How to Watch French Open Live Stream in UAE

Renowned worldwide as one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments, the French Open enthralls millions of viewers every year with its exciting matches, intense rivalries, and awe-inspiring exhibitions of skill on the iconic clay courts of Roland Garros.

Even if you happen to be in the UAE, thousands of miles away from the vibrant ambiance of the Parisian stadium, there’s no need to worry! Thanks to technological advancements, it has never been easier to experience every thrilling moment of the French Open live, immersing yourself in the heart of the action right from your screen.

Within this blog, we will explore various methods and platforms that enable you to engage in the mesmerizing world of tennis fully, providing detailed instructions on watching the live stream of the French Open from the UAE.

Whether you are an ardent tennis enthusiast or a casual fan longing for a taste of the Grand Slam excitement, we have you covered.

2023 Roland Garros Event Details

  • Event Name: French Open 2023
  • Winner of Roland Garros 2022: Rafael Nadal
  • Dates: May 28 – June 11, 2023
  • Location: Roland Garros, Paris, France.
  • Prize Money: 2.7 Million USD

French Open Broadcasters’ List For 2023

The list features all the official broadcasters of the French Open 2023.

Country TV Channel
France France TV & EuroSport 1&2
United Kingdom ITV
United States Tennis Channel & NBC
Canada RDS & TSN
Australia Fox Sports
Belgium RTBF
African Countries Super Sports
Middle East beIN Sports
Austria ServusTV
South American Countries ESPN
New Zealand Sky NZ
Asian Countries Fox Sports
India & Subcontinent Neo Sports
Fiji & Pacific Islands Fox Sports

Watch French Open 2023 in UAE on beIN Sports

Tennis enthusiasts in the UAE and across the Middle East can savor the live action of the French Open by tuning in to beIN Sports; as the official broadcaster of the tournament, beIN Sports grants fans exclusive access to witness every exciting match as it unfolds.

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Whether you’re eagerly following your favorite players or captivated by the intense rivalries, beIN Sports is your gateway to experiencing the French Open in real-time, right from the comfort of your home.


Date Start Time Round
Sun 28 May 11:00 AM 1st Round
Mon 29 May 11:00 AM 1st Round
Mon 29 May 9:00 PM 1st Round
Tue 30 May 11:00 AM 1st Round
Tue 30 May 9:00 PM 1st Round
Wed 31 May 11:00 AM 2nd Round
Wed 31 May 9:00 PM 2nd Round
Thu 1 June 11:00 AM 2nd Round
Thu 1 June 9:00 PM 2nd Round
Fri 2 June 11:00 AM 3rd Round
Fri 2 June 9:00 PM 3rd Round
Sat 3 June 11:00 AM 3rd Round
Sat 3 June 9:00 PM 3rd Round
Sun 4 June 11:00 AM 4th Round
Sun 4 June 9:00 PM 4th Round
Mon 5 June 11:00 AM 4th Round
Mon 5 June 9:00 PM 4th Round
Tue 6 June 12:00 PM Quarterfinals
Tue 6 June 5:00 PM Quarterfinals
Wed 7 June 12:00 PM Quarterfinals
Wed 7 June 9:00 PM Quarterfinals
Thu 8 June 2:00 PM Semifinals
Fri 9 June 3:00 PM Semifinals
Sat 10 June 3:00 PM Women’s Singles Final, Men’s Doubles Final
Sun 11 June 3:00 PM Men’s Singles Final


Prepare yourself for the upcoming French Open 2023, set to commence in May, immediately after the Australian Open concludes.

This tournament is renowned for its demanding clay surface, which presents distinctive challenges for the players.

Although Rafael Nadal boasts an impressive record of 14 French Open titles, recent injury concerns have cast doubt on his status as the frontrunner.

After winning the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic is widely favored to shine at the French Open.

Keep an eye out for the emerging talent of Carlos Alcaraz, who was absent from the Australian Open due to injury but is anticipated to impact the clay courts significantly.

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The French Open is a must-watch event for tennis enthusiasts, with various thrilling matches on the horizon.


Who are the favorites for the French Open men’s title?

Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alvarez are the favorites to win the men’s French Open.

Who won the title of the French Open 2022?

Rafael Nadal secured the men’s title at the 2022 French Open, whereas Iga Swiatek won the women’s French Open title.

When is the French Open scheduled to take place?

The French Open is scheduled from Sunday, May 28, to Sunday, June 11.

Where will the French Open tournament be held?

The French Open will be held at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France.

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