Naomi Osaka
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Naomi Osaka is one of the renounce players of Japan. She is not only a four-time grand slam champion but also a gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympics. Consequently, her ostentatious playing ability makes her unique in the field of tennis.

Naomi Osaka Won’t stand for Wimbledon this summer, regarding taking personal time with friends and family according to a statement released by her agent Thursday afternoon. It will be the second straight Grand Slam that Osaka won’t fully contest,  after winning her first-round match amid a controversy over her decision to take a short break from tennis as a means of safeguarding her mental health.

In the short term, Osaka is paying a price in terms of missed competitive opportunities by taking herself out of two of the seasons. Many athlete-activists say that in prioritizing her mental health and being unafraid to address it publicly. Osaka announced an important conversation about the emotional and psychological challenges among high-profile athletes that are often overlooked, downplayed, or sublimated.

Although she managed high-profile athletes such as Steph Curry and Lisa Leslie, and criticism from others, who characterized her as an entitled millionaire shirking her contractual responsibilities. After she followed through and skipped the mandatory news conference that followed her first-round victory, French Open officials, joined by the heads of the sport’s three other Grand Slams, fined her $15,000.

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The next day, Osaka announced she was withdrawing, saying she didn’t want to be a further distraction to the event. In a lengthy statement, Osaka disclosed she had been battling “long bouts of depression” since her skip in September 2018.

Naomi Osaka’s return to the WTA tour is set:

According to her announcement she will play in the National Bank Open in Montreal in August, event organizers announced on Wednesday. Osaka has taken time away from the tour since withdrawing from the French Open and Wimbledon, citing her mental health.

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National Bank Open in Montreal
Photo: Rogers Cup

The Montreal event is scheduled to commence on Aug. 9, directly following the Tokyo Olympics, where Osaka will be representing her home country of Japan. The National Bank Open is a crucial tune-up tournament for the U.S. Open, the season’s last Grand Slam in New York.

This news spread a charm to fans all over the world. As Naomi Osaka is the worldwide no. 2 player.


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