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The 2022 Laver Cup is quite literally starting within the next few hours. And in case you were unaware of the schedule, there are three singles matches taking place today. This format will also be implemented tomorrow, with both of these days being split into two different sessions. On that note, the day session is set to host two singles matches today. Whereas the evening session is set to host just one singles match.

To ensure that you have an overview of the singles matches, let me quickly share some key information. Firstly, the day session is scheduled to commence at 1 PM today. Also for this period, there will be another singles match to follow at the conclusion of the initial game. For that reason, I cannot provide an exact start time for the second singles match. As for the evening session, this has a scheduled start time of 7 PM.

So unless the first two singles matches turn out to be absolute epics, we can assume that the evening session will start on time. Anyway, now you have an idea of when the matches will take place and how many there will be, let me deliver my Laver Cup day one predictions for each of the three singles matches. 

Singles Predictions for Day One – 2022 Laver Cup

The three singles matches scheduled for today promise to be very entertaining to watch. Of course, you can also place the odd wager or two on these matches as well. But whether you do that or not is entirely up to you. As for my predictions, let me reveal the details right now.

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Casper Ruud vs Jack Sock

First up today we have Casper Ruud taking on Jack sock. This game involves contrasting styles, and it also shows two guys that are in very different stages of their careers. Casper Ruud has recently become the number two player in the world, whereas Jack Sock has endured a pretty rocky road in the last few years. Because of these factors, I definitely feel that Casper Ruud will get the win in the opening game of the Laver Cup. 

Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Diego Schwartzman

Following the conclusion of the opening match, we will get to watch Tsitsipas against Diego Schwartzman. These guys are much closer in rankings than Ruud and Sock, which is why this game could well be closer than the first one. Tsitsipas is the number 6 player in the world, and Schwartzman is 17 in the world. But given that Tsitsipas has a much bigger game than Schwartzman, and because the Laver Cup is played on indoor hard courts, I feel Tsitsipas will win.

Andy Murray vs Alex de Minaur

The final singles match of the day involves Murray and de Minaur. Murray is obviously in the twilight of his career, but he can still play some great tennis. And de Minaur is a young guy with plenty of energy, not to mention that he has a great game at his disposal. However, it’s his first Laver Cup for Team World, so I’m shooting for Murray based on experience.


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