, it was easier for Rublev and his half-sister, Anna Arina Marenko, an ex-professional female tennis player, to play the game at a young age. Rublev started playing at three and was said to sleep with his rackets on several occasions.

He debuted as a junior player in a tennis tournament in Luxembourg when he was 13 and lost his opening match. He recorded his first win as a junior player in his second tournament at Phoenix and won his first title, the Orange Bowl, in 2012 (15). He reached the number 1 junior player in the world in 2014 to become a professional and made his ATP senior debut in 2015.

Who is Andrey Rublev Coach in 2023?

Fernando Vicente



The current coach of Rublev is his long-term coach, Fernando Vicente. Vincente has been with Rublev since 2015 when he arrived for training at 4Slamtennis Academy, owned by Vicente and two other ex-tennis professional players, Galo Blanco and Jairo Velasco.

The duo has recorded massive success together, with the Russian winning a total of 11 Singles career titles and 3 Doubles career titles. He also has his career highest ranking of the world’s number 5 under Vincente but now sits at number 11.

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Vincente is an ex-professional tennis player who had a successful career, winning a total of 5 career titles, including 3 Singles and 2 Doubles.

The Spaniard was also able to attain a career-highest ranking of 29 before he retired in 2011. Following his retirement, he co-founded a tennis academy close to Barcelona, where Andrey Rublev would enroll in the coming four years. Reflecting on their partnership, Vicente was quoted as follows:

“I would say Andrey has made me a better coach. I have learned and continue to learn a lot from him. I think that on my end, he understands what I’m trying to impart, and there’s a very good personal connection, too. If not, it would be impossible to stay together so long.”

However, their partnership has not been all rosy, as Andrey faced some career-threatening issues when he fractured his spine in 2018 and during the Covid-19 pandemic. 2020 was a rather significant and the best tennis for them so far as Rublev won 5 ATP titles during the year.

The achievements made Andrey walk home with the Most Improved Player of the Year award, while Vincente was awarded the 2020 ATP Coach of the Year.

Nonetheless, Vincente believed he did not truly deserve the award and felt Carlos Moya, the then coach of Rafael Nadal, would have better deserved it. Yet, he shared his honest opinion on his achievement, saying;

“These awards, both mine and Andrey’s, are just a consequence of the years of hard work and countless hours dedicated to a sport that gives us so many emotions – for better or for worse,” Vicente said, speaking exclusively to ATPTour.com.

“We’ve gone through some difficult times during these last almost five years together. Having recognition from his peers is something that makes him feel so happy and appreciated. They also see Andrey daily how hard he works and tries each day to become a better player“.

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Numerous individuals have been working alongside Vincente and were recognized by him when he spoke to ATP Tour after winning the 2020 Coach of the Year award.

There have been recent changes in Andrei Rublev’s team.

Alberto Martin, Rublev’s assistant coach: “Andrey is very calm & warm. He does things I haven’t seen many times in my life. He comes out of practice & signs autographs for everyone, all the people who are waiting. He says it’s part of his legacy, of what he wants to represent.”

Recently there have been changes in Andrei Rublev’s coaching team.

“Alberto first of all, he’s very humble and a really nice guy. He and Fernando are good friends, so it’s really nice to work with them because they’re both very straightforward.“

“It’s important for me to have a relationship outside of tennis, to be able to work, because it doesn’t matter how good a coach is if we don’t have a connection off the court. I’m not the type of person who’s going to keep working. Because you don’t really find… How do you say it, it’s like a girl. You know, you don’t find that kind of connection very often.

It happens from time to time. It’s the same here, and I have that connection. I’m really thankful for it, and they look at different things like I do. That’s a really good thing, too. Berto has a degree in sports psychology, so he can explain some things in simpler language in stressful moments, and that helps a lot, too.”

“Then I got a new fitness coach, a new physical therapist, a new agent. So there’s been a complete renewal of the team. Only Fernando is still the head coach, as he has been since the beginning,” Rublev said in the post-match press conference.

Previous coaches of Andrey Rublev

Andrey started training under the supervision of his mother, Marina Marenko, at the age of 3 at the Spartak Tennis Club Academy. However, there were speculations that his mother was harsh towards him, although Rublev debunked the news by making that his mother was definitely not harsh and always did everything to prove how much she loved him. In 2013, Rublev left his mother’s watch to begin his training with Sergey Tarasevich.

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Sergey Tarasevich

Sergey was the man who perfected all Andrey had learned from his mother during his junior career. He took charge of the young Russian in 2013 and was available at every junior tournament he participated in, many of which he won with ease. Unfortunately, their partnership ended in about two years when Rublev moved to Spain to train at the 4Slamtennis Academy.

Not much is known about the Belarusian, who has no record of being a tennis player or working with any tennis player besides Rublev.

National Achievements

Apart from the huge individual achievements Rublev has recorded so far, he has also represented Russia well in an international tournament since he was a junior player. He won the bronze and silver medals in the Singles and Doubles categories, respectively, at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games representing Russia and the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics partnering with Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the Mixed Doubles final.

He also won three team-based tournaments representing his country in 2021: Davis Cup Finals, Laver Cup, and ATP Cup. All these achievements were enough to get him national recognition, and he was awarded the Master of Sports of Russia in 2021 and the 2021 Order of Friendship.

Andrey Rublev’s achievements with different coaches

We have collected in the table the data about the trophies won by Andrey Rublev under the guidance of various coaches.

Coaches Years of Completion Titles
Sergey Tarasevich 2013 – 2015
Fernando Vicente 2015- till date 2023 ATP Masters 1000 Monte-Carlo (Outdoor/Clay)

2022 Gijon (Indoor/Hard)

2022 Belgrade (Outdoor/Clay)

2022 Dubai (Outdoor/Hard)

2022 Marseille (Indoor/Hard)

2021 Rotterdam (Indoor/Hard)

2020 Vienna (Indoor/Hard)

2020 St. Petersburg (Indoor/Hard)

2020 Hamburg (Outdoor/Clay)

2020 Adelaide (Outdoor/Hard)

2020 Doha (Outdoor/Hard)

2019 Moscow (Indoor/Hard)

2017 Umag (Outdoor/Clay)

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