Nadal Mubadala Tennis Championship
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Rafael Nadal has finally given his returning massage to the fans. Since he was injured and captured at home, we heard many rumors about his return. Everyone was assuming many dates about when he will get back to court. Nadal himself talked about his returning issue very ambiguously in the past few months. But finally, the boss of tennis reveals his returning plan in Paris.

Nadal is currently staying in Paris. He is playing the sponsor role in Babolat racquet company. In Babolat’s organized event, Nadal talks with interviewers and he answered all the questions of his fans. He informed the press that he will be back again on the tennis court in December.

He is practicing again and pulling himself together. And the next vision of Nadal is to claim the Australian Open 2022 where the defending champion may or may not be present. If both Nadal and Djokovic participate then that will be a memorable event after a long time.

Though Nadal’s appearance is almost sure at AU Open 2022 Djokovic has a vaccination issue. He doesn’t want to put any Covid-19 vaccination in his body, so that may prevent him from joining AU open. Djokovic is currently is staying in Paris too for the Paris Master 2021 tournament.

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Before going for the Australia Open, Nadal will first play at the Abu Dhabi, Mubadala Tennis Championship. The Abu Dhabi event will take place from December 16 to 18. And after finishing the Mubadala championship Nadal will fly to Australia for AU Open which will take place on January 17.

Nadal said about his return, “My plan is to play Abu Dhabi in December and a tournament before playing the Australian Open. It is my goal and we are working hard to make it that way.”

Nadal has suffered at begging of the year with his back injured. He was absent for several months. And then again he faced an ankle injury. He was withdrawn from US Open, Olympic, Wimbledon championships. Nadal last played in August at Citi Open.

Nadal’s preparation for the upcoming Mubadala World Tennis Championship and return of other players in Mubadala:

Nadal was out of the tennis court for few times. He was unable to play and had a rough day. Now he is giving 1of 2 hours daily for his practice. This will help to get back into his former position.

He said, “The injury in my foot still needs to get a little better, but I’m already training almost an hour and a half a day so that’s positive. Some days are better than others, but I’m starting to have a lot more positive days than negative ones. So I’m on the right track.”

Besides Nadal, world ranking 12 Dominic Thiem will also return to the tennis court in Abu Dhabi. He suffered a very badly wrist injury at Mallorca Open in June. With all these great pro tennis players, Mubadala is gonna be a pre-grand slum thrilling competition.

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In the women’s section Casper Ruud, Denis Shapovalov, Emma Raducanu, and Belinda Bencic names came up for the Dhabi championship.


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