10 Richest Tennis Players In The World 2023

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the World and is part of the Summer Olympics. This sport has brought us some of the best tennis players from all over the World. Moreover, knowing that this sport has helped many players own colossal wealth is noteworthy.

Therefore, on this page, you will learn about the top 10 richest Tennis players in the World in 2023. So read everything we wrote here to ensure you get all the information.

Overview of World’s Top 10 Richest Tennis Players in the World

Name Net Worth
#1 Jessica Pegula $10 Million
#2 Roger Federer $550 Million
#3 Maria Sharapova $285 Million
#4 Serena Williams $250 Million
#5 Rafael Nadal $220 Million
#6 Andre Agassi $145 Million
#7 Pete Sampras $150 Million
#8 Andy Murray $165 Million
#9 John McEnroe $100 Million
#10 Venus Williams $95 Million

Top 10 Richest Tennis Players in 2023

1. Jessica Pegula

Jessica Pegula

Name Jessica Pegula
Born February 24, 1994 / New York, United States
Coach David Witt 
Career 2009 – present
Net Worth $10 Million / Family-wise she’s a billionaire.

It’s worth knowing about the 29 years old Jessica, a world-class athlete best known for playing Tennis in the United States. She is a young Tennis player who has grabbed our attention by becoming a billionaire at a young age. At 29 years old, she lives a luxurious lifestyle with fame and popularity.

As for her career in Tennis, she turned pro in 2009 at the age of fifteen and has been an active player ever since. She has made her way with 2 career titles in singles and 7 in doubles. Besides, she has made up to US$8,613,609 in prize money.

Today, she is ranked third in the world rankings and considered one of the wealthiest Tennis players due to the wealth she is about to inherit from her family. However, She’s also on the list due to her self-made fortune, estimated to be around $4 million.

2. Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Name Roger Federer
Born 8 August 1981 / Basel, Switzerland
  • Peter Carter
  • Peter Lundgren
  • Tony Roche
  • Severin Lüthi
  • José Higueras
  • Paul Annacone
  • Stefan Edberg
  • Ivan Ljubičić
Career 1998 – 2022
Net Worth $550 Million

The 41 years old Roger Federer is known to be one of the richest former tennis players from the Swiss in the World in 2023. He is a living legend who made his way to the World No.1 position in his career by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

His career started in 1998 when Roger turned professional and began to achieve success. He eventually managed to win the 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold medal in doubles.

In 2022, Roger ended his career by officially retiring from the World of Tennis. However, his legacy continued as many young youths desired to reach the same heights of success Roger had in his career. Retiring from his Tennis career, Roger is now living a luxurious life with a fortune of $550 million.

3. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

Name Maria Yuryevna Sharapova
Born 19 April 1987/ Nyagan, Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Soviet Union
  • Robert Lansdorp
  • Yuri Sharapov
  • Michael Joyce
  • Jimmy Connors
  • Sven Groeneveld
  • Thomas Högstedt
  • Riccardo Piatti
Career 2001 – 2020
Net Worth $285 million

The Russian Tennis player Maria Sharapova is a former Tennis player popularly known for being World’s No 1 in singles. She is also one of the ten women to win The career Grand Slam during her professional Tennis career. Her 36 career titles in singles and 3 in Dobles are worth noting.

Maria turned pro in 2001 and achieved several major titles in her professional career, including a Silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics, before retiring in 2020. Today, she is one of the World’s richest Tennis players, worth US$285 million.

4. Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Name Serena Jameka Williams
Born September 26, 1981 / Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.
  • Richard Williams
  • Oracene Price
  • Patrick Mouratoglou
  • Eric Hechtman
  • Rennae Stubbs
Career 1995 – 2022
Net Worth $250 Million

When making a list of the top 10 richest tennis Players in the world in 2023, we can’t overlook the fortune of Serena Williams. She is among the best female Tennis players and is currently inactive.

Furthermore, she has achieved several titles and big wins in her professional career, including 4 Olympic golds(Two in Singles and Two in Doubles).

After turning pro in 1995, Serena achieved 73 career titles in Singles and 23 in Doubles. Furthermore, she has earned prize money of $94,816,730. With all her success in her professional Tennis career, she was ranked 1st in the singles by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

5. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

Name Rafael Nadal Parera
Born 3 June 1986 / Manacor, Mallorca, Spain
  • Carlos Moyá
  • Marc López
  • Gustavo Marcaccio
Career 2001 – Present
Net Worth $220 Million

The winner of 22 Grand Slam Men’s singles titles, Rafael Nadal, made her way to a successful Tennis career by becoming one of the wealthiest players of the time. He is a Spanish professional Tennis player who has won two Olympic gold medals (One in singles and One in Doubles).

Rafael has achieved 92 career titles in singles and 11 in doubles while making US$134,640,719 prize money in his professional sports career. Today, Rafael is ranked the World’s no15 in singles.

6. Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi

Name Andre Kirk Agassi
Born April 29, 1970 / Las Vegas, United States.
  • Emmanuel Agassi
  • Nick Bollettieri
  • Pancho Segura
  • Brad Gilbert
  • Darren Cahill
Career 1986 – 2006
Net Worth $145 Million

Former Tennis player and World’s number 1, Andre Agassi, is officially one of the World’s best and richest tennis players in 2023. He is primarily famous for becoming the Grand Slam champion eight times. Andre’s big breakthrough in career statistics, however, came when he managed a big win in singles at the 1996 Olympics.

Andre turned pro in 1986 and had his name on significant title wins. Besides, he has 60 career titles in singles and 1 in Doubles. Achieving a successful spot career in Tennis, Ande is now living his life with a fortune of $175 Million.

7. Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras

Name Petros “Pete” Sampras 
Born August 12, 1971 / Washington, D.C., U.S.
  • Peter Fischer
  • Joe Brandi
  • Tim Gullikson
  • Vitas Gerulaitis
  • Paul Annacone
  • Tom Gullikson
  • José Higueras
  • Paul Annacone
Career 1988 – 2002
Net Worth $150 Million

Former no1 Tennis player Pete Sampras, known as one of the World’s greatest Tennis players of all time, is also one of the wealthiest players in the World. Pete has made his name in the World of Tennis from California, United States, with his unmatched skills and dedication, becoming a crowd favourite. Besides, he has won several titles, including six-time ATP Player of the Year.

Pete turned pro in 1988, and ever since he has been a part of many big matches and ended up winning some of those.

8. Andy Murray

Andy Murray

Name Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE
Born 15 May 1987 /Glasgow, Scotland
Coach Ivan Lendl
Career 2005 – present
Net Worth $165 Million

The British Tennis Player Andy Murray ranks 8th on this list with a total net worth of $ 100 million. He has also been ranked World’s No. 1 by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) for about 41 straight weeks. With his success in tennis, he became one of the active and most skilled players in 2023.

Andy became a pro in 2005 and has won multiple titles, including three Grand Slam singles titles. Today, he has achieved 46 career titles in singles and three in Doubles, earning prize money of USD $63,610,207. Besides, Murray has also participated in three Olympics and has won two prestigious Olympic gold medals.

9. John McEnroe

John McEnroe

Name John Patrick McEnroe Jr.
Born February 16, 1959 /Wiesbaden, West Germany
Coach Antonio Palafox
Career 1978 – 1994 (Singles) 2006 (Doubles)
Net Worth $100 Million

John McEnroe, one of the most skilled Tennis players, was famous for his shot-making and volleying skills. Overlooking his infamous rivalries with Björn Borg and Jimmy Connors, John is still the only player to ever hold the rank of World No 1 in both Singles and Doubles simultaneously.

John turned pro in 1978 and ended his career in 1994(Singles) and 2006 (Doubles) after winning 77 singles and 78 Doubles career titles. Today, John McEnroe is among the World’s richest tennis players, with over a hundred million net worth.

10. Venus Williams

Venus Williams

Name Venus Ebony Starr Williams
Born June 17, 1980 /California, United States.
  • Richard Williams
  • Oracene Price
  • David Witt
  • Eric Hechtman
Career 1994 – present
Net Worth $95 Million

Coming at 10, we have Venus Williams, who comes in as one of the greatest female Tennis players in the World in 2023. She is also a former World No.1 position holder in both Singles and Doubles. With her fundamental skills with a Tennis bat, she has managed to win seven Grand Slam singles titles.

Venus Williams turned pro in 1994 and continued to win 49 Career titles in Singles and 22 in Doubles. Besides, she has won four Olympic gold medals (Three in Doubles and one in Singles).

As of today, her net worth stands at over $95 million, and she will live as one of the World’s richest Tennis players in the World in 2023.


Ultimately, we have some of the most skilled and best professional players in our Top 10 Richest Tennis Players In The World 2023. Some are still active in their profession, and some are not.

However, they still managed to become the wealthiest in the World in 2023. But, hey! You can always share your personal opinion on World’s richest tennis player in 2023 with us and let us know the players we missed including in this list.

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