Novak Djokovic is aiming for the 4 grand slam and Olympic gold medal in a year
Photo: BBC

Novak Djokovic is the world’s number 1 ranked tennis player. He wasn’t sure at first that is he going to join the Tokyo Olympics or not. Cause many of the top-ranked players decided not to participate this year because of the Covid-19 situation.

Even now, while the game is running and players are already at their hotel, many athletes are being withdrawn for testing Covid-19 positive. Everyone doesn’t think that organizing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is a good idea, even after a year. But, as the event is held by Japan then a chance of going something out of hand or happening something bad is less than zero percent.

Considering all the things, Djokovic finally decided to take part in the Tokyo Olympics. He already played his first game and that was a huge success. In Tokyo Olympics, the biggest opponent of Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer won’t attend.

So the path of winning gold has become easier more Djokovic. That’s the think and opinion of Federer and Nadal fans. And the Djokovic fans claim that no matter who comes along, Djokovic can beat anyone that comes between his success.

Djokovic already won three grand slams this year, the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. Now he aims to win the gold medal of the Olympics. He is waiting for this gold medal for a long time. But the medal never caught into his hand. The long wait can be over now, and Djokovic could finally earn the honor for his country.

Djokovic said, “Even before the start of this season, four Grand Slams and Olympics, that is what I set out for myself, I wanted to play the best tennis, and be in the top form.” He also added, “I am aiming towards the highest medal, gold, that is not a secret. That is a huge goal, huge ambition.”

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Before Djokovic, only one tennis player holds this great honor of winning four grand slams and an Olympic gold medal, it was Germany’s Steffi Graf in 1988. Well, Djokovic still has to win Olympic and US Open.

What makes Novak Djokovic coming to the Tokyo Olympics?

The reason behind Novak Djokovic coming to the Olympics is completely a selfless deed. He could stay home and keep him safe from Covid-19 risk. But he came to Tokyo only to represent his country and for his love for the country. Djokovic said while being on the plane, “Honored to play for my people and my country at the Olympics. Wheels up, see you in Tokyo.” He also wrote on Twitter, “I am very proud to pack for Tokyo and join our national team in the fight for the brightest medals on the Olympic arenas. For me, the game for Serbia has always been a special joy and motivation and I will do my best to make us all happy!”

Novak Djokovic Tokyo Olympics
Photo: USA Today

While he was asked that is it hard for him to participate in US Open after the Olympics, he said, “The schedule is a bit tense, having in mind that Grand Slams are too close to the Olympics, but I prepared very well for months before the Olympics. And I am yearning for a medal in Tokyo, hopefully, gold, and then I’ll go to New York aiming to complete it all.”


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