Tennis star Rafael Nadal has been hit by a deadly corona. He spent the whole year fighting the injury. When he finally recovered from the injury, he returned to the field. That’s when he got the bad news.

Rafayel Nadal returned to Spain after playing in the World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi. The 35-year-old athlete contracted corona after returning home.

The 20-time Grand Slam star tweeted on Monday (December 20th) that he has been attacked with corona. He said he was going through some uncomfortable moments, but hoped he would recover soon.

Nadal returned to court for the first time after a break from the Abu Dhabi event. He was suffering from a leg injury. After recovering, he returned to the ground. He lost to Andy Murray of the United Kingdom in the semifinals. Later, he could not win the match for third place. While in Abu Dhabi, Corona was tested several times, but each time the result was negative. But after returning to the country, he became positive for the disease.

Nadal has been battling injuries for the past few years. Due to this injury, he withdrew from the last Wimbledon and Tokyo Olympics. It was then reported that he had taken this difficult decision to prolong his tennis career.

“I have decided not to participate in this year’s Wimbledon and Tokyo Olympics,” Rafael Nadal said in a tweet. “Making such a decision is never easy, but looking at my body and consulting with my team, I realized it was the right decision. My goal is to prolong my career and to do the work that makes me happy, that is, to compete at the highest level. And with that comes the goal of achieving the highest levels of my professional and personal goals in tennis. “

His fans are hoping that he will recover soon and return to the court again.


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