No. 2 in the WTA ranking, Aryna Sabalenka decided to lift the veil of secrecy over her personal life. The tennis player began to post joint photos with one of the best hockey players in the modern history of Belarus, Konstantin Koltsov. He, by the way, is 17 years older than Aryna.


Sabalenka barely finished her performance at Roland Garros, as the social networks of the tennis player and former hockey player Konstantin Koltsov almost simultaneously began to appear together in pictures. For a long time, young people did not advertise their relationship and now they hint at their seriousness.

In 2018 (even before her father’s death), the 21-year-old Sabalenka stopped hiding her relationship with Lokomotiv Orsha player Matvey Bozhko, two meters tall, who is a couple of years older than Aryna.

Bozhko often appeared on Sabalenka’s Instagram and even participated in a joint photoshoot with her. But a year later, in the social networks of Sabalenka, there was no indication of an affair with Bozhko.

At the same time, the tennis player herself in November 2019 publicly (on a television show) announced that she was engaged. The girl did not give the name of the lucky guy, but she gave some introductory data: it is definitely not her coach Dmitry Tursunov and he is not from Belarus. Mr. “X” remained unknown, but the equation acquired new variables.

Five months later, Belarusian sports fans witnessed a drama in the best traditions of Latin “Santa Barbara” with the main heroine being the rising tennis star Aryna Sabalenka.

Where It All began?

In April 2020, hockey player Konstantin Koltsov’s wife Yulia scathingly announced her separation from her husband. The young woman hinted at the reason for the divorce:

“Appeal to all the girls hanging on other people’s husbands with babies in the family! That’s mean! This is the most amazing and happy time, but at the same time the most difficult, because a small child takes a lot of energy, energy and time… It may so happen that you will be there someday too…”

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Yulia wrote while noting Aryna Sabalenka’s Instagram in a joint photo with Koltsov. The public was left in no doubt. “Sabalenka ruined the marriage and left without a father of three children (the union of Konstantin and Yulia gave them three sons – Daniel, Alexander, and Stefan),” the Belarusian media reported.

And in the comments to the publication, in addition to sympathy for the mother of three children, there was negativity toward Sabalenka.

“The girl just forgot a good phrase: you can’t build happiness on someone else’s misfortune”, “Everything will come back to her as a boomerang”, “She is shamelessly hanging on someone else’s husband”, “No words. The first thing that came to mind was a bad word for someone who has nothing sacred.

I will not write it, although I want to,” Koltsova’s subscribers wrote. However, at that moment, there were no plausible hints of a connection between Sabalenka and Koltsov. The only thing – they crossed paths at the scandalous opening of a restaurant near the reserve “Lebyazhiy”.

The confusion in the heads of Sobolenko’s accusers was soon introduced by Koltsov himself. “A big request, people, if you people, leave the unrelated Aryna Sabalenka alone! This is a wonderful person and athlete who doesn’t deserve universal wrath. I hope for understanding!” – Koltsov wrote in his Instagram.

New Details of the Affair


The tennis community remembered the relationship between Koltsov and Sabalenka a few months ago, at the Masters in Rome (Italy). Konstantin was spotted in the box of the Belarusian at the match against American Coco Gauff, which, incidentally, she lost, thus interrupting the series of seven wins on the tour.

It seems that the expressive Aryna Sabalenka after a disappointing exit from Roland Garros, where she was one of the favorites, decided to drown her resentment in a glass of sparkling relations with Koltsov.

After her third-round loss to Russia’s Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Aryna was having a great time in the city of love, Paris, with her lover: dining on the terrace, going shopping, sightseeing. And, most importantly, she absolutely did not hide her new (or maybe old?) status.

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