French Open 2021

French Open is one of the most popular tennis tournaments. This year they will arrange the 125th French Open. All the famous tennis celebrity is getting ready for this tournament. This 2021 French Open is the second Grand Slum of this year. The prize of this tournament is €34,367,215. In the main single event, there will be 16 men qualifier and 16 women qualifier out of 128 players, both men and women section. The qualifying match will take place on 24-28 May.

Here we gathered all the information on how to live stream French Open 2021 and where and when the event is going to take place. Read the article carefully and grab the information you need.

French Open 2021 Date and Schedule:

  • Date: 30 May – 13 June
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Venue: Roland Garros Stadium

The upcoming French Open 2021 is going to take place at Roland Garros Stadium located in Paris, France. The main event will start on 30 May and it will last till 13 June. All the matches will be played on an outdoor clay court.

How to Live Stream French Open 2021?

Among all other badminton contests, the French Open tour is considered one of the most popular and upper-class tournaments. The world’s most famous tennis player comes here to participate in this event. And tennis fans can enjoy this glorious moment where all of their favorites players gathered under the same roof for competition.

So, basically, everyone’s eyes just stuck on the TV screen. But first, one needs to know which channel to watch for live streaming French Open 2021. We will provide you with every single information of about the live streaming option. Read below and chose a live streaming platform that goes best with your location. Some worldwide popular live streaming server to watch French Open 2021-

Tennis Channel:

To watch French Open 2021, one of the best options is watching it through Tennis Channel. It’s a USA-based TV channel. They have broadcasting authorization in many countries too. Here you will able to watch the whole game completely free. As it’s a TV channel so you don’t need to pay for the subscription. But yeah, you need to pay your cable bill regularly. So, if you are from the USA or any other country where Tennis Channel is available then you could go for this.


Another popular TV channel to live stream tennis game is NBC. They are also USA-based TV channels. NBC’s operating area range is bigger than Tennis Channel. They broadcast so many things besides tennis sports. Though, NBC is mainly famous for broadcasting sports-related TV programs, not just tennis. You could try this channel for French Open 2021, NBC is covering this game for many years.


Every sports lover on the planet is familiar with ESPN. It’s the world’s most popular live-streaming stage. Almost every kind of sport is available here. You could watch boxing, racing, wrestling, football, cricket, bowl, etc., and including Tennis. They broadcast and cover all sorts of sports on their platform. With the help of ESPN, you could watch anything you want. To watch French Open 2021 with ESPN, you could go for the TV cable line or use their online server. You could try the ESPN+ plan. The subscription cost is 5.99 dollars per month or 55.99 dollars per year.


Peacock is an American live streaming server. This live streaming platform is own by NBC Universal. They are the top-level streaming channel. If you are having an issue with ESPN or with other streaming channels then your next best option is Peacock(you could use this as your first choice too). Peacock’s monthly subscription cost is 5 dollars and for the annual package, you will have to pay, 50 dollars.

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Ways to watch French Open 2021 Worldwide:

In the above, we have mentioned some popular sites to watch French Open 2021 live. But most of them are USA based, and international viewers could face difficultly in getting access to those channels. Now we will discuss how to live stream French Open 2021 worldwide.


French people have the best ways to watch the game cause it’s happening in their countries. If anyone is in France right now they watch the show in person. Anyway, to live stream French Open 2021 in France you could watch local sports channel. And besides that another option is Amazon Prime Video.

If you are having an issue finding the game in the local channel then Amazon Prime Video is here for you. They will broadcast the whole program.


If you are from Europe then you have plenty of options to watch the game live. You could use both TV cable lines and online platforms. Let’s what are ways we have to European people to stream French Open 2021.

First of all and the best option is Eurosport. They are the most famous channel in the whole European continent. This comes with free live streaming with curtain TV cable lines. And for the online viewers, the monthly subscription cost is 6.99 pounds.

Another popular media available for British people is ITV. It’s free to air channel so you could watch the French Open 2021 free on this channel, all you have to do is pay the cable bill monthly. ITV has an online live streaming platform called, ITV Hub. ITV Hub subscription cost is 3.99 pounds per month.

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As with the other countries, Australia is very fond of tennis. A lot of famous tennis players are from Australia. Australian people watch enjoy tennis very much. If are from Australia here is your live streaming option.

You must be familiar with Nine Network. They are very popular and famous free-to-air TV channels in Australia. There are various types of channels and plans available in the Nine Network. You could go for Channel Nine, 9 Go, 9GEM, or 9Now to live stream French Open 2021.

If you don’t like the cable line idea then there is an ott platform available for you. You could also use the Stan streaming platform for French Open 2021. Stan subscription will cost you 5 dollars per month for the basic plan and 10 dollars per month for the standard plan.


Canada has a huge amount tennis fans. They all are crazy about this French Open. There two popular media available for Canadian tennis lovers. Let’s see,

Every sports lover from Canada is familiar with TSN, The Sports Network. This is our first option to watch French Open 2021 in Canada. They show all sort of sports in that is going on the whole world.

And our second-best option for Canadians is RDS. RDS is also a sister TSN. If you face problems connecting with the mother channel then RDS will be a great help.

New Zealand:

People from New Zealand are very much in love with tennis. There is a huge tennis fan base we see in New Zealand. Here are the ways of live stream French Open 2021 in New Zealand.

If you are from New Zealand then your best option to watch the French Open 2021 is Sky Network Television Limited, or known as Sky. They are the biggest sports live streaming server in New Zealand. There is two plan available in this live streaming platform, for Sky Starter packages it’s 25.99 dollars per month and for Sky Entertainment it’s 25.50 dollars per month.

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The USA has always enormous ways of watching sports. Above, we have mentioned some of them.

To watch French Open 2021 in the USA you could use NBC Universal. All the NBC main and site channels will broadcast the whole event. You could use, Peacock,, and NBC Sports app.

ESPN will also broadcast the tournament in the USA. Check ESPN’s different plan to live stream the game.


We have described all most every way of live streaming French Open 2021. Chose the plan that fits you best. And if you are on travel or in a country where we can’t get access to any of this channel then use a VPN to change your IP location. It will allow you to live stream the game from everywhere.


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