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Indian Wells 2021 is the most prestigious ATP and WTA 1000 master tournament. After the four big grand slums event, Indian Wells comes with its shiny flags and gathered all the heroes of tennis in the desert.

Like all other years, this year all celebrates and top players came to participate in that event. But seems like top-ranked players having a hard to survive in BNP Paribas Open 2021. They are losing their power against the newcomers. First, the loss of the US Open champion Emma Raducanu shocked her fans. Her new coaching and playing performance was suggesting that she will reach the very top of the BNP Paribas Open. Her loss surely breaks the heart of many fans.

Now, the defeat of Kristyna Pliskova number 3 at the world ranking was even more shocking. No one thought that this would happen. Plus the defending champion Bianca Andreescu‘s loss is another hit news of Indian Wells. Though Andreescu’s falling wasn’t unfair. She was hard, fast, and good at court but the opponent was another superstar. So, no hard feelings. Anyway, we analyze their performance and try to find the mistake and etc. So, let’s see.

Beatriz Haddad Maia vs Kristyna Pliskova:

It was completely unbelievable that Haddad Maia won the game against Kristyna Pliskova. Maia ranked out 100 in the world ranking and she is killing the top seed. But not by his talented performance. She won the game cause of her good luck. Defeating Pliskova and reaching round four is her by the far best achieved. She is really happy and excited about the fact she manages to upset world number 3. And she is optimistic about her next battle which will take place against Kontaveit.

While Pliskova was planning to take down the Brazilian girl then suddenly the desert started to blow heavy wind. And made very unpleasant weather for both players. But luck was with Maia that day and she finished off Pliskova in just two hours and four minutes. By Maia is at round four with 15 other players. Easy to say what will happen but who knows what she will do.

It’s not Maia’s first time being lucky in Indian Wells 2021 tournament. She failed to pass the final qualifying match and she was heading for home. But her luck managed her a sit in the main draw. Turns out 29th seed Nadia Podoroska won’t play at the Indian Wells cause of injury. And the board fill the vacancy with Maia.

After the win against Pliskova, Maia says, “I’m very happy with my win and my work today. It was a very tough condition for both of us. It was very windy. I didn’t serve that well but I was returning well. I was doing my best.”

“I think the key was my resilience in my mental game. Now I’m proud of myself, of my work, and I’m going to prepare and get ready for tomorrow against [Annett] Kontaveit.”

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Anett Kontaveit vs Bianca Andreescu:

Well, the loss of Andreescu has nothing to do with luck or bad performance. It was one of the best matches in the whole tournament. Both players fought very well for the next round. Andreescu lost the game by 7-6, 6-3 points.

Kontaveit is very good. She is ranked 18 and won three singles titles. She didn’t lose a single match yet at Indian Wells. Her next match is with Maia. If Maia plays with luck we will see Kontaveit out of the court.

Kontaveit says about the Kontaveit vs Andreescu match, “It was extremely close throughout the match and I was just trying to stay tough. I was ready for a tough match.”

“She’s such a good player, such a great competitor, so I knew it wasn’t going to be over until it was really over.”

Kontaveit has a made new partnership with former ATP pro Dmitry Tursunov. He is really improving Kontaveit performance. This pair will take the sleep of many star celebrities. When Kontaveit was asked about it she says, “I’ve really been enjoying being out here, really enjoying playing competitive matches and I’ve been having a lot of fun. I think that’s been the key, and of course, Dmitry has helped a lot, too.”


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