Who Is Dusan Lajovic’s Coach Right Now

Dusan Lajovic, a notable figure in the tennis world, was born on June 30, 1990, in Belgrade, Serbia. Picking up his first racket at the tender age of seven, Lajovic looked up to Pete Sampras, dreaming of following in his footsteps to win Wimbledon.

However, as he matured, it became clear that his game was better suited to slower surfaces. His resilient and physically enduring style of play allows him to handle lengthy rallies, shining in both singles and doubles matches.

Lajovic’s journey in professional tennis started in 2005 with the ITF. However, it was not until 2007 that he began to fully engage in the sport. His first significant win came in 2008 when he claimed victory in a doubles Futures tournament in Belgrade.

His hard work and dedication in these formative years eventually earned him an invitation to an ATP tournament, and in 2011, he made his mark at the tour level at the VTB Kremlin Cup in Moscow.

Lajovic’s climb up the ranks was a steady one. Initially lacking self-confidence, especially when compared to his high-achieving Serbian teammate Novak Djokovic, his game gradually improved when Boris Boshnyakovich joined his coaching team in 2012.

This period saw Lajovic make his mark at the Challenger level, reaching the final in Ortebello and winning the competition in Samarkand.

By 2014, he had made it to the top 100, primarily thanks to his performance at the major level, reaching the fourth round in France and losing only to the ‘King of Clay’, Rafael Nadal.

By 2015, Lajovic had claimed his first ATP doubles trophy, a testament to his ongoing development.

He had become a stalwart in the Serbian tennis team, which was making its mark in the Davis Cup. He continued competing in junior series tournaments while playing at the tour level.

This approach proved successful as he reached the quarterfinals of the Masters in Indian Wells in 2017 and performed impressively in clay competitions of a similar category in Madrid the following year.

2019 was a breakout year for Lajovic, who achieved several key milestones, including scoring his 100th tour win and rising to No. 45 in the singles rankings.

His first ATP title was won at the tournament in Umag against Attila Balazs.

Following this success, Lajovic reached his career-high ranking of 23rd. As we approach 2023, it will be interesting to see how his career develops and who will be coaching him through this journey.

Who Is Dusan Lajovic’s Coach in 2023?

Jose Perlas

Dusan Lajovic, Fabio Fognini And Jose Perlas

Jose Perlas, a titan in the tennis coaching world, is renowned for his unwavering dedication to his players and his exceptional ability to extract their potential.

A remarkable aspect of Perlas’s coaching philosophy is the emphasis on the individuality of each player, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

With his roster boasting notable names like Carlos Moya, Albert Costa, Guillermo Coria, and Fabio Fognini, the Spaniard’s coaching impact is evident in the annals of professional tennis.

One of his most recent success stories is his partnership with Serbian tennis player, Dusan Lajovic. They began working together in 2016, at a point when Lajovic was ranked World No. 93.

Since then, their collaboration has seen the Serbian rise to a career-high ranking of No. 23 in 2019 and a steady presence in the top tiers of the sport.

In an interview with Sports Pundit in 2020, Perlas shared insights into their partnership. “First and foremost, the high level of commitment and the capacity to take on significant amounts of work, which has made our labor as a team easier,” he said about Lajovic’s evolution at the tour level.

He attributes their successful partnership to defining an exact game pattern compatible with Lajovic’s qualities and personality, saying, “I believe we have succeeded with Dusan in giving the right order to the process and development of the plan we have established.”

“Dusan has had to deal with a series of inconvenient injuries. Nevertheless, this has also become one of his greatest strengths, the ability to deal and negotiate well with the pain,” Perlas commented in the 2020 interview.

This perseverance is a testament to both Lajovic’s character and the supportive environment fostered by Perlas, enabling his player to bounce back from challenges stronger than before.

Dusan Lajovic’s Achievements With Different Coaches

We have collected in the table the data about the trophies won by Dusan Lajovic under the guidance of various coaches.

Coaches Years of Cooperation Titles
Jose Perlas 2016 – ongoing 2023 Banja Luka (Outdoor/Clay)
2019 Umag (Outdoor/Clay)

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