5 Hottest UFC Ring Girls: The Top Octagon Girls Of All Time

Who have been the sexiest UFC ring girls ever? Well, this is a very interesting topic, though.

If you have ever seen or been to a UFC event, you would be kidding to say that your eyes don’t sparkle when you see the UFC ring’s hottest girls. The wonderfully dressed women who walk around the UFC octagon and perform laps in order to keep you guys entertained hold a significant position in the organization.

There have been a lot of women who have achieved unimaginable success and become well-known icons in the UFC. This list honors the hottest UFC ring girls who have made a significant impact on the championship over the time of its history.

Well, for the entertainment fact during the fight, these attractive girls keep the audience, especially men entertained with their seductive movements and keep them busy to not get bored.

Now, in this article, we will see the 5 hottest ring girls of all time, the top octagon girls, and what makes them hot.

List of the attractive octagon girls;

Name Nationality
Arianny Celeste American
Brittney Palmer American
Edith Labelle French-Canadian
Chandella Powell American
Amber Nichole Miller American

1. Arianny Celeste

Arianny Celeste

Full name Arianny Celeste
Occupation Model, Octagon Girl
Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 53kg
Years active 2006 and present
Eye color Light brown
Hair Color Dark brown
Body measurement 38-25-34 inc
Net worth $3.3 million

It is not unfair to say that Arianny Celeste is the Queen of the Ring girl. This title fits her well. Since she began working for the promotions of UFC in 2006 when she was just 34 years old, this woman, who is now regarded as the definition of beauty, has been a member of the UFC.

She looks the hottest with her 38-25-34 inch curved body shape with a standard height of 5ft 5inch and her light brown eyes attract people more towards her.

The fact that Celeste has been a part of some of the most important UFC events has helped to establish her status as an iconic figure both inside and outside of the ring.

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Not to mention the fact that she has been awarded “UFC Ring Girl of the Year” a total of six times, which is more than anybody else in the history of the competition.

Aside from her career in the UFC, she is a very successful model who has appeared on the covers of publications such as Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy. She earned $400000 from her sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Her UFC career has garnered a lot of attention and has over 3 million fans following her Instagram account.

Regarding her romantic life, she is currently in a relationship with the actor and photographer Taylor King but did not get married yet.

2. Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer

Full name Brittney Palmer
Occupation Ring Girl, Actress
Height 5 ft 6 inches
Weight 58 Kg
Body measurements 35-25-35 inches
Eye color Hazel
Hair Color Brunette
Net worth $5 million

Brittney is 32 years old and is a well-known model in the United States. Cancer is her star sign. Palmer is 5 feet 6 inches tall and is the ring girl. She weighs 58 kg. The curve of her body is like an hourglass. She looks even more interesting because she has green eyes and brown hair.

Her beauty does not mean she is without brains. She is a talented dancer, a highly sought-after model, and a skilled artist whose work is on show at top museums in Hong Kong, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Brittney Palmer is not your typical Octagon girl since she is not only a two-time winner of the title “UFC Ring Girl of the Year,” but she is also much more.

Her rise to popularity started in 2012, and today she is widely regarded as one of the most well-known and hottest UFC ring girls of all time in the history of the UFC.

Because of her beauty, she has a lot of fans from all over the world, which is 1.1 million on her Instagram account.

Brittney is a fitness model and beauty queen who has lost her husband. On May 10, 2014, she married Aaron Zalewski, a radio host and business banker.

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In 2010, they are said to have met in a bar. After they started dating, Aaron asked her to marry him while they were on vacation in Melbourne. But now she is enjoying her life by focusing more on her career.

3. Edith Labelle

Edith Labelle

Full name Edith Labelle
Occupation UFC ring girl, model, actress
Height 5 ft 8 inch
Weight 54kg
Eye color Hazel
Hair Color Dark brown
Body measurement Unknown
Net worth $3 million

This soft, beautiful, and sexy Canadian is the first French Ring girl in the UFC’s history. Her first fight was in the UFC 13 years ago.

She has been modeling for over twenty years, and even though she is one of the oldest Octagon girls on this list, her looks still make many people’s hearts beat faster. She has a beautiful, attractive figure with a hazel eye color and dark brownish hair.

Amazingly, she has a height of 5 ft 8 inches with only 54 kg weight! Her killing look has taken many people’s hearts away and fallen for her.

Edith was fired from her job at the UFC recently because of a false report, but she still acts and models. She is also licensed by the government to teach people how to keep their bodies in shape.

However, she has a net worth of $3 million that she earned from her career, and enjoys her life lavishly by traveling around the world. She is also connected to the fashion industry and launched her own swimming costumes.

4. Chandella Powell

Chandella Powell

Full name Chandella Powell
Height 5ft 4 inches
Weight Unknown
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Net worth $16 million

Chandella is not only incredibly seductively hot, but she has a look that can spark a fire of want in anyone’s heart. Oops! I completely forgot to mention that she is also a mother and a married woman. She is the very first African-American woman in the history of the United States to walk the stage as a ring girl for the UFC.

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Around the same time that Natasha Wicks and Logan Stanton lost their jobs, Chandella began working as a ring girl for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She had over two years of experience working for the UFC before she was dismissed from her position there.

Unfortunately, she was fired for the pornography photographs that she took of her hot figure with black eyes and black hair. Her bold figure has set her name in the list of the hottest UFC ring girls.

Though she did not disclose her past, the information was somehow made public.

5. Amber Nichole Miller

Amber Nichole Miller

Full name Amber Nichole Miller
Occupation Ring girl, Model
Height 5ft 8 inches
Weight 65kg
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black
Body measurement 32 inch
Net worth $12 million

Amber is the first woman to work as an octagon girl for the UFC. Even though she is young, this hot blonde is a treat to watch. She first competed in the UFC 18 years ago, and since then she has gained millions of fans on her Instagram account.

Amber quit the UFC 14 years ago and now works in the fashion business with her husband, Tito Ortiz, who also used to fight in the UFC. She also has a passion for the modeling industry.

The overall measurements of Amber Nichole Miller’s body come to 32 inches. And her weight is 65 Kg, her eyes are brown in color and her hair is black. Also, she has a standard height of 5ft 8 inches. Her eye-catching appearance made her one of the most attractive and hottest UFC ring girls.

However, at the age of 40, she has made a $12 million net worth from her career but mostly from her modeling career.


Among many others, these are our 5 hottest UFC octagon girls of all time who have taken over many people’s hearts with their seductive, bold figures. They have successfully achieved millions of fans and millions of net worth due to which they are leading a lavish lifestyle.

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