Shelby Rogers
Photo: CNN

The American popular tennis star Shelby Rogers knows this social media abusing. She had faced this kinda issue in the past. And recently she is very much afraid cause she believes that she will have to deal with that threat once again.

Social media is one of the most significant things in our life at present. We use many kinds of social media services daily and this site is now completely mixed up with our life. There are not a single people in here who is not involved with social media. It’s the new world. People are more connected in online life than in real life with each other. It brings us many good things, no doubt on that but in many cases, this media made the case worst than ever.

Especially for famous people, social media could be a dangerous place. Cause anyone can say anything to you. And to protect yourself you could do so little.

And this pain, suffering, abusing led people to the horrible act. This kinda abusing discourse people from following their dream.

Rogers became the star of the US Open 2021 overnight when she defeated the number one seed, Ash Barty. Everyone thoughts she has a long run on this grand slum. But things didn’t work out every time as we expect them to happen.

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On the very next match, Rogers lost her game against the English celebrity Emma Raducanu in straight sets. Well, that’s sad news for all the American. But mostly American fans including other countries fans, don’t like to see their favorite player losing. And that’s when cyberbullying takes place.

After losing to Raducanu, Rogers said at the press conference, “Obviously we appreciate the spotlight in those moments, but then you have today and I’m going to have nine million death threats and whatnot. It’s very much polarising, one extreme to the other very quickly.”

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She also added, “Social media can’t control what I’m doing and the way my training is going to go moving forward, but I wish it didn’t exist. It’s really tough.”

Is Shelby Rogers the only one that facing bullying, no, there is more:

Rogers isn’t the only one who is dealing with that threatening issue. Most recently another popular tennis faced the same problem. That was a black tennis star, Sloane Stephens. She was doing well too in the US Open. But Saturday she lost against Angelique Kerber. And then the bullying started to come like a sea wave. She got more than 2000 abusive messages on her Instagram. She said, “This type of hate is so exhausting and never-ending.”

There are lots of other celebrities that face this kinda problem all the time. To prevent this kinda thing we have to be careful. We need to learn how to use social media properly and how to behave correctly on social media. We need to grow awareness, knowledge among the people, we need to teach them how wrong it is to bullying someone on social media. Hope one day we will leave that problem behind.


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