Laver Cup 2021 Teams
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Laver Cup tournament has recently started their journey. Not in the market for long but since the begging of their path they have earned enormous fans and audiences. Why is that? Cause the tournament is against the world’s top players and top European players.

This will the fourth edition of Laver Cup. Six players on each team. In the team Europe, they have US Open champion, Daniil Medvedev. And in the team world, the best-ranked player is Felixx Auger Aliassime. The contest isn’t a part of the ATP Tour. So, no point will be count.

What is the Laver Cup?

The Laver Cup is a two-team tournament, played over three days. It is designed to be a tennis version of the Ryder Cup.

Each team will have six players, and the tournament will feature nine singles games and three doubles games.

A win on the first day is worth one point, each win on the second day will be worth two points, and wins on the final day are worth three points.

The first team to reach 13 points wins the tournament.

Laver Cup 2021 Teams:

Team Europe – Captain: Bjorn Borg

  • Daniil Medvedev (Russia)
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece)
  • Alexander Zverev (Germany)
  • Andrey Rublev (Russia)
  • Matteo Berrettini (Italy)
  • Casper Ruud (Norway)

Team World – Captain: John McEnroe

  • Felix Auger-Aliassime (Canada)
  • Denis Shapovalov (Canada)
  • Diego Schwartzman (Argentina)
  • Reilly Opelka (USA)
  • John Isner (USA)
  • Nick Kyrgios (Australia)

Laver Cup Rules and Format:

Rules No. 1

The Laver Cup, a friendly tournament named in honor of Australian tennis legend Rod Laver, was held just two weeks after the Open-ended. It has been continued since 2017 and happens every year in September, in the U.S. Last year (2020), the Laver Cup was postponed due to the pandemic situation for Covid-19.

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Rules No. 2

It is said that the Laver Cup is basically Roger Federer’s brainchild. The tournament is in vogue to honor legends at various levels of tennis. As it is a friendly tournament, the result of matches will not affect the ATP rankings of players hopefully.

Rules No. 3

Every year the tournament is held at different locations. The Laver Cup will keep switching and roaming in various European cities and other cities around the world. For the last three years, Prague in the Czech Republic, Chicago in the United States, and Geneva in Switzerland have played the role of host. And this season, the fourth season of the tournament is going to be held in Boston, USA.

Rules No. 4

In this season, there will be played two teams in the Laver Cup. Those are Team World and Team Europe. Each team will have six players, a captain, and a vice-captain also. Though since 2018 the rule of having one extra alternate player per team has been introduced. Team World’s outfit will be red whereas Team Europe’s outfit will be blue.

Rules No. 5

There each team will have one captain who will be considered as a tennis legend. By 2021, Bayern Borg will lead Team Europe and Team World will be led by John McEnroe respectively. Two new faces (captains) will be seen again from the following.

Rules No. 6

It will be Captain’s very first duty and responsibility also to select three captains’ picks from their respective teams and also select their respective team’s line-ups for singles and doubles matches on each match.

Rules No. 7

Three out of six of each team will be selected based on the ATP rankings and the availability of the players released on Monday, just after the end of each year’s French Open. On the other hand, they have to select 3 captains from their respective teams before the Open begins.

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Rules No. 8

This year’s Laver Cup will be held at the Indoor Hard Court at TD Garden in Bosten in three days (September 24, 25, and 26).

Rules No. 9

Three singles matches and one doubles match will be played every day. This means in 3 days, a total of 12 matches will be played.

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Rules No. 10

There are some rules in playing such as each player has to play at least one singles match, and not more than two singles matches can be played. Everyone in the team will have to play one single match each within the first two days. In every doubles match, both teams should have unique pairs.

Rules No. 11

A player can play the highest of two doubles matches. At least four of a team will have to participate in the doubles match. The captains of their own teams will have to decide the team line-up every day.

Rules No. 12

Each of the matches will be formed in three sets. If the match is level at 1-1, the winner will be determined by a 10-point tie-breaker in the third set.

Rules No. 13

Whether it’s single or double, in the first day’s play the winning team will get one point to win for each match, and the losing team will not get any points. Next, on the second day’s play, the winning team will acquire two points to win each match, and the losing team will not get any points. On the third day, the winning team will earn three points to win each match, and on the other hand, the losing team will not get any points.

Rules No. 14

The team that is able to score 13 points will be declared as winner first, of a total of 24 points in three days [(4*1)+(4*2)+(4*3)= 24].

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Rules No. 15

And if somehow, both teams have equal points at 12-12 points, then a one-set doubles divider match should be played, the only set that will be in a tie-break if it comes back to level at 6-6. Then in that case any pair of the team can play doubles and the previous rule will not be followed there. So if the points of the two teams are 12-12, we may be able to see Medvedev-Sasha together for the second time in the current season). As the winner is not decided on the second day of the tournament such a unique point system has been put in place in the Laver Cup


This is all for today’s topic. We have tried our best to provide almost all the rules of the Laver Cup for your better knowledge. For the first time in the opening two matches, Djokovic and Federer and on the other hand,  Nadal and Federer were paired up in a doubles match as Team Europe has defeated Team World for the last 3 years.


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