How to watch Man City vs Inter Milan in the UK

The UEFA Champions League 2022-23 final is knocking at the door. In this iconic game, Manchester City will face Inter Milan. Man City has the chance to win a historic treble. The Citizens reached the final defeating Europe giant Real Madrid 5-1 on aggregate while Inter Milan beat AC Milan 3-0 on aggregate.

The historic City Istanbul of Turkey is the host of this UEFA Champions League 2022-23 final game. This game will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2023. Ataturk Olympic Stadium of Istanbul is now ready for this epic final with a capacity of approximately 75,000 supporters at 8:00 PM BST.

In this article, you will know how to watch Man City vs Inter Milan in the UK on TV, Live stream, and for free. You can watch Man City vs Inter Milan on BT Sport in the UK. The live coverage will start at 8:00 pm BST.

How Can I watch Man City vs Inter Milan in the UK?

The high-voltage Champions League final game will be broadcasted on BT Sport 1 HD in the UK and in BT Sport Ultimate. To enjoy the UEFA Champions League final in the UK,

  • Subscribe to BT Sport 1 HD on your cable or satellite plan
  • Choose the BT Sport site/app for live streaming
  • Buy a Subscription to your preferred streaming platform

Fans can also watch the UEFA Champions League Final on TV, Live Stream, and for free.

TV Channel

BT Sport Ultimate and BT Sport 1 HD have the broadcasting rights to broadcast the final game Man City vs Inter Milan in the UK. You can enjoy this iconic final game on TV using those TV Channels belonging to BT Sport.

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Live stream

Crazy football fans of the UK can watch Man City vs Inter Milan Live stream through the BT Sport site/app. You can live stream the action from the BT Sport or YouTube app, both of which are available for download onto your mobile or tablet device. 

Get a BT Sport Subscription

  • Download the BT Sport App on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Choose a BT Sport  subscription plan for Live Stream
  • Access the 3-month Free Trial after a yearly subscription

BT Sport basically offers 3 plans to its subscribers. 10 pounds for a single month. This bundle includes every BT Sport channel, Eurosport, and Discovery+.

43 pounds a month. This bundle includes NOW Sports, all of BT Sport, Eurosport, and Discovery+.

VIP package for 76 pounds for a month. The VIP package includes NOW Entertainment, NOW Cinema, and NOW Sports. You will also get access to BT Sport, Netflix, discovery+, Eurosport, AMC, and free-to-air channels.

How to Watch Man City vs Inter Milan For Free in the UK?

There are many sources for watching the Man City vs Inter Milan final game in the UK for free. The game will be shown for FREE on the BT Sport YouTube channel. Again the free trial of 3 months of BT Sport may utilize for the UEFA Champions League final.

These two sources are available for free to enjoy the final game. Both Youtube and BT Sport apps are available in the Play Store for download on your mobile phone, tablet, and PC.

Again, If you are a BT broadband customer you will get free access to enjoy the final in the BT Sport app or in the BT website.

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