The Ball Hits The Line In Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that many people enjoy playing. It’s easy to learn and has very little equipment needed to play. The game is simple. But as with most sports, there is always the chance for things to go wrong. One of the most common mistakes is when the ball hits the line. What happens if the ball hits the line in volleyball? Let’s find out.

What happens if the ball hits the line in volleyball?

If a volleyball hits the line, it’s considered good. That means it was in play, and your opponent couldn’t touch the ball. You get to keep playing as if nothing happened.

If the ball hits a line and then goes out of bounds, it’s still considered good. This happens when a player hits the ball with their hand or arm or when a player intentionally throws the ball out of bounds. Either way, it counts as a service for your team!

What is line violation volleyball?

Line violations occur when a player crosses the court line during a play. This violates the rules, and players must return to their courtside before continuing play.

There are two types of line violations: accidental and intentional. An accidental line violation occurs when a player’s foot or leg crosses over the line without them intending to do so. A player who accidentally crosses over on purpose is penalized with a warning, then a point for their team if they repeat it in that game.

Intentional line violations occur when a player crosses over deliberately. This is usually to gain an advantage over their opponent by getting closer to them or interfering with their play. Intentional line violations are penalized with a primary point for their opponent’s team and an “unsportsmanlike conduct” penalty. It means they will be disqualified from the match if they commit another one within its duration.

How to avoid line violations?

Avoiding line violations in volleyball is all about following the rules.

Here are some tips to help you avoid line violations:

Check your position before every serve. If you’re about to cross the line, it’s too late! You’ve already broken the rules and should be called for a line violation.

Don’t distract yourself from following the rule by anything happening on the court or around you. The only thing that matters is whether you’re in or out of bounds. So keep your eye on the ball at all times.

Never assume someone else will call your infraction if you step over the line; you have to call it yourself!


The ball can hit the line and still be considered a legal shot. If the ball hits the line and stays in bounds, it’s considered “good” and counts as a point for the team who hit it. And, If it hits out of bounds but then comes back into play before crossing over to the other side, it’s also considered good.

If you are in a situation where you’re worried about whether your shot will be counted as good, remember that there are many different types of shots in volleyball. You might need to practice making different shots to get used to how each one will affect your game!

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