Former French Open champ has interesting take on Federer's Wimbledon loss
Photo: AFP

There’s no doubt that many tennis fans are considering if Roger Federer is close to retirement and losing charm following his early exit from this year’s Wimbledon.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion crashed out of the major Grand Slam competition on Wednesday when he lost  6-3 7-6 6-0 to Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz in the quarter-finals.

It was agonizing to see the Swiss star to be seen of this early same tournament that he has won eight times in his career.

Ex-French Open winner Patrick McEnroe feels that Roger Federer is losing his interest after the Wimbledon defeat.

“A lot of emotions watching Federer leave the court because you’re not sure if this is it. You sort of speculating, we’re all wondering,” McEnroe said in a recent interview with ESPN.

“I think he’ll take some time to think about this. Certainly, the way he went out in the final set, getting bageled – it almost didn’t look like he wanted to be out there at that point. Like he knew the writing was on the proverbial wall.”

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The tennis legend was also all praise for the Polish star who downed Federer in such a comprehensive manner.

“Hurkacz obviously, a lot of firepowers, played a very mature match. I wonder if he (Federer) is willing to pay the price that he needs to physically to come back, because the movement wasn’t there,” Patrick McEnroe continued.

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Federer is going through a tough time and everyone knows that. He pulled out of the French Open due to knee issues and his fitness concerns have kept him out of a few tournaments a past couple of years.

Federer won his last Grand Slam in 2018 when lifted the Australian Open trophy. He will turn 40 in August and has so far made himself available to play at the Olympic Games in Tokyo on July 23.

McEnroe seemed to have found a slowed version of the Swiss star in Wimbledon. He believes that Federer’s agility was absent in the match against his Polish counterpart.

“His ability to run quickly, especially when he had to go wide, was not there. And I think he knew that I think he felt that, especially after dropping the second set that he should have won. So, if he thinks he can do the work to get back, to get his fitness and get movement back – I think he’ll continue. But I don’t think he continues if he thinks that this is the best he can do, the best he can play at this point.”

However, McEnroe affirmed that the Swiss should feel contented for making it to the quarter-finals. “I think he would have been pleased [to reach the quarter-finals before the tournament]. But I think it was the way this match transpired to me, that has me wondering.

“Obviously Roger, he’s gonna digest it. He doesn’t make rash decisions, he’s gonna think about it. The way he left Centre Court, he left quickly, he didn’t do some huge goodbye.”


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