Novak Djokovic Western and Southern Open
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Novak Djokovic took off his shoes from the Western & Southern Open. Fans won’t see him in Cincinnati this time. He announced his decision on social media that he won’t take part in the next Grand Slum of Western & Southern Open.

Djokovic said that on Monday, August 9. Fans are a bit upset after finding his absence in the Southern and Western Open. If he would join and win that Grand Slum he could make history.

The reason Novak Djokovic skipping his great chance to win another Grand Slum is because he is tired. He has very good run since the begging of the season. Though the Olympic results don’t come out as the fans and Djokovic were expecting to but the truth is, not everything goes well as you planned.

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Is true that Djokovic indeed is really sick now. But we all know that very well, Novak isn’t the kinda guy who stays behind because of sickness or tiredness. He also withdrew from the Olympic doubles match with partner Nina Stojanovic in a bronze medal match. Said, his shoulder injury causing him so much pain and he can’t continue playing this way. Djokovic also said he is now under medicines and it’s unbelievable pain and exhaustion.

After leaving the Olympics court Djokovic posted that on social media. He cleared his position about the Western and Southern Open. Here is his statement, from his social media timeline,

“Dear fans, I wanted to share with you that I am taking a bit longer to recover and recuperate after quite a taxing journey from Australia to Tokyo,” Djokovic wrote. “Sadly, that means I won’t be ready to compete in Cincinnati this year”

Well, the news at first breaks the heart of his many fans but now everyone hoping for Novak’s recovery and well-being.

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When Novak Djokovic will return to the court?

Djokovic’s plan wasn’t to cancel the Western and Southern Open trip. Before he joined the Olympics he won Australia Open, Wimbledon, and Roland Garros. It was a very good journey begging for Djokovic. On his way to the Olympics, he said he will earn the gold medal next US Open, Southern and Western Open too. No one in history has ever made this much achievement before.

But losing in the Olympic semi-final match against Alexander Zverev interrupted his dream. Djokovic made quite a scene too after losing against Pablo Carreno Busta during the bronze-medal singles match. He smashed his racket out of anger and became kinda aggressive.

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Later, Djokovic apologizes for his behavior said, “It’s part of, I guess, who I am. I don’t like doing these things. I’m sorry for sending this kind of message, but we’re all human beings, and sometimes it’s difficult to control your emotions.”

About his returning the Serbian athletic said, he is taking preparation for the US Open. If everything goes all right then the fans will see him competing in the US Open. On his social media, Novak said, “I’ll turn my focus and attention to US Open and spend some more time with family. See you in New York soon.”


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