Naomi Osaka US Open Tennis 2021
Photo: DW

Osaka’s career is at risk, probably Japan’s tennis start days will come dusk very soon. Naomi Osaka has always been the top seed in all the tennis events. She has a great way of playing, she is able to seize success from opponent’s mouths, she can be a destroyer and a defender at the same time.

And qualities like that made Osaka world number one tennis superstar in no time. Everywhere she goes, in every event, she participates in, she earns huge success and takes his career to a higher place.

But that’s the second time in Osaka’s career where she completely lost herself. It was huge shocking news for both fans for herself. After the match, she told the press that she couldn’t believe that anything like that could happen.

Osaka returns to the US Open and into the tennis world again through US Open 2021. She was withdrawn from French Open in the past. After that, she also skipped the Wimbledon tournament. Then she returns to the field by attending Olympics which was her own motherland. But she was dropped out from the Olympics after losing to Marketa Vondrousova.

Then Osaka came to the US Open ground but unfortunately, no luck was here for her either. It was the third-round match between Osaka and the 18 years old Canadian seed Leylah Fernandez. Everything was going well at the begging but then Osaka started to lose control in front of Fernandez’s attack. And in the end, Osaka failed to protect her last year’s US Open title. She lost the game against Fernandez by 5-7, 7-6. 6-4, in the third round.

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In the match, she totally lost her emotions. She threw away her rackets, strike them in the ground several times, screamed, leave the court with telling and many things like that clearly indicate that her mental issue isn’t completely fixed yet. The audience once clapped for her but at a time they booed towards Osaka.

How Naomi Osaka feels about it and her future plan:

Because of the match result, Osaka was truly sad. She said for her behavior too. She told the press, “Yeah, I’m really sorry about that, I’m not really sure why…I was telling myself to be calm, but I feel like maybe there was a boiling point.”

When she was asked about the game and her future plan she said, “This is very hard to articulate. I feel like I’m kind of at this point where I’m trying to figure out what I want to do, and I honestly don’t know when I’m going to play my next tennis match. Sorry.”

Then she said, “I think I’m going to take a break from playing for a while.”.

So, now you can understand Osaka’s career and where it’s heading. She is absolutely out of the court and has no intention to play in again soon. Fans are hoping that she will pass the dark times and one day will return to the court as the queen of tennis.


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