Huda Kattan Net Worth

Huda Kattan, the founder of the cosmetics line Huda Beauty,  is an American social media personality, mostly known as a makeup artist. She has amassed more than 52 million followers on Instagram.

Her net worth is $560 million. Here you can follow Huda Kattan’s net worth, income, biography, age, husband, and more.

About Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan was born on October 2, 1983, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She has 3 siblings. Her parents are immigrants from Iraq. They moved to Cookeville, Tennessee, and then Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

She completed her major in Finance at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. In 2006, she got a job opportunity as a teacher in Dubai. She also studied makeup in Los Angeles.

Huda Kattan Net Worth

Before fame, she started working as a beauty blogger in 2010. She posted makeup and beauty-related posts under the title “Huda Beauty”. After that Huda launched her cosmetics brand “Huda Beauty”.

Her first product was false eyelashes which paved her way to success. Gradually she launched other makeup products. Huda cosmetics is one of the most expensive brands in the world.

This MUA is massively popular on her social media accounts. As of 2023, she has more than 52 million followers on Instagram. She stood #1 on the 2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List.

The 39-year-old has expanded her empire on YouTube and TikTok. She opened her YouTube channel in 2007.

She has more than 4.14 million subscribers on YouTube. Huda created a successful career on TikTok as well. She has garnered more than 8.5 million followers and 178.4 million likes on this platform.

Huda Kattan’s Net Worth and Income

As of 2023, Huda Kattan’s net worth is $560 million. She is the founder of the world-famous makeup brand Huda Beauty. More than 52 million people follow her on Instagram.

The makeup artist’s primary sources of earnings are her businesses and social media presence. She earns a huge amount from brand promotions and sponsorship posts.

Huda Kattan was named one of The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet by Time Magazine in 2017.

According to Forbes, Huda Beauty’s makeup brand sells more than 140 products all across the globe, bringing in more than $200 million in annual sales.

Personal Details

Name Huda Kattan
Profession Makeup Artist, Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth October 2, 1983
Age 39
Height 164 cm (5 ft 4.5 in)
Birthplace Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Residence Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nationality American
Net Worth $560 million
Relationship Status Married
Husband Christopher Goncalo

Social Media Presence

Find Huda Kattan here.

Platform Link
Instagram @hudabeauty
YouTube @Hudabeauty
TikTok @hudabeauty


The founder of Huda Beauty, Kattan is a married lady. The gorgeous 39-year-old’s husband is Christopher Goncalo.

Goncalo is of Colombian heritage. Huda Kattan and Goncalo met in high school. They moved to Dubai in 2006 and got married in 2009. Their first son, Nour Gisele, was born in 2011.


Born on October 2, 1983, she is 39 years old.


She is 164 cm tall.


What is Huda Kattan’s Net Worth in 2023?

In 2023, her net worth will be $560 million.

Who is the founder of Huda Beauty?

Huda Kattan is the founder of the world-famous makeup line Huda Beauty.

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