How to Watch French Open in Spain for Free 

Are you anticipating the French Open 2023 as a tennis enthusiast? Do you have a desire to watch French Open in Spain without any charge? Then, you have landed at the right spot!

This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the forthcoming French Open, such as its schedule and location, leading players, prize pool, and a step-by-step guide to watching it free of cost in Spain.

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On France TV in Spain, you may watch the French Open 2023 live events without charge. However, RTBF will also offer free streaming of the competition. But France TV is significantly faster and doesn’t have to buffer. Due to geo-restrictions on the service outside of France, you will need to use ExpressVPN service in order to stream the French Open 2023.

Watch French Open on France TV in Spain

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When and Where Will the French Open 2023 Take Place?

Roland Garros, popularly called the French Open, holds a remarkable place among the top-notch tennis competitions globally. The 127th version of this championship will commence on Monday, May 22, 2023, and conclude on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

The 2023 French Open will take place in Paris, France at the Stade Roland-Garros, which is a complex of tennis courts located in the city’s 16th arrondissement.

The Stade Roland-Garros, a tennis court complex located in Paris’ 16th arrondissement, is set to host the 2023 French Open. This complex was constructed in 1928 and was named in honor of Roland Garros, a French aviator and tennis player who perished in World War I.

Over the years, the complex has undergone several renovations and expansions, with the most recent taking place from 2018 to 2020. As a result, the stadium now boasts a seating capacity of 15,000, with 20 courts, including three show courts, one of which is the newly-built Philippe-Chatrier court featuring a retractable roof.

French Open 2023 Full Schedule

To stay updated on the latest French Open 2023 schedule, you can refer to the official website for a detailed table of all the matches, dates, and times. With the official schedule, you can plan your viewing schedule and ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the actions.

Day Date Session Start Time* Round
Sun May 28 Day 11:00 AM 1st Round
Mon May 29 Day 11:00 AM 1st Round
Mon May 29 Night 08:30 PM 1st Round
Tue May 30 Day 11:00 AM 1st Round
Tue May 30 Night 08:30 PM 1st Round
Wed May 31 Day 11:00 AM 2nd Round
Wed May 31 Night 08:30 PM 2nd Round
Thu June 1 Day 11:00 AM 2nd Round
Thu June 1 Night 08:30 PM 2nd Round
Fri June 2 Day 11:00 AM 3rd Round
Fri June 2 Night 08:30 PM 3rd Round
Sat June 3 Day 11:00 AM 3rd Round
Sat June 3 Night 08:30 PM 3rd Round
Sun June 4 Day 11:00 AM 4th Round
Sun June 4 Night 08:30 PM 4th Round
Mon June 5 Day 11:00 AM 4th Round
Mon June 5 Night 08:30 PM 4th Round
Tue June 6 Afternoon 12:00 PM Quarterfinals
Tue June 6 Evening 05:00 PM Quarterfinals
Wed June 7 Afternoon 12:00 PM Quarterfinals
Wed June 7 Day 09:00 AM Quarterfinals
Thu June 8 Afternoon 02:00 PM Semifinals
Fri June 9 Afternoon 03:00 PM Semifinals
Sat June 10 Afternoon 03:00 PM Women’s Singles Final, Men’s Doubles Final
Sun June 11 Afternoon 03:00 PM Men’s Singles Final

List of Broadcasters of the French Open 2023 Locally in Spain

In Spain, you can catch the French Open 2023 on Eurosport. The network will have live coverage of the tournament, including the qualifying rounds, as well as highlights and analysis. Eurosport was launched in 1989 and is now available in 75 countries worldwide, broadcasting in 21 different languages.

Eurosport provides live coverage of a wide range of sports, including football, tennis, cycling, motorsports, winter sports, and athletics, as well as other niche sports such as snooker, volleyball, and handball.

In addition to its television channels, Eurosport also offers online streaming services, including Eurosport Player, which provides access to live and on-demand content across multiple devices.


Why is it called the French Open?

The French Open was named after Roland Garros, a French aviator, and hero of World War I. The tournament, initially limited to French players, was inaugurated in 1891.

Who has the most titles?

Rafael Nadal has the highest record of men’s singles French Open titles with fourteen. Chris Evert has the highest record of women’s singles French Open titles with seven.

Roy Emerson has the most doubles titles with six and Martina Navratilova has the most for women with seven.

Why is it named Roland Garros?

Two years later, French tennis players defeated the United States in the Davis Cup, for the first time in history. As a memorial of this win, France decided to build a tennis stadium and in 1928 the stadium was completed and the authorities decided to name it after their war hero, Roland Garros.

Why is Roland Garros played on clay?

Clay courts remain popular in continental Europe and South America which has been true since clay courts gained prominence in the mid-1920s—especially with the opening of Stade Roland Garros in Paris. Play on clay is slower, allowing the opposing player more time to react.

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