Rafael Nadal Indian Wells
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Facing Rafael Nadal in the final of the ATP in Indian Wells, Taylor Fritz warned the Spaniard. The American will try to thwart the predictions, who has only faced Nadal once.

Rafael Nadal still hasn’t lost in 2022. Two months after winning the Australian Open at the end of the suspense against Daniil Medvedev, the Spaniard has stayed the course.

At 36 years old, Rafael Nadal made the best start to the year of his career and will compete once again to win a title. After beating the very talented Carlos Alcaraz in the semifinals, Rafael Nadal will face Taylor Fritz in the final of the ATP in Indian Wells.

“I don’t have to try to make winning shots like crazy against a player like him.”

Before meeting Rafael Nadal, Taylor Fritz remembered their only clash. A duel that had turned in favor of the Majorcan.

“I felt helpless because just by sending me high bullets, he was forcing me to make mistakes. The worst part was that I had the feeling that if I improved a lot, he would automatically increase his level and continue to impose his authority.

Now that I’ve learned, I know that I shouldn’t try to make winning shots like crazy against a player like him. His competitiveness is incredible, and it’s as if no one wants to win as much as he does. I know he will fight on every ball,” said the American. Rafael Nadal knows what to expect!

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