ELF Football Live Stream

The excitement of football fans all over the world is now on the hype as the European League of Football 2023 is in full swing. Since the inauguration of this season on June 3, football enthusiasts are enjoying the thrilling appearances of their football team on the ground.

Yet, many of us are still in wonder about how to watch ELF Football live stream online & on TV. If you are in that row, here is a quick rundown for you!

You can watch the major coverage of the ELF through the German free-to-air channel ProSieben Maxx and their dedicated streaming platform ran.de. Besides, ESPN+ and Next Level Sports will bring exclusive ELF live streams for the cord-cutting lover in the USA.

Matches can also be watched on ELF Gamepass, Joyn+, StreamAMG, and Sportdeutschland.TV in various Europe countries.

But in case, if you are looking for official broadcasters for this European Football League event, we have a full list for you.

So, look further and read our guide till the end to get all the exclusive information about this event!

Quick Information

Event Name European League of Football
Starting Date June 3, 2023
Final Date September 24, 2023
Venue Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena, Duisburg
Founded  November 4, 2020
Inaugural season 2021
Continent Europe
Number of teams 17

Where to Watch the European League of Football in 2023?

Live Streaming 
  • europeanleague.football
  • ELF Gamepass
  • Joyn+
  • StreamAMG
  • ran.de
  • Sportdeutschland.TV
  • Endeavor Streaming
Without Cable
  • ESPN+
Via VPN 
  • ExpressVPN

How to Watch ELF Without Cable


It is the official website of the European League of Football from where you can able to enjoy the ELF matches thoroughly throughout the seasons. The website is so effective that is easily accessible to any of the devices including computers, smartphones, and TV.

With a stable internet connection, you can easily stream the leagues of every round on any of the mentioned devices.

Even along with the match streaming, the website will be available with highlights, replays, features, and much more exclusive content for you on demand. The most amazing part is you don’t need to go through any subscription process to access the content.

Just navigate to the website while the ongoing season and tap on the Live option and enjoy streaming!

ELF Gamepass

ELF Gamepass is like an international game pass to access the ELF games without any distractions. No matter, which country you’re watching from, just navigate to this Gamepass and stream ELF matches on your digital devices.


Despite the above long list, let’s know more about another effective streaming platform Joyn+ to watch ELF online throughout the season. It is a subscription-based streaming service that may cost you up to EUR 6.99 per month and you can cancel it at any time as your preference.

JoynPlus is always in the top row among Germans for disclosing all exclusive films and series and ad-free entertainment content according to the users’ demand. In the case of ELF, you can completely rely on this service to enjoy hassle-free streaming on your digital devices.


You can enjoy the European League of Football matches with the most popular streaming platform StreamAMG. Even the European League of Football has secured a streaming partnership with this OTT agency for all the seasons.

StreamAMG is always on the top row producing 30 million hours plus live events of the football league for its customer.

Consequently, this agency has signed up a contract with Novel Media, ELF’s web design and development partner to explore the complete competition to the worldwide football fans via OTT technology.

As per the agreement, it will ensure the live match and on-demand content during the inaugural season of the ELF from June to September.


Football fans in Germany can grab 360-degree coverage of the ELF on ran.de, the on-demand streaming platform of ProSieben MAXX. Note that, you can watch ELF streams on Saturday and Sunday.

The amazing part is it isn’t limited to the match streaming only. The website will be exclusively available with the analysis, highlights, features, and many other exclusive contents from the event.

Even along with the streaming website, you can enjoy the ELF matches on the Ran apps as well if you want. To do so, just launch the application on your preferred devices from the Google play store and App Store.


You can enjoy the ELF matches throughout the season with the most popular streaming platform Sportdeutschland.TV. It will let you access the game pass of the ELF by which you can grab the live matches.

You will even find team passes in this streaming service at 49.99 euros, on which you can:

  • Unlock All Content
  • Live Games in HD
  • Options to choose the language feeds
  • Every On-Demand Game
  • Team-specific On-Demand Content

Endeavor Streaming

For the first time, football fans across the globe can watch multiple games of the ELF on the Endeavor Streaming platform. Endeavor Streaming is highly known for distributing premium video and monetization for live and on-demand content across sports, entertainment, and so on.

This season, Endeavor Streaming has come to an agreement with the ELF to lead its digital journey to the next step.  Also as per the contract, it will be available throughout the season from where the audiences across the region will get an unparalleled experience while enjoying the ELF matches via this service.


If you are in the United States and looking for the best way to stream ELF games without the hassling of a cable subscription, ESPN+ is here for you. It is regarded as one of the primary broadcasters of the League from where the matches will continue to air live.

But as it is a subscription-based OTT service, thus first make sure you have a premium account to access the content. For instance, you can expect to pay up to  $9.99 per month.

Which TV Channel is Broadcasting ELF Football Live?




Pulse 24

ProSieben Maxx


More Than Sports TV


Join Plus+

Poland Polsat Sport
Spain Esport3
Turkey S Sport
United States Next Level Sports







Eleven Sport
China iQIYI
Poland Polsat Sport
Slovakia O2TV Sport


You can enjoy the ELF Football matches through its exclusive free-to-air broadcaster ProSieben. ProSieben is the most popular German free-to-air television network that is owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Media. It is the second-largest privately owned television company in Germany and always being in the top row for covering exclusive sports coverage worldwide.

Consequently, ProSiebenSat.1 Media is the league’s main broadcasting partner and holding the broadcasting deals for up to 2026. Thus if you’re in Germany, just navigate to this free-to-air TV chance on your television and start enjoying the ultimate ELF streaming.

ProSieben Maxx

Besides the ProSieben, you will get exclusive ELF coverage in the ProSieben Maxx as well. If you’re in Germany, certainly the channel is enough known to you. ProSieben Maxx is another free-to-air television network from ProSiebenSat.1.

As the broadcasting deal of the ProSiebenSat.1 with the European League of Football, you can enjoy the ELF 2023 with this television network. Note that, ProSieben Maxx is going to broadcast two games live every Sunday including all the playoffs.

More Than Sports TV

You can head to More Than Sports TV  to enjoy the ELF season thoroughly. It is the most well-known German television channel .which mainly specializes to broadcast the European League of Football since its inaugural.

Unlike other seasons, it is going to telecast one game live a week, including several matches per week for the German ELF fans.

Pulse 24

Pulse 24 will come up bringing major coverage of the ELF for fans living in Austria. It is the terrestrial television channel in Austria that brings 24 hours of news, live events, pop-up breaking news, and many more. It has acquired the broadcasting right for the ELF 2021 and as per the agreement, it will be available for this season as well.

Polsat Sport

If you are watching from Poland, Polsat Sport is effective for you to enjoy the ELF from this region, Polsat Sport is the high-definition HD sports channel of Poland that is owned by Polsat.

This is the most popular sports TV channel in this region that is even available in the application as well. If you desire, you can launch the app from the Google Play Store or App Store as well on your digital device.


Esport3 is one of the best platforms to enjoy each of the matches of the European football league for the Spanish people. It is the sports-dedicated channel in Spain that is always in the top choice row for delivering sporting events, entertaining video content, and many more during prime time on Mondays to Fridays and all weekends.

Since 2021, it is broadcasting the ELF match throughout Spain in the Catalan language.

S Sport

If you are hunting for a reliable way to stream the ELF staying from Tukey, S Sport is the best option for you. It is the most popular sports focus and live streaming broadcasting channel in Turkey that is owned and operated by Saran Holding.

Throughout the ELF season from June to September, it will come up with the exclusive coverage of this sports event.

Next Level Sports

Football fans all over the United States can enjoy the ELF from the well-known sports-oriented cable and satellite television channel Next Level Sports. It is a highly popular American broadcaster that is always in the hype for producing innovative content and broadcasting live sports and entertainment.

Consequently while ongoing the ELF season, you can navigate to this channel to enjoy the ultimate live streaming from the ELF event.

Eleven Sport

Eleven Sport is the only reliable platform to enjoy ELF in Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.  It is the most well-known multinational sports and entertainment media group. owned by DAZN Group.

Since 2022, it has acquired the broadcasting rights of the ELF matches for football fans globally. As per the agreement, it allows the fans to watch sports content for free or pay-per-view.

Anyway, unlike the previous season, it will telecast the whole 75 games of the Elf season via its global OTT platform elevensports.com.  So just head to this streaming website and enjoy the ELF on any of your preferred digital devices.

How to Watch the European League Of Football Outside the USA?

As mentioned above, ESPN+ is one of the best streaming platforms to watch the ELF from the United States. But the problem is all this OTT streaming service is geo-restricted and due to geographical restrictions imposed by the platform, the content is only available within the region.

But no worry! We’ve a solution for you. With an effective VPN, you can easily bypass the restriction that allows you to access the program of ESPN+ from wherever you are!

So, without any more delay, let’s explain how you will catch all the European League of Football actions outside of the USA using  VPN:

Step #1: Sign Up For A VPN Service

As for the first step, you’ll need to sign up for a VPN service. There are lots of premium VPN providers available in the online market having different features and price ranges. Choosing the best one might seem headache for you.

Here we are recommending ExpressVPN to choose from as it is one of the top ones among the premium VPNs row.

Go through the below list to learn about this VPN service, with all details and pricing:

Plans Monthly Rate Total Price Details
1-month Plan $12.95 $12.95 3,000+ servers in over 94 different countries.

30-day money-back guarantee.

5 simultaneous VPN connections.

24/7 customer support.

Risk-free streaming service.

Private DNS & strong security features.

Ultra-fast speed for football matches.

6-month Plan $9.99 $59.95
12-month Plan $8.32 $99.95

Step #2: Download & Install The App

After completing the subscription, it’s time to launch the app on your digital device. Head to the Google Play Store or App Store and install the app. When done, open it and sign in with your premium account.

Step #3: Navigate To ESPN+ Streaming

Now at this stage, head to ESPN+ and sign in with your credentials to enjoy ELF on this OTT streaming platform.

ELF Schedule For 2023

Week 1 (3. /4. June 2023)

  • Paris Saints at Cologne Centurions (Sa.)
  • Hamburg Sea Devils at Panthers Wrocław (Sa.)
  • Helvetic Guards at Barcelona Dragons (Sa.)
  • Berlin Thunder at Fehérvár Enthroners (Sa.)
  • Raiders Tirol at Munich Ravens (Su.)
  • Leipzig Kings at Prague Lions (Su.)
  • Frankfurt Galaxy at Rhein Fire (Su.)

Week 2 (10. /11. June 2023)

  • Barcelona Dragons at Milano Seamen (Sa.)
  • Stuttgart Surge at Paris Saints (Sa.)
  • Cologne Centurions at Prague Lions (Sa.)
  • Frankfurt Galaxy at Fehérvár Enthroners (Sa.)
  • Panthers Wrocław at Leipzig Kings (Su.)
  • Vienna Vikings at Berlin Thunder (Su.)
  • Rhein Fire at Hamburg Sea Devils (Su.)
  • Raiders Tirol at Helvetic Guards (Su.)

Week 3 (17. /18. June 2023)

  • Fehérvár Enthroners at Leipzig Kings (Sa.)
  • Hamburg Sea Devils at Cologne Centurions (Sa.)
  • Prague Lions at Vienna Vikings (Sa.)
  • Barcelona Dragons at Raiders Tirol (Sa.)
  • Panthers Wrocław at Berlin Thunder (Su.)
  • Milano Seamen at Stuttgart Surge (Su.)
  • Paris Saints at Rhein Fire (Su.)
  • Munich Ravens at Helvetic Guards (Su.)

Week 4 (24. /25. June 2023)

  • Paris Saints at Frankfurt Galaxy (Sa.)
  • Munich Ravens at Barcelona Dragons (Sa.)
  • Fehérvár Enthroners at Panthers Wrocław (Sa.)
  • Leipzig Kings at Vienna Vikings (Sa.)
  • Berlin Thunder at Hamburg Sea Devils (Su.)
  • Raiders Tirol at Stuttgart Surge (Su.)
  • Rhein Fire at Cologne Centurions (Su.)
  • Helvetic Guards at Milano Seamen (Su.)

Week 5 (1. /2. July 2023)

  • Hamburg Sea Devils at Paris Saints (Sa.)
  • Helvetic Guards at Rhein Fire (Sa.)
  • Cologne Centurions at Frankfurt Galaxy (Sa.)
  • Vienna Vikings at Fehérvár Enthroners (Su.)
  • Berlin Thunder at Leipzig Kings (Su.)
  • Stuttgart Surge at Munich Ravens (Su.)
  • Prague Lions at Panthers Wrocław (Su.)
  • Milano Seamen at Raiders Tirol (Su.)

Week 6 (8. /9. July 2023)

  • Frankfurt Galaxy at Milano Seamen (Sa.)
  • Prague Lions at Leipzig Kings (Sa.)
  • Barcelona Dragons at Helvetic Guards (Su.)
  • Fehérvár Enthroners at Berlin Thunder (Su.)
  • Panthers Wrocław at Hamburg Sea Devils (Su.)
  • Vienna Vikings at Raiders Tirol (Su.)
  • Paris Saints at Stuttgart Surge (Su.)
  • Munich Ravens at Rhein Fire (Su.)

Week 7 (15. /16. July 2023)

  • Panthers Wrocław at Vienna Vikings (Sa.)
  • Raiders Tirol at Barcelona Dragons (Sa.)
  • Leipzig Kings at Cologne Centurions (Sa.)
  • Hamburg Sea Devils at Frankfurt Galaxy (Su.)
  • Berlin Thunder at Prague Lions (Su.)
  • Stuttgart Surge at Helvetic Guards (Su.)
  • Rhein Fire at Paris Saints (Su.)
  • Milano Seamen at Munich Ravens (Su.)

Week 8 (22. /23. July 2023)

  • Berlin Thunder at Vienna Vikings (Sa.)
  • Munich Ravens at Raiders Tirol (Sa.)
  • Leipzig Kings at Panthers Wrocław (Su.)
  • Barcelona Dragons at Stuttgart Surge (Su.)
  • Frankfurt Galaxy at Paris Saints (Su.)
  • Prague Lions at Fehérvár Enthroners (Su.)
  • Cologne Centurions at Rhein Fire (Su.)
  • Milano Seamen at Helvetic Guards (Su.)

Week 9 (29. /30. July 2023)

  • Panthers Wrocław at Prague Lions (Sa.)
  • Stuttgart Surge at Milano Seamen (Sa.)
  • Paris Saints at Barcelona Dragons (Sa.)
  • Vienna Vikings at Leipzig Kings (Su.)
  • Helvetic Guards at Munich Ravens (Su.)
  • Cologne Centurions at Hamburg Sea Devils (Su.)
  • Fehérvár Enthroners at Frankfurt Galaxy (Su.)

Week 11 (12. /13. August 2023)

  • Helvetic Guards at Raiders Tirol (Sa.)
  • Milano Seamen at Barcelona Dragons (Sa.)
  • Leipzig Kings at Fehérvár Enthroners (Sa.)
  • Frankfurt Galaxy at Cologne Centurions (Sa.)
  • Munich Ravens at Stuttgart Surge (Su.)
  • Hamburg Sea Devils at Rhein Fire (Su.)
  • Prague Lions at Berlin Thunder (Su.)
  • Vienna Vikings at Panthers Wrocław (Su.)

Week 12 (19. /20. August 2023)

  • Cologne Centurions at Leipzig Kings (Sa.)
  • Fehérvár Enthroners at Prague Lions (Sa.)
  • Raiders Tirol at Vienna Vikings (Sa.)
  • Stuttgart Surge at Barcelona Dragons (Sa.)
  • Paris Saints at Hamburg Sea Devils (Su.)
  • Rhein Fire at Munich Ravens (Su.)
  • Berlin Thunder at Panthers Wrocław (Su.)
  • Milano Seamen at Frankfurt Galaxy (Su.)

Week 13 (26. /27. August 2023)

  • Stuttgart Surge at Raiders Tirol (Sa.)
  • Munich Ravens at Milano Seamen (Sa.)
  • Fehérvár Enthroners at Vienna Vikings (Sa.)
  • Barcelona Dragons at Paris Saints (Sa.)
  • Frankfurt Galaxy at Hamburg Sea Devils (Su.)
  • Leipzig Kings at Berlin Thunder (Su.)
  • Prague Lions at Cologne Centurions (Su.)
  • Rhein Fire at Helvetic Guards (Su.)

Week 14 (2. /3. September 2023)

  • Cologne Centurions at Paris Saints (Sa.)
  • Raiders Tirol at Milano Seamen (Sa.)
  • Rhein Fire at Frankfurt Galaxy (Su.)
  • Helvetic Guards at Stuttgart Surge (Su.)
  • Barcelona Dragons at Munich Ravens (Su.)
  • Hamburg Sea Devils at Berlin Thunder (Su.)
  • Vienna Vikings at Prague Lions (Su.)
  • Panthers Wrocław at Fehérvár Enthroners (Su.)


When European League of Football 2023 is going to start and end?

The European League of Football 2023 is scheduled to start on June 3, 2023, that will be continued on September 24, 2023. About 17 teams are going to participate this season, which of them will play 12 games during the regular season.

What is the European League of Football?

European League of Football is the professional football league of America that was officially created in November 2020. It is Europe continent-based sport event whose headquarter is in Hamburg, Germany. The league consists of 17 teams which are planning to expand to 24 teams in 2025.

Who Won the European League of Football Season 2021?

 Frankfurt Galaxy has crowned the championship in the inaugural season of the ELF 2021. On the other hand, in the second season of ELF 2022, Vienna Vikings won the ELF title following their 27-15 victory over the Hamburg Sea Devils.

In Closing

Well! That’s all here for you how to watch ELF football live stream online and on TV. Undoubtedly, the European League of Football is the most exciting league in the counting across the world.

Thus there should not be a single chance to miss a match moment while ongoing the season. Thinking this major fact, we’ve well decorated our comprehensive guide highlighting all the possible ways to catch the ELF match according to your preference.

Hope that! We’d reach out to you with all the information that you need to rectify your queries! Thank you!

Rashedul Islam has a tremendous expertise on sports media, TV channels, and Live Streaming Services. He is not gonna let you miss any sports event around the world.