Who is Sebastian Baez’s Coach Right Now

Sebastian Baez is the latest Argentine tennis male player making waves in the professional circuit. The young Argentine was born on the 28th of December, 2000, in his hometown, Buenos Aires, and became a pro at 18. Since then, he has proven to be a star to watch.

The 22-year-old is currently ranked the World number 36 in the Singles ATP category with one (2) ATP title. In the Doubles category, he is currently ranked at 1261 with no ATP title.

He has attained a career-highest ranking of 31st and 514 in the Singles and Doubles categories, respectively.

Who Is Sebastian Baez’s Coach in 2023?

Sebastian Gutierrez



The current coach of Sebastian Baez is Sebastian Gutierrez. You may think Gutierrez is a father to Baez, but you are absolutely wrong.

However, Baez considers his long-time coach, Gutierrez, as a father figure, having been with him since 2015.

Gutierrez was responsible for fine-tuning Baez into a top player by reshaping some important aspects of the Argentine’s game, such as feeding habits and playing style. Due to his huge influence, Baez could only say the following about him;

“In tennis, it’s difficult to find a good person and a great professional as a coach. I am very proud to have hired and had him in my life. I hope to have more time with him and, why not, finish my career with him”

Gutierrez himself is a young coach but with loads of experience. But there is little record of his professional career as a tennis player and coach.

Furthermore, Gutierrez was quick to point out a name during an interview to have been of great help to him and Baez. He stated,

“I like to mention the people that help us with advice. Juan Martin del Potro is always an important person for us now. Del Potro calls, asks questions, and shows interest.

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That’s also really good for these guys. That the big names guide you and give you pieces of advice, because normally nobody says anything. You can’t imagine how much it helps your self-esteem.

He opens his eyes and has the peace of mind that he is on the right path. It’s also much more natural than you might think. Sometimes you overestimate situations, and then you come here, play with your peers, and see that they’re not so different from you.

Having someone like Delpo, who he can consult, who asks questions and says ‘Che, you’re going to go to the Next Gen’ allows Seba to feel appreciated.”

Juan Martin del Potro is an ex-Argentine professional tennis player and a former world number 3. The 6ft 6” tennis player won a total of 22 Singles career titles and 1 Doubles title. Baez considers him his mentor and looks forward to achieving a similar feat in his career.

So far, Gutierrez has guided Baez to the number 1 spot as a Junior player in 2018 and 4 ATP finals, out of which he won one (2) at the 2022 Estoril Open and 2023 Cordoba Open.

Previous Coaches Of Sebastian Baez

Sebastian Baez has not been coached by any other person in his record except Gutierrez. However, he was said to have been mentored by Juan Martin del Potro, who still keeps in touch with him.

He also served as a hitting partner during the 2018 Nitto ATP Finals in London, where he claimed to have gotten a lot of experience.

International Achievements: Sebastian Baez

Baez is yet to represent his country, Argentina, at the senior level but won a gold medal for the nation at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics alongside Diaz Acosta in the Doubles event.

He also reached the final of Roland Garros Boys’ Singles in the same year.

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However, considering his talent and skills, it should not be long before he makes his debut for Argentina at international tennis tournaments.

Sebastian Baez’s achievements with different coaches

We have collected in the table the data about the trophies won by Sebastian Baez under the guidance of various coaches.

Coaches Years of Completion Titles
Sebastian Gutierrez 2015 – till date 2018 Summer Youth Olympics (Gold Medal) alongside Diaz Acosta , 2022 Estoril Open, 2023 Cordoba Open


Sebastian Baez has been with just a coach throughout his career and has hinted at the possibility of ending his career with the same coach since both of them have developed quite a strong relationship.

With the skills and talent of the young man, he can easily surpass the achievements of legendary Argentine players, one of which is his mentor.

His coach, Gutierrez, also focuses a lot on him and makes sure he performs at his best almost all the time, which has helped Baez break into the top 50 at such a young age.

However, he still got a lot to offer, and we look forward to seeing the best from him.

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