Tennis Grand Slams

The top four major championships are collectively called Tennis Grand Slams. They are also called Calendar Slam. It is the highest achievement level of the sport. These four majors are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. Therefore, players garner the most out of these tournaments.

The US Open pays the highest amount of prize money out of all grand slams. But the other disciplines don’t fall back either. Let us have a look at the detailed list of these high-playing tennis events.

U.S. Open Tennis:

US Open has been the highest-paying grand slam in recent years. The tournament started back in 1877. It is the first among four to pay equally for both male and female players.

The latest incarnation of the US Grand Slam delivered a whopping $57.4 million in prize money. Experts predict that the prize money will exceed $60 million by 2022.

Australian Open:

The Australian Open is the debut grand slam of every calendar year. It began in 1905. Although generally held in January, it was delayed by two weeks in 2021. The grand slam paid a total of over $50 million in the recent iteration.

2021 Australian open sadly reduced the individual prize money compared to the previous year. But the total prize saw a 0.70% increase. In 2022, there will be a total of $75 million in prize money, a 4.5% increase from last year.

French Open:

The French Open is also known as Roland Garros. The major French tennis tournament is the second grand slam of the calendar year. In 2021, the event saw an approximate $5 million reduction, due to covid. But the 2022 iteration promised total prize money of $66.8 million.


The Championships, Wimbledon is better known as Wimbledon among fans. It is the oldest tennis tournament. The 2020 Wimbledon Championship was canceled due to covid. But it returned the next year. There, players saw a 7.8% reduction in the prize pool. As a result, the total price was $45.5 million that year.

The 2022 Wimbledon promised a total of $48.7 million prize pool. It lists a whopping 12.5% increase from last year’s tournament.

Tennis Grand Slam Prize Pool List

Grand Slam compensates every competitor. In other words, if a player makes it to the qualifying, they are compensated with a mediocre sum. The payment only rises in value with each round increment. Here is a list of the payment breakdown of Grand Slam Tournaments

Round U.S. Open Australian Open French Open Wimbledon
Winner $3 million $2.875 million $2.7 million $2.9 million
Runners-up $1.5 million $1.575 million $1.4 million $1.50 million
Semifinalist $800,000 $895,000 $670,000 $725,750
Quarterfinalist $425,000 $538,500 $528,500 $362,875
4th Round $250,000 $328,000 $265,000 $191,598
3rd Round $163,000 $221,000 $155,000 $116,120
2nd Round $100,000 $154,000 $94,000 $72,575
1st Round $61,000 $103,000 $48,800 $43,545
Qualifying Round 3 n/a $53,500 $43,500 $33,410
Qualifying Round 2 n/a $35,500 $22,000 $20,310
Qualifying Round 1 n/a $25,250 $15,000 $11,136

Given recent situations, Grand Slam prize money has been fluctuating. However, experts anticipate a steady rise as things begin to return to normal.  Stay tuned to our site for the most up-to-date information on upcoming tennis events.

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