Davis Cup Finals just started its 109th edition. It’s now the hot and major topic in the whole tennis sports. The tournament is considered the world cup of tennis. Cause all the nations gathered here to compete against each other. After the grand slam, it’s probably the most watching and exciting tennis tournament.

Among all nations, the USA has won the Davis Cup Finals most time. At first, the game used to hold between two nations, USA and Britain. By 2016, 135 countries entered the tournament for winning the highest honorable cup of tennis.

The 2021 Davis Cup Finals was officially scheduled in the previous year 2020 which didn’t happen cause of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. It’s now finally underway and the event will take place in Spain, Austria, and Italy. Currently, the tournament is playing at the Innsbruck the capital of Austria. For the final match, it will go Turin.

While the game is on, shocking news spread out and becomes the concern of many players. That, Davis Cup may switch to Abu Dhabi for the next five years. Many things aren’t possible in Abu Dhabi and may reduce the competition level. Along with many others, the former number 1 Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt takes this swapping idea very ridiculously.

Hewitt says about the switching, “I think it’s ridiculous. It’s not what Davis Cup is about. I have been pretty vocal about the whole thing for the last three or four years now.”

“Even for us here tonight, this is a wonderful stadium but it’s not a massive crowd. That’s not what Davis Cup is about. Some of my greatest memories are playing in Davis Cup, semis, and finals in front of packed houses.”

“Didn’t matter if it was in Australia or if it was Hawaii. The atmosphere was incredible. Sometimes the away ties were nearly as special because you had to find a way to be able to gel together as a team.”

Hewitt also added, “Davis Cup was held in the highest regard because it was up there with the pinnacle of our sport in men’s tennis, which was five sets.”

“We threw that out the door, and now we are throwing the home and away out the door, as well. Playing a qualifying tie here or there, best-of-three sets is not the same as having home-and-away main draw matches throughout the year.”

Why they are moving Davis Cup Finals to Abu Dhabi?

In 2018, the International Tennis Federation and Gerard Pique’s Kosmos group took over the Davis Cup ownership and its operation. They are planning to switch their whole Davis Cup world cup in Abu Dhabi for the next five years.

The decision came up cause the last time the organization face a huge financial crisis hosting Davis Cup. Because of covid and some other reason, last time the game was held behind the closed door and it caused very low crowed. Now, the middle east offers are very lucrative to overcome the past loss and it’s the most logical way to earn profit from the game. That’s why they are thinking to relocate the Davis Cup to Abu Dhabi.


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