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Dana White is the famed president and co-owner of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), an organization that hosts mixed martial arts (MMA) fights. White has been called the MMA king for his undisputed credibility and international popularity. The man’s biography shows how a little-known game turned into a multi-billion dollar global business.

Childhood and Youth:

Dana Frederick White Jr. was born on July 28, 1969, in Manchester, Connecticut. His father left the family too soon, and his half-Irish mother, Jun, had to raise two children alone. Life was hard for the family. Jun, Dana, and her sister Kelly often moved away to improve the situation. The future millionaire spent his childhood in Las Vegas, Texas, and the small towns of Levant and Harmon, Maine.

White graduated from Harmon School and entered a prestigious college in Boston in 1987. However, the study was not the primary concern: money, recreation, and sports were more important to Dana. He was hired as a nightclub guard and visited the aerobics and boxing departments in the afternoon. The college did not tolerate the student’s absence and expelled White in his second year.

His Career:

To earn his living, the young man worked as a doorman and bartender; At the same time, he was employed in amateur boxing. However, he guessed the chances of success and gave it up. In his interview, he stressed that he is not afraid to fight in the ring, but a person must dedicate their whole life to professional success. White added that he saw men aged 35-37 who got nothing from sports, so he didn’t want to be one of them.

Later, Dana became an aerobics instructor. He realized that the job could not bring him enough money and that combining boxing and aerobics techniques created a complexity of exercise; She began teaching women and adolescents. Many people were interested in participating, and Dana founded her first company. In 1992, he hired and taught several trainers and opened three Dana White Enterprise gyms.

With this source of regular income, White began to conquer the world of big sports. He learned jujutsu and boxing management. The man wanted to be a promoter, but problems started with the financial authorities. The entrepreneur closed his business and moved to Las Vegas.

White found his old school friend Lorenzo Fartitta there. Like his older brother Frank, Lorenzo was a big fan of boxing. White tried to enter the sphere of boxing management, but without money and connection, it was impossible. Thus, the man turned his attention to new, developing sports and began promoting several MMA fighters.

Early in his career, Dana did not hesitate to use all the methods: he organized illegal street fights with no rules. He admits he did terrible things; however, money was money at that time. White believed that ideas about honesty and justice were necessary to get rid of; Otherwise, the business has failed. He has often expressed this idea in his interviews.

Over time, the man has become a recognized figure in the MMA world; the Warriors respected him for his professional qualities. Famous award-winning champion Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, and other athletes were under White’s direction.

They all belong to the UFC, but the organization can hardly be considered a moral propaganda center. The manager did his research and discovered that Semafor Entertainment Group, the founder of UFC, was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Dana advised Lorenzo and Frank Fartitta that they should buy the company at a loss. The brothers had inherited a casino chain from their father at the time. Dana convinces them that MMA will become the future of martial arts. In January 2001, Bob Mearovitz, owner of Semafor Entertainment Group, sold the company; Dana White became the new UFC president.

Dana White’s Net Worth and Salary 2023:

The UFC president has an estimated net worth of $500 million in 2023. His salary is estimated at at least $20 million per year.

Dana White’s net worth of $ 500 million justifies her fancy lifestyle. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC president has a palace full of his name. There are three huge white buildings in the Tourist Hills enclave in Las Vegas. White further hinted that he could buy a house or a condo in Abu Dhabi for business and pleasure.

Dana White has become a household name among fans. The UFC Juggernaut has grown from a bellhop to one of the most aggressive, ruthless, and successful traders globally. If White had not existed, there probably would not have been the UFC that we see now.

Even if it did, the company would not be as successful today. White played a key role in the UFC’s success. White was born in Boston, but he did not stay long. After being threatened by robbers for money, he moved to Las Vegas, where he bought a UFC with the help of the Fertita brothers (Lorenzo Fertita and Frank Fartita). They purchased the company for $2 million and installed White as president.

Under White’s leadership, the company prospered. UFC parent company Pride bought prior FC, WEC, and other promotions such as Strike Force. White owned a 9% stake in the company during the Zuffa era. Eventually, the UFC sold out to Endeavor. However, White is still president, and he now owns a significant portion of the UFC.

In addition to promoting fights and hype fighters, White is a skilled gambler. AFTER WINNING TOO MANY AT A CASINO, the UFC president has even lowered his gambling limits.

Dana White Personal Life:

Dana White is a married man, and he met his wife Ann when they were in eighth grade. Although the millionaire does not like to talk about his personal life, it is known that he has two sons, Dana III and Aidan, and one daughter, Savannah. White rarely engages his wife and children in the public eye.

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