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Today I will tell you about the inside-out drills of swing, or the info out as it is often called. So, don’t miss the notes if you want to improve your games.

So, what do we mean by inside-out swing? Let me clear that first before I go to the techniques.

Imagine your target line. Now, what is the target line? The target line would be the line where your ball is standing. Imagine a line there. You are deemed to be inside of it. The other side is the outside. So, in the downswing, your club is swinging from the inside, which it definitely should be, and cross the target line out to the outside. This is what it means. But let me tell you one thing: it is good to work on. You can practice on your swing using Visio line-finder.

The golf swing; what could be else we can talk about other than the golf swing? Perhaps the whole body’s motion with the club before the stroke is called a golf swing. So, what is important to us while striking? Yes, you guessed that correctly. The square clubface is beyond crucial for a desired solid distance.

We gather the potential for the stroke during the swing. So that’s important, I must say. You can’t ignore that. Your hand goes halfway back, halfway down; then the club hits that ball. And throughout time, the whole hand works as a unit. And body movement is significant.

How to make sure you are correctly doing the into-out swing and making a good result, or do you want to improve yours? Let’s talk about that.

Hand Slide Drill

If you take your setup, the ball will always be played up in the stance. You may like it opposite that the lead heel for the driver helps you with the attack angle when you are using less loft. The problem with that is it is actually quite difficult to get the trial hand onto the club. Because the handle is to the lead-hand side of your body, we often see it dragging the shoulders when the trail hand goes on. So you get the upper body aligned way left of the target, then we look from the face to get the upper body leaning to the target. Unfortunately, this setup is almost guaranteed to create a downswing shape where the club will come from outside.

So, This is going to be a major issue. Position your feet and ensure the golf ball is nicely off to the lead heel. Hold the club with your lead hand and place it behind the ball. Just bend down a little bit as you always do.

Then keep your trail hand on your thigh. When putting that, your fingers will be a little up there than your knee. So, I want you to slide your hand down until you feel the top of your kneecap. So when you do that, your trail shoulder is a bit lower than your lead shoulder. In that position, grip your club correctly as you feel conformable and consistent. Hold the shoulders in place, and now you can see the whole shoulder is falling in a better alignment. This doesn’t guarantee that you will become a pro striker to be the best like this, but it ensures that you are off to the best possible start.

5 O’Clock Drill

This includes a 5 o’clock drill or an arms drop drill. It’s a very interesting and easy one if you practice. Let me clear up everything.

Let us just visualize you standing in a clock face, and your golf ball is at 12 o clock. So when you go halfway back with your driver, remember that to have the sensation of having your shoulder exactly where they are and then drop your arms. That’s the place you would feel like. It’s 5 o clock, and you hit the ball just to get the club into this position and, from there, feeling as if you turn the body and hit the golf ball directly out to the right of your target. This requires practice, but you will love it once you get it correct.

Lead Shoulder Still

This might look a bit awkward if you are an over-the-top player, but as a beginner, it would be great helpful for you. Here, we are saying about keeping the lead shoulder still in one place and trying to strike with the trial hand to make this happen for you.

At first, position your feet, keeping the ball in place. Hold the club in the head and place the shaft approximately half a foot away from the ball. There come your practicing. Your work is to hold the club head; the club can’t move from the place or your hand with the club head. So grab an 8- iron driver in your trial hand and hit the ball. The ball won’t go a long distance only with the trail hand, but don’t lose your patients. You are just practicing to keep your shoulder not moving.

Side Bend

So side bend will be this movement where you can see how your shoulder is dropping and you are tilting to your right. Now, there are two different ways you can do sideband. You can move your head backward or move your hips forward. Both are creating the same movement. The second demonstration is what we see happening in the golfing or more enforcement of what we would like to see in golf.

So, once you have got your backswing and are happy that you have got enough depth you want, some lateral movement with the lower body towards the target can see how your hips are moving towards the target, yet your head is staying pretty center. That’s adding a side bend.


At the end of the day, what matters is how you can keep your consistency. What looks simple to see can be difficult to do. So, keep practicing and ensure you have enough depth to hit the ball from the inside, and have the clubface open and keep the angle as low as possible.

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