Who Is Daria Kasatkina’s Coach Right Now?

Daria Kasatkina is a professional tennis player from Russia and is currently ranked number 1 in the country. She was born in Tolyatti in Russia on the 7th of May, 1997 but lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Her parents were involved in athletics and ice hockey, while her older brother, Alexandr, plays tennis casually.

He brother insisted she plays tennis at the age of 6, and she had to train two to three times a week for the next two years.

However, Daria seems to enjoy being diverse since she does virtually all types of sports and also lives a bisexual relationship life.

The 26-year-old has won 6 Singles career titles so far and recorded one title in the Doubles category.

She has also represented Russia at International tournaments and was significant for the victory of the Russian team both at the Junior Fed Cup in 2013 and the 2020/2021 Billie Jean King Cup. Now, she ranks number 1 in Russia and 9 in the world.

Who Is Daria Kasatkina’s in 2023?

Flavio Cipolla

Flavio Cipolla

Flavio Cipolla, born on October 20, 1983, is an Italian tennis coach and a former professional player. In his active years, he achieved a career-high Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) ranking of No. 70 on April 23, 2012.


He had a respectable professional career, which included reaching the second round of the 2007 French Open where he faced off against the acclaimed Rafael Nadal.

Cipolla’s best performance in a Grand Slam was recorded in the 2008 US Open, where he advanced to the third round.

The year 2008 was a significant one for Cipolla, as he not only won singles and doubles titles in the Challenger in New Caledonia but also ascended to a career-high ranking of #116.

He further solidified his standing as a top-100 doubles player with victories at Challenger doubles titles in February in Belgrade and in March in Italy.

At the 2008 U.S. Open, he managed to reach the third round where he put up an impressive fight against tenth seed Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland, even managing to secure a two-set lead before losing the match.

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Post his playing career, Cipolla transitioned into a coaching role. In February 2023, he began coaching Daria Kasatkina, a top 10 Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) player, replacing her longtime coach Carlos Martinez.

He also coaches the professional tennis player, Gianluca Mager.

Previous Coaches Of Daria Kasatkina

Daria has passed through quite a handful of personalities in her career development and met her first coach, Maxim Prasolav, at 11.

When she clocked 14, she began training under Damir Rishatovich but soon moved from Russia to Slovakia.

There are not so many details about Maxim and Damir as both worked with grass root tennis academies and helped develop prospective tennis players in Russia.

Her brother, Alexandr, has remained her fitness coach throughout her career, and she does not seem to have an issue with that.

We will now proceed to talk about the professionally recognized coaches of Daria Kasatkina.

Vladimir Platenik

Vladimir Platenik

Daria moved out of Russia at the age of 15 to begin her training at the Empire Tennis Academy in Trnava, Slovakia. This was where she met her first recognized professional coach, Vladimir Platenik.

She trained under Platenik for the next three years before eventually partnering with her long-time admirer, Philip Dehaes.

Platenik was also an ex-Slovakian tennis player and marched the court for just six years (1994 to 2000) during his professional career before he became a coach.

Before working with Daria, he was the coach of Dominika Cibulkova and led her to the semi-finals of the 2009 French Open. He has also worked with Anna Blinkova and currently manages Veronika Kudermetova.

He split up with Daria in 2018 after she informed him of her decision to move out of Slovakia and move on to another coach for her career growth.

Philip Dehaes

Philip Dehaes

Daria’s relationship with Deheas was surprising as it was anticipated to be successful; however, the reverse was the case.

Daria started her training under Dehaes in 2018 after separating from Platenik. The duo had a connection back in 2013 when Daria was searching for financial support from a foundation in Belgium.

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Nevertheless, they soon split up just a year into their relationship after Daria performed woefully at the 2019 St. Petersburg Open.

This performance annoyed Dehaes, and according to Daria, he told her to quit tennis if she was not interested in the game anymore and to find another profession.

Later, Daria confesses that she considered quitting at that point and also locked herself up in her hotel room for some days.

Dehaes worked with Steve Darcis and Maryna Zanevska before he started working with Daria in 2018. At the moment, Dehaes is the coach of Kaja Juvan.

His time with Daria was not all bad, though, as he guided her to the 2018 Kremlin Cup final, which she won for the first time in her career. He was also her coach when she became the Russian Number 1 female tennis player for the first time in her career in 2018.

Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez

The collaboration between Daria Kasatkina and the Spanish coach has lasted four years, starting in 2019. In February 2023 it was reported that they stopped their collaboration.

Carlos was an ex-Spanish tennis player who attained a career highest ranking of 400 in the Singles Category and made the top 200 (180) in the Doubles during his playing days.

After retiring from playing, he began his coaching career and opened his tennis academy in Barcelona, where he currently trains Daria.

Aside from working with Daria, he also works with another Russian female player, Svetlana Kuznetsova as a second coach. He has also worked with Kateryna Baindl, Misa Eguchi, Margarita Betova, Marc Lopez, and so on.

He recorded massive successes as the main coach of Kuznetsova as he led her to two titles in 2016 at the Sydney and Moscow Open. He also guided her to the finals of 3 prestigious tennis tournaments: the Miami Open, Madrid Open, and the Indian Wells.

Carlos has been significant to the recovery of Daria’s form following her unfortunate breakup with her former coach. The duo won 2 Singles titles in 2021 at the Philip Island tournament and St Petersburg Ladies Open and San Jose in 2022.

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Reflecting on their journey, Carlos stated, “Since last summer, I started noticing changes that I didn’t like. We had a conversation at the Final Championships because I didn’t know if I wanted to continue… But at the Australian Open, it still didn’t work out. In Abu Dhabi, we met again and nothing changed.”

Recognizing Daria’s potential, Carlos insisted on the importance of a focused approach.

He noticed Daria’s distractions, stating, “It’s very important to focus on tennis, and I noticed that she gets distracted.” Carlos also suggested that Daria could benefit from working with a psychologist to better understand herself and handle certain aspects of her professional life more effectively.

Daria took his advice to heart, engaging the services of a psychologist. In her words, as quoted by the WTA press service, “It’s very difficult to deal with it and find the answers yourself.

So it’s helpful when a professional shows you what on tour you can enjoy.” This decision marked a significant step in her professional and personal growth as she began to explore new methods to enhance her performance and handle the pressures of the sport.

Speaking on the changes they were trying to make in her game, Kasatkina continued, “We’re also working on getting the creativity back into the game. The last few years I was more disciplined, but now we’re working on getting me more open on the court.”

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Daria Kasatkina’s achievements with different coaches

We have collected in the table the data about the trophies won by Daria Kasatkina under the guidance of various coaches.

Coaches Years of Completion Titles
Maxim Prasolav 2008 – 2011
Damir Rishatovich 2011- 2012
Vladimir Platenik 2012- 2018 2017 – Charleston
Philip Dehaes 2018-2019  2018 – Moscow
Carlos Martinez 2019- 2023 2022 – San Jose, Granby;
2021 – Phillip Island Trophy, St. Petersburg
Flavio Cipolla 2023 – ongoing

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