Who Is Casper Ruud’s Coach Right Now?

The young tennis player is coached by his father; the team is completed by Pedro Clar Rosselló and Joachim Bjerke

Casper Ruud, the top ten Norwegian tennis player who achieved the last Rolland Garros final, is considered by his colleagues and analysts one of the best clay tennis players in the Tour.

In 2020, he won his first ATP 250 tournament in Buenos Aires. In 2021, he obtained five more titles at Geneva, Bastad, Gstaad, Kitzbuhel and San Diego.

In 2022, he achieved his first ATP Masters 1000 final in Miami, and in Rome, he reached the semifinal, where he lost against one of all greatest-time players Novak Djokovic.

After reaching the finals of the US Open 2022 he rose to second place in the ATP ranking, which is his best result so far.

Who is Casper Ruud’s Coach in 2023?

Christian Ruud

Christian Ruud

Ruud’s head coach since February 2018 is Christian, his father, a former tennis player who was in the top-40 in 1995.

In his career, he won 12 ATP Challenger series. During his career, he won 115 matches, and lost 145. His prize money was $1,399,813. As a coach, Christian used to work in the team with his former coach of his son, Pedro Rico.

Before his son became a successful player, he was considered the best Norwegian player of all time. Now, his young boy occupied that place. In 2021, Christian admitted that Casper was a much better player than he once was, and he didn’t seem to be upset.

On the contrary: “I am enjoying it a lot. Everyone has compared him to me when he beat my records. I was in one ATP Tour final, and I was sad I didn’t win, but he is a lot better than I was. It is great to see him win titles and see him be the last man standing is special”.

The most important achievements in Casper’s career were made with his father as his head coach. With him, Ruud became a top-ten player, won eight titles, and achieved his first grand slam final. About their professional relationship, Christian said: “He respects that I was a player on tour and he respects me as a coach”.

Christian and Casper were also joined in February 2018 by assistant coach Joachim Bjerke, a young former player who stopped playing in 2016 at 21 years old.

His best ranking was 912 in 2014. In his professional career, he didn’t win any match, and he lost four. His prize money was $5,844.

Nowadays, Casper Ruud’s coach is also integrated by his assistant coach Pedro Clar Rosselló; his fitness coach, Marcel da Cruz; his physical therapist, Alexander Brum; and a Technical analyst, Øivind Sørvald. His manager is Venke Aure. Since the tennis player joined the Academy, he passed from 143 place to number four in 2023.

Casper Ruud’s past coaches

Pedro Rico

Pedro Rico coach

Before Christian, Casper was coached by Pedro Rico, with whom he began working when he was 15 years old, until 2018. Pedro Rico was Casper’s coach from 2014 to 2018.

Pedro Rico had a career-high doubles ranking after becaming N° 393 in ATP Ranking. As a coach, before Casper Ruud, he trained Roberto Bautista Agut. During their time together, the Spaniard tennis player reached the Auckland semifinals.

He also defeated top ten Juan Martín del Potro in Australian Open, were he reached round of 16, and he won his first two titles in ATP 250 grass tournament of Hertogenbosch, and clay tournament of Stutgart.

With Rico as his coach, Casper became the best junior in the world in 2016, after winning some Grade A and Grade 1 tournaments. In 2015, Ruud won his first professional game in Finland Future. In 2016, he won his first professional title at the age of 17, when he entered the Top 800. That season, he played his first Challenger title.

In 2017, he reached his first semifinals in an ATP 500 in Río de Janeiro, when he lost against Pablo Carreño Busta in three sets. In that year, he also qualified to his first Grand Slam tournament in the Australian Open, when he won his first match in that type of tournament after beating Quentin Hayls in five sets.

In February 2018, he finished working with Pedro Rico, who wouldn’t continue working with him after four years because, for personal reasons, he couldn’t travel anymore.

That’s why Christian, who was his assistant coach, became his head coach. Between February 2018 and September 2018, Christian Ruud was the only coach of Casper Ruud.

The Rafa Nadal Academy Era in Casper Ruud’s life

The Rafa Nadal Academy Era in Casper Ruud’s life

In September 2018 the young player felt that he had to prove himself against the greatest. That’s why he decided to join the Rafa Nadal Academy after accepting an offer: “I had parted ways with my coach, and was training at home with my father.

It can be good, but sometimes I need to go out and train with other good players. They asked me if I wanted to try it and Rafa is one of my biggest idols, so I didn’t see any point in saying no”.

So Casper had to move to Mallorca, which meant that he couldn’t continue to live at home. To make things easier for the young boy, Casper’s whole family moved along with him.

Already in Spain, Casper’s younger sister started training at the Academy, too: “My mother, my younger sister and my father came. My sister also started full time at the academy, playing every day and going to school there”.

Pedro Clar Rosselló

In Mallorca, the team was completed by alternative coaches Pedro Clar Rosselló, a member of the Rafa Nadal Academy. As a player, Clar-Rosselló’s best ranking was 237 in 2010.

He is a pro-tour tennis coach. Pedro used to coach Spaniard Jaume Munar till 2020, when he was replaced by Argentinian Gustavo Marcaccio. With Clar-Rosselló, Munar won Prostejov and Caltanissetta 2018 Challenger titles. In 2019, Munar won the Challenger Uruguay Open.

At that time, he was a quarter final in ATP clay tournaments in Pune, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Río de Janeiro and Marrakesh. Munar also became a top15 tennis player in that surface, and he was one of the three Spaniards tennis players who won most matches at that season.

Casper Ruud’s Achievements With Different Coaches

We have collected in the table the data about the trophies won by Casper Ruud under the guidance of various coaches.

Coach Years of Cooperation Titles
Pedro Rico 2014-2018 Spain F3, Finland F1, Challenger Sevilla
Christian Ruud – Pedro Clar Rosselló – Joachim Bjerke 2018- 2020 Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
2021 San Diego (Outdoor/Hard)
2021 Kitzbuhel (Outdoor/Clay)
2021 Gstaad (Outdoor/Clay)
2021 Bastad (Outdoor/Clay)
2021 Geneva (Outdoor/Clay)
2022 Gstaad (Outdoor/Clay)
2022 Geneva (Outdoor/Clay)
2022 Buenos Aires (Outdoor/Clay)
2023 Estoril (Outdoor/Clay)

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