Wimbledon 2022 Prize Money

The 2022 Wimbledon Championship is set to begin on June 27, 2022. The duration will be through July 10, 2022. As the event approaches, prize money has become a hot topic among supporters. This year, the event organizers announced the largest purse in the tournament’s history. This article offers information and a complete breakdown of the prize money for the most important Grand Slam tournament.

Wimbledon 2022 Prize Money Overview

This year’s iteration is the 135th edition of the Championships Wimbledon. Following a two-year pandemic-related disturbance, everything is coming back to normal this year. As a result, the event purse is also having a healthy raise this year. This year, the management revealed the prize money at $48,948,585 or £40,350,000. This is a 15.2% increment over 2021 and a 6.2% increment over 2019 prize money.

The Funding for the Wimbledon Championships

The Wimbledon Championships is held at the All-English Club in Wimbledon, England. The championship generates money from sponsorship deals, advertisement partnerships, tickets, broadcasting rights, merchandise, online distribution, etc. According to a report, the 2007 iteration of the event earned via:

  • Broadcasting Rights: $160 million
  • Sponsorship Deals: $47 million
  • Ticket Sales: $47 million
  • Merchandise: $35 million
  • Total: $289 million

These revenues are then used as prize money, tournament allocation, club maintenance, and other things. If a surplus occurs, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) receives 90% of the extra as an investment in British tennis.

Wimbledon Prize Money Breakdown

Men’s and Women’s Singles

Position Prize Money/Player (GBP) Change in % (vs 2021)
Winner 2,000,000 17.6%
Runners-up 1,050,000 16.7%
Semi-Finalists 535,000 15.1%
Quarter-Finalists 310,000 3.3%
Fourth Round 190,000 5.0%
Third Round 120,000 4.3%
Second Round 78,000 4.0%
First Round 50,000 4.2%

Men’s and Women’s Double (Per Pair)

Position Prize Money/Player (GBP) Change in % (vs 2021)
Winner 540,000 12.5%
Runners-up 270,000 12.5%
Semi-Finalists 165,000 12.5%
Quarter-Finalists 67,000 11.7%
Third Round 33,000 10.0%
Second Round 20,000 5.3%
First Round 12,500 4.2%

Mixed Doubles (Per Pair)

Position Prize Money/Player (GBP) Change in % (vs 2021)
Winner 124,000 24.0%
Runners-up 62,000 24.0%
Semi-Finalists 31,000 24.0%
Quarter-Finalists 16,000 33.3%
Second Round 7,500 25.0%
First Round 3,750 150.0%

Other Events

The usual wheelchair events and qualifiers also see a rise in prize money this year. Gentlemen’s and Ladies Wheelchair Single will pay a total of £160,000. This is a 6.0% increment compared to 2021. While the Double (Per Pair) event will a total of £46,000. This is a 9.5% increase compared to last year.

Final Note

The pandemic made a disturbance to every sport. Especially, management had to cancel the 2020 Wimbledon Championships. Additionally, the prize money in the 2021 event saw a 5.2% reduction compared to 2019. But things have returned to normal since the beginning of 2022. As a result, Wimbledon this year saw a huge bump in prize money. Also, the shift into online platforms has helped raise earnings from broadcasting right distribution.

This year, Wimbledon also decided to decline entries from Russia and Belarus. They listed Russia’s Ukraine invasion as a reason. Which resulted in a revamped point-based ranking system recently. However, the increment in prize money went as planned. This inspired several professional tennis players to participate in the competition.

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