Roger Federer at Laver Cup 2021
Photo: CNBC

Roger Federer is one of the biggest stars of tennis. Among the Big 3, he was the first one to be recognized as the king. He has gone through a lot in his life.

He won twenty grand slams and enlightened the name of his country. Federer playing style on the field is very unique. He can control the game like no one else can ever think of. His behavior and passion for tennis made him the biggest celebrity of tennis. He knows how to create magic in the court.

Recently, Federer came to watch the Laver Cup 2021 as a spectator. And damn, it was the moment when everyone stands up for him and praised him. It was such a big event for all the tennis lovers. That was the moment when Laver Cup 2021 just reached another level.

Roger Federer once was the biggest weapon of Team Europe in the Laver Cup. His presence in court puts the fear of loss in the heart of opponents. He fought the first three auditions of the Laver Cup with team Europe. With the help of Federer and the other greatest players of Europe, they won all three tournaments against team world.

In the past three tournaments, Federer took them to a new level. Fans were really upset when they find out he won to join in the Laver Cup 2021. But his appearance on an opening day surely reduces that sorrow of his fans.

Federer came here to support team Europe. When he was asked if Laver Cup tournaments are important? He says, “To me, legacy is really important, that we remember it in tennis because we have a really rich history. We could do something for the legacy of the game and incorporate all the young ones coming through and learn from the best like John and Bjorn, having rivals become teammates. The first three editions have been wonderful.”

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When will Roger Federer return to tennis?

Everyone wants to know when Federer will going to pick up his racket and rule the courts. Fans are waiting for him for a long time now. People are very much concerned about his career and health too. Cause Federer surely didn’t look fit in the Boston.

Anyone can tell that he is going through a lot of problems and issues in his life. But most of his problem is about his health issue. He ensures his fans that he will return on the courts and also his doctors say, soon he will be able to play again.

Federer, the last play in Wimbledon grand slam were lost against Hubert Hurkacz in July 2021. Since then he is out of public life. He was taking a long time to recover himself.

In the last month, he did knee surgery. Which is taking time to recover. So, nothing is yet sure when he will return to the game fulfill. As he came in front of the camera after a long time, so there may be some kinda announcement we will hear.


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