How to Watch Live Sports on BT Sport

BT Sport is the ultimate destination for sports fans in the UK and Ireland – giving exclusive access to world-class football like no other. Whether it’s live action from some of England’s top leagues or events showcased on their channels, such as The Premier League & UEFA Champions League – BT Sport brings you closer to your heroes every game day.

The BT Sport app lets you watch live sports, including football and rugby. Let’s dive in!

How to Watch BT Sport Live Online

You must currently be subscribed to BT Sport to watch BT Sport live. After getting this, you may view the live streaming on the BT Sport website or the BT Sport app, accessible on various gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and smart Televisions. The live feeds only be accessed by logging in with your subscription credentials.

You can also watch if your TV has a suitable device like Sky, Virgin Media, or BT TV. Moreover, certain events could only be shown on television and unavailable online, so you’d need a subscription to watch them on TV.

Sports Channel on BT Sport

  • BT Sports 1
  • BT Sports 2
  • BT Sports 3
  • BT Sports 4

Which Sports Can I Watch on BT Sport?

Get ready to experience the thrill of your favorite sports with BT Sport! From Football and Boxing all the way through to Fishing and Squash – there’s something for everyone. Get into it today – we can’t wait to watch you cheer on your teams live in action on BT Sport Website and BT Sport Live channels!

Football Live Stream on BT Sport

BT Sport is your go-to destination for all the top football leagues and tournaments from around the globe. Plus, you can enjoy exclusive coverage of the UEFA Champions League! Get a subscription plan to access it all – don’t miss out on more matches this season!

Tennis on BT Sport

BT Sport offers a wide range of content coverage regarding live tennis streaming. You can watch live coverage of all four Grand Slams and other tournaments worldwide. It includes the Australian Open, Miami, French, and Wimbledon.


BT Sport has a large and loyal following for rugby. Whether you’re a fan of domestic or international matches, BT Sport offers Premiership Rugby, Pro14, and European Champions Cup games–and more.

Watch Wrestling Live Stream on BT Sport

BT Sport is a live-streaming service for WWE, SmackDown Live, and NXT. It also features exclusive content from All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor.


Unleash your inner MotoGP fan! With BT Sport, you can join millions of worldwide viewers streaming the premier class and get exclusive access to interviews with riders from around the world. Plus, don’t miss out on all races in both Moto2 and Moto3 classes – complete with highlights so you won’t miss a second of high-octane action!

BT Sport Packages

BT Sport Pack offers three different plans for sports enthusiasts. You can choose any plan according to your needs, including a monthly pass that is not subject to contracts.

With your BT Sport package, you have instant access to an array of sports content – anytime and anywhere! Download the award-winning app or hop onto the web player for a world of sporting activities.

BT Sport has a monthly pass, allowing you to watch all five channels live and in HD. If you don’t have BT TV, the BT Sport app lets you stream live matches on your computer or laptop. The following plans are available:

  • Europe’s Elite Club Competition
  • 42 exclusively live Premier League football matches
  • Live Gallagher Premiership Rugby matches
  • All the season’s MotoGP races
  • Live tennis matches from global tournaments

The following plans are offered below.

Big Sport: £21.00 Per Month

The Big Sport package includes all the BT Sports channels and 11 Sky Sports channels. This plan offers live streaming of almost every match, perfect if you are a big fan of different sports.

  • BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport 4
  • All 11 Sky Sports channels with a NOW Sports Membership
  • Sky Sports via the NOW app
  • NOW includes Eurosport 1 and 2

Sport: £8.50 Per Month

This plan gives you access to all BT Sports channels, where you can watch UEFA, Premiere League, UFC, and WWE matches and several other sports. It also provides 300 hours of storage space for recording your favorite sports.

  • BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport 4
  • Recordable TV box with 300 hours of storage space
  • 24 months contract
  • Freeview, & access to AMC

Monthly Pass: £25.00

The BT Sport Monthly Pass lets you watch your favorite Sport without a contract and with maximum flexibility. Whether you’re an occasional sports fan or a dedicated supporter, the Monthly Pass has something for everyone.

  • BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport 4
  • Get access within 15 minutes
  • BT broadband is not required
  • Easy cancellation
  • Two devices at a time
  • Includes BT Sport Ultimate, a dedicated 4K channel

It is possible to bundle the BT Broadband service with the Sky TV BT Sport package.

  • BT Sport on Sky TV + Broadband: £32.49 per month.
  • BT Sport on Sky TV + Fiber 1: £35.99 per month.
  • BT Sport on Sky Tv + Fiber 2: £37.99 per month.

Can I Watch BT Sport on my Mobile?

Yes, you can. With BT Sport, you can watch all the action on your mobile devices! Unlock access to exclusive sports programming by downloading our free Android or iOS app through either Google Play Store or Apple Store. Enjoy anywhere, anytime, with no strings attached.

BT Sport has got you covered! Keep your devices running on iOS 12.0 or higher, Android OS 4.4 (Jelly Bean) and up, plus tablets/laptops – to enjoy live streaming BT Sports from wherever life takes you!

If you watch BT Sport live on the BT Sport App or, you must have a TV license.

BT Sport Availablity

If you’re a BT Sports fan who loves watching Premier League football, your globe-trotting dreams may hit a snag. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the UK due to geo-restrictions, so if you want to catch all the live action while traveling outside Britain, then be sure to plan ahead!

BT Sport Compatible Devices

Several devices can stream live BT Sport. Below is a list of every supported device for watching the live stream of BT Sport.

  • Roku streaming players and TV models
  • Mac & Apple TV 4th gen, and onwards
  • Xbox One, One S & One X Consoles
  • Playstations, & Chromecast 
  • Samsung Smart TVs ( 2015 models and onwards)
  • Android and iOS devices. (iOS 12.0 or later, and Android with minimum OS 4.4)

How to Watch Discovery+ With BT Sport Subscription

It’s simple for BT Sport subscribers to watch discovery+. You must click the BT Sports link, enter your BT ID, and turn on discovery+.

With discovery+ activated, you can watch lifestyle content and sports from Eurosport in the Entertainment+Sports package. Get ready for an exciting adventure of entertainment! Get the latest sports live scores here.


Can I watch BT Sports on two devices at once?

Yes, You can watch BT Sport simultaneously on two devices. To view it in two different rooms while watching it on TV, you’ll need BT TV App Extra or another BT TV Box.

How do I get BT Sport?

Visit the BT Sports website to subscribe to your desired BT Sport bundle.

How can I stream BT Sport live?

With the BT Sport website or the BT Sport app, which is accessible on a variety of gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and smart Televisions, you can stream BT Sport live. To view the live feeds, you must subscribe to BT Sport in good standing.

Is BT Sport live streaming free?

No, to view the live feeds, you must have an active BT Sport membership.

Can I watch BT Sport live streaming on my smart TV?

Yes, you can watch live programming directly on your TV via the BT Sport app, which is available on various smart Televisions.

Are all BT Sport live streams available online?

Certain BT Sport events might only be shown on television. Therefore not all of their live streams are accessible online. The majority of live events, meanwhile, may be seen online via the BT Sport website or app.

Can I watch BT Sport live streaming from outside the UK?

Yes, you can watch BT Sport live streaming from outside the UK. However, as the service is geo-restricted, you will need a current BT Sport membership and a VPN to access the live streams.

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