Andy Murray
Photo: Sky News

Andy Murray recently becomes a very viral person over the whole internet cause of his childish act. He is now all over social media and certainly becomes a meme martial after his loss of shoes and wedding ring.

It sounds really funny to lose the shoes. Well, we all do feel sorry for his wedding ring loss. Cause that’s a very memorable thing for everyone. And surely the boss of tennis will have to listen to his wife shouting for losing them.

The whole thing was funny, stupid, and sad at the same time. Fans did make fun of Murray for losing stuff, but they felt sorry too. And promise that the fans’ committee will try there to find out the ring. Cause it is a very special gift for the tennis player.

The thing that happens in a day was that Andy Murray was at his training. He was playing for a long time. It was a sunny day in California. So, normally the British celebrity becomes very sweaty. He was playing under 38-39C heat temperature.

Anyway, while he returns to the hotel, he realized that his shoes aren’t in a good condition. It became very dumb, sweaty, and smelly. Which of course he didn’t like. And the shoes need to be fixed. So, he needed a place to soak out all the sweaty things from his shoes. He thought of putting the shoe on his balcony but his room hasn’t any. And Murray didn’t want to keep the shoes in the room cause it would make the room stinky.

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So, go out in the parking lot. And place the shoes under his car. He thought it will get dry over the night. And he will get back his shoes like it was.

But in the morning when he went to his car to get back the shoes. Murray find out it wasn’t there anymore. Someone must steal the clog last night.

How does the wedding ring get lost?

Well, Andy Murray was sad about it. But he is a tennis star with millions of money in his bank. He could buy a shoe factory if you want to. He drove his car to the nearby shoe store. And buy him a shoe.

Then Murray went to the training center, preparing to start his practice. Then his physio first observed the missing ring. The physio asked where is Murray. And then realise that he lost his wedding rings too with shoes.

Cause we know, many of the tennis players can’t play with their rings in fingers. So, they tie the ring with their shoes, and it’s visible on the courts too. Murray did the same thing while practicing and before putting the shoe under the car he totally forgot about the ring.

Murray felt very stupid about the whole thing. He calls himself an idiot on the Instagram post. He asked for everyone’s help and promised if anyone can get the ring back he will reward him/her.


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