Andres Campos Net Worth

Andres Campos is a professional boxer. His net worth is estimated at around $1 million as of 2023.  Let’s take a look at Andres Campos’s  Net worth, Salary, Earnings,  and more.

Andres Campos’s Biography and Career

Andres Campos was born into a humble family in Chili; he grew up with a passion for boxing inherited from his father. Despite numerous financial challenges and limited resources, he channeled all his energy into honing his skills as a boxer. 

His determination paid off when he caught the attention of some renowned trainers who recognized his talent and potential. With their guidance, Campos trained tirelessly every day until he was ready to take on bigger challenges in the ring.

Campos’s professional career was marked by impressive wins against tough opponents who underestimated him because of his background. 

He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of the most respected boxers in Mexico’s boxing scene thanks to his unmatched speed, technique, power punches, and footwork. 

Moreover, Boxer Andres Campos’s Biography and Career hit new heights when he broke boundaries by competing at international levels against other world-class boxers.

Despite obstacles like injury setbacks along the way, Campos never gave up on himself or lost faith in what had brought him success so far: grit-driven hard work. 

He maintained discipline inside and outside training camps, like dieting, despite alluring temptations around him. He also committed himself to philanthropy projects aimed at giving back to society.

Now regarded as one of Mexico’s greatest boxers ever known, Boxer Andres’ road to success serves as an inspiration not just for aspiring pugilists but for anyone.

Professional Career

It was already clear at that time that he had a natural talent for the sport.

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Campos turned pro in February 2018 after an amateur career of over 60 fights. He holds an impressive record of 27 wins (16 KOs), five losses, and three draws, with his most recent win coming in October 2020 against Jorge Luis Zavala. Throughout his professional career so far, he has fought in many different countries around the world, including Germany, Russia, and Mexico, to name just a few.

The success of Campos’s professional boxing career can be attributed to his dedication and hard work both inside and outside the ring.

Andres Campos’s Net Worth, Salary, and Earning

Andres Campos’s net worth is $1 million, and his salary per year is $300000.

Career Earnings

Andres Campos has earned around $1.5 million from his boxing career.


Andres Campos is a professional boxer and a world champion. He has won many awards in his career, including the WBO Super Featherweight, WBA Lightweight, and WBC Light Welterweight.

Andres Campos is also a multi-world champion as he has held multiple titles simultaneously: The Ring Magazine’s number one lightweight contender (2009) and The Ring Magazine.

Quick Facts

Full Name Andrés Ignacio Campos González
NickName Chilean Crocodile


Born 15 September 1996
Weights Flyweight
Birthplace Santiago, Chile
Nationality Chile
Residence  Chile
Age 26
Height  5 ft 3.5 in (161 cm)
Professional wins 15
Style Orthodox
Net Worth $1 million
Pro Boxing Record 15-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Relationship  Single
Instagram  André Campos (@andrecamposgb


Andres is not married to anyone. He is currently single.


Andres Campos is a 26-year-old welterweight boxer from Chile. 


Andres Campos’s height is 5 feet 3.5 inches, and his weight is 70 kg (154 pounds).

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Fights Record

Campos has fought a total of 15 matches so far, with an impressive win-loss record of 15-. Out of these victories, he won 4 by knockout and seven by decision. His two losses came at the hands of experienced boxers who were able to outplay him in the ring. 

However, this did not deter him as he continued to train harder and fight stronger opponents.

One notable match in his career was against Juan Carlos Salgado, where he won via unanimous decision after ten rounds of intense fighting.


What is Andres Campos’s ethnicity?

Andres Campos is of Hispanic descent. His father was born in Mexico, and his mother in Chile.

What is Andres Campos’s net worth?

His net worth is around $1 million as of 2023.


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