Stay Safe on the Field with the Best Baseball Elbow Guards

You don’t need to play Baseball without an elbow guard. Come on! If the pitchers throw their balls at 90 mph or more in your direction, one is foolish to remain in the field without any form of protection. So it is absolutely necessary to wear elbow guards during Baseball.

Wearing a baseball elbow guard while playing is mandatory. They can reduce the risk of injury if a player is injured when they fall on their elbows.

There are a lot of items available, but not all of them are worth the investment. Knowing what you are trying to find can help you make a better decision faster.

There are numerous styles and types of elbow guards to choose from, and it is crucial to select the right one for you. Here we’ve reviewed five of the best baseball elbow guards to help you pick the one that best suits your requirements.

The Benefits of Using Baseball Elbow Guard

An elbow guard during Baseball can help protect the hitter’s elbow when the ball is coming at a “wild velocity.” This is commonplace when the ball is thrown at the hitter’s elbow in a mistaken manner. So, if there’s a guard at the elbow area, this can help to reduce the impact on the arm and help the elbow from damage.

Protects the Throwing Arm of Pitchers

It may seem strange when we consider that the elbow guard in Baseball also safeguards the elbows of pitchers.

A switch-hitter player is someone who can play both their right hand and left. But they switch their hands according to the arm being used by the pitcher. If the pitcher throws with the right arm, they use his left hand to be the dominant hand and reverse.

If the person is a switch-hitter or a pitcher who throws using his hands, they have to wear the baseball elbow guard to protect their arm.

Reduces the Impact

Can you imagine how you could accomplish elbow guards? It is simple; it helps lessen the force. Let’s think about this concept in this manner.

When a pitcher is throwing the ball, and the batter is not able to hit the ball by chance, then there is a good chance that the ball will hit an elbow in front of the pitcher as a result of the shift in the pitcher’s position.

So, in this case, it is a good idea to have an elbow guard in place. When the ball is thrown randomly, the guard will absorb a large portion of the energy of the ball and lessen the impact on your elbow.

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

While there is a high possibility that you could get struck by an elbow, it’s extremely rare. It is most likely to hit the elbow in particular. But what happens if there’s an unlucky incident where you are struck with a severe injury to the elbow?

Naturally, it’s not feasible to play Baseball, in particular when you’re injured in your arm. To prevent injuries, batters prefer wearing elbow guards in Baseball.

Features to Consider When Choosing Baseball Elbow Guards

If you’re a pitcher or a catcher, you are aware of how important it is to protect your elbow. A baseball elbow guard can stop injuries and keep you playing the game. Here’s what you should be looking for when buying the elbow guard:


The first thing to consider when choosing a baseball elbow guard is size. If you do not have proper guidelines, the guard could get uncomfortable and not be efficient in the job. Be sure to add additional protection around the elbow when looking at the size.

These sizes are generally classified into 3 categories: junior adult, and teenager. You can measure the circumference of your arm to determine the right size.


The material is what determines how comfortable and long-lasting your guard should be. The pad should be comfortable on your hands and also ensure that you are safe from being injured.

Look for a pad that is simple to maintain and clean. It should also permit the user to move without restriction.

Ease of Movement

Another important aspect to take into consideration when choosing an elbow guard is the comfort of movement.

Naturally, you would like to safeguard your legs, elbows, chest, and knees from injury and bruising; however, you don’t want your protective equipment to hinder the flow of your motion.

Safety gear doesn’t need to be heavy anymore. The advancement in plastic and fabric technology has opened the door for light clothing and security gear that offer the highest level of convenience and flexibility.


Guards are available at a variety of prices based on style and brand. Picking the most affordable guard you find first isn’t advisable, particularly when the quality is deteriorating. Make sure you choose a sturdy material even if it costs the same amount.

Choose the amount you’d like to invest before you start looking for the item.

Color and Design

The guard must go in your sports attire. Apart from being functional, the guard should also be fashionable.

It should be your final choice after material and size. It’s not the primary element to take into account, although some players would like an option that meets their other needs.


Choose an elbow protector which provides protection in crucial areas like the forearm and inner elbow. There are some guards that include straps that are positioned around the bicep and tricep for extra assistance.

What Are the Best Baseball Elbow Guards?

1.EvoShield PRO-SRZ Batter’s Elbow Guard

  • Price: $59.99

EvoShield PRO-SRZ Batter’s Elbow Guard









Product Dimensions

11.18 x 8.15 x 1.61 inches

Package Weight

0.2 Kilograms

Sport Type

‎Baseball, Softball

EvoShield is a household name for baseball players because of the high-end and durable game equipment they produce. The guard is new in an ergonomic design that provides maximum protection.

Dispersion Technology spreads the force over the entire area of the shield, thus minimizing the impact. The customized-molding shield conforms to the body of the user to ensure an ideal fitting.

It is equipped with exclusive gel-to-shell technology that allows the guard to adapt to the hand of the player. It begins by feeling comfortable and flexible when you wear it, but it gets harder after being in the same position for a short period of time.

The elbow guard is made to order and is designed to adjust to the body of the player to ensure the perfect fitting.

EvoShield lets players modify the elbow guards to personalize them. The innovative and recently-engineered design is a winner in all respects. It’s the best choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting piece that can last for many years.


  • Lightweight
  • The elbow guard doesn’t affect your swing
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear


  • Hand-washable only

Why Do I Like This Product?

Excellent fit! When I was playing baseball on a concrete surface, Evoshield pro-srz elbow guard provided me with excellent confidence and great shape. I put them on over a long-sleeved shirt, and they didn’t move even a bit and had amazing mobility. I’m in a position to bowl without the need to remove them.

2. NURIBASE Baseball Batters Elbow Guard

  • Price: $48.99 to $52.99

NURIBASE Baseball Batters Elbow Guard





Suggested Users


Product Dimensions

‎9.69 x 6.3 x 1.57 inches

Package Weight

‎0.13 Kilograms



Are you passionate about playing baseball but fear the discomfort that it brings? If yes, then you should consider the NURIBASE Baseball Batters Elbow Guard! This protective device is designed to guard your elbow against damage so that you can continue playing the sport that you love without being hurt.

The protective gear is constructed of premium materials and comes with anti-collision pads which are tough and durable. The guard also features a soft fabric that is breathable and won’t cause sweating.

If you’re not happy with the fitting, the guard comes with adjustable straps to help you achieve the ideal fitting. Why wait? Take your NURIBASE baseball bats elbow guard today and start playing with no pain!


  • Complete elbow coverage for elbows
  • Additional protection for baseball fans
  • High-quality, breathable fabric
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for users


  • A bit too fragile and soft

Why Do I Like This Product?

Nuribase elbow guard is a high-quality bat guard for just half the cost. This elbow protector is long and covers the majority of my elbow, lower bicep, and upper forearm.

The padding is extremely dense and offers excellent protection. I was extremely satisfied. The guard performs better than the more expensive guards that I had previously. Overall, great product!!! I would highly recommend it!

3. G-Form Elite 2 Batter Elbow Guard

  • Price: $27.63 to $60.99

G-Form Elite 2 Batter Elbow Guard







Sport type


Product Dimensions

10.55 x 6.81 x 2.4 inches

Package Weight

0.22 Kilograms


‎Adult S/M

If you’re searching for the most effective elbow protection for your child, take a look at the GForm Youth Baseball Pro Extended Elbow Guard. It features body-mapped and shock-absorbing SmartFlex pads. The protective device gives you the best protection from the elbow up to the top of the triceps.

G-Form’s Youth Baseball Pro extended elbow guard is an abrasion-resistant equipment designed to protect the elbow from damage and scratching. It is made from padlock technology, which makes it 20% less weight and much more comfortable than standard foam padding.

The best part is that G-Form’s Youth Baseball Pro Elbow Guard can be washed in the washing machine to ensure easy maintenance.

It’s one of the most effective guards. It absorbs impact and protects against injury with the SmartFlex pads. G-Form is perfect because the silicone grippers guarantee the pad is in its place all the time.


  • Simple to wash
  • Extremely flexible and comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Fits perfectly
  • Possible to wear it across both elbows


  • It begins to wear out after just a couple of washes

Why Do I Like This Product?

G-Form products never disappoint us! My son is very competitive and plays in travel ball and in tournaments. So, his preferred method of protecting himself during hitting is to wear G-Form elbow protectors. The fabric is sturdy and fits perfectly. It also stands up well.

4. ACELIST Elbow Pads Guards

  • Price: $17.99 to $18.99

ACELIST Elbow Pads Guards




Elbow Pads


Spandex, Foam

Outer Material


Product Dimensions

‎8.03 x 5.2 x 1.3 inches

Package Weight

0.07 Kilograms


YXL(suits for: 11-15 years old)

If your children are participating in football, basketball, baseball or volleyball, or any other sport, they’ll need the proper equipment to remain safe.

This is why AceList is the creator of these multi-purpose honeycomb knee pads that come with wrist guards. They’re ideal for kids aged 5-15 years old and are suitable for playing a variety of activities.

With breathable, light, and smooth fabric, extremely elastic fit, and stunning design, These pads will ensure your kids are safe while also keeping them comfy.

AceList is a knee pad that compresses that protects elbows and knees from injury in sports.

In addition, the quick drying properties of the fabric will keep them dry and cool even during the toughest exercise. So, if your children are looking to improve their game or just want to be secure, AceList has them covered.


  • Multi-functional Honeycomb Compression Knee Pads
  • Light, breathable and breathable fabrics
  • High elastic fit
  • Exquisite design technology
  • Rapid sweating and rapid drying


  • It’s available in sizes for youth only

Why Do I Like This Product?

The elbow guards are robust for goalkeepers who play on grass, and natural soccer fields are outdoors (you likely need a more robust elbow pad when playing in goal on the gym floor).

I would recommend washing them with a hand wash and air drying them since the padding can separate during the washing.

5. Bodyprox Elbow Guard Sleeve

  • Price: $16.99

Bodyprox Elbow Guard Sleeve




‎Blend, Swelling, Fractures, Muscle



Age range


Product Dimensions

28.2 x 14.1 x 4.4 cm

Package Weight

68.04 Grams

The next item on the list is this fantastic product made by Bodyprox. It’s the ideal security option when you’re in search of a cheap but high-quality baseball elbow guard. They are available in three sizes: small, large, and medium.

The compression sleeves can increase blood flow and help keep your muscles supple. The protective pads will increase the warmth of your muscles and reduce the swelling that occurs when you go abruptly. These pads are extremely flexible. They are able to stretch up to 60% of their original size.

The sleeves of the guard can be used to play baseball, as well as other sports and other active hobbies. The manufacturer made sure it was the perfect fit. It also has foam padding and breathable fabric to ensure it is comfortable.

If you’re looking to get a tighter fit, choose smaller sizes than the size you’re accustomed to. If it’s excessively tight, then it may make you uncomfortable during your game. It’s among the most attractive guards that have a fashionable style.


  • The fit is comfortable and secure
  • They are quite cost-effective
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Stylish


  • There are no other colors

Why Do I Like This Product?

These baseball elbow guards are exactly what I was looking for. I just fractured my elbow and needed protection while riding my bike or walking. All while waiting for my elbow to heal completely.

How to Wear and Clear Baseball Elbow Guards?

The way you wear the baseball elbow guard:

  • Place the guard on your forearm and keep the pad facing forward.
  • The strap that is at the bottom should be wrapped around your arm and anchored with Velcro.
  • Then, wrap the top strap over your arms, and attach it with Velcro.

If you want to clean baseball elbow guards, follow this step:

Step 1

Use your hands, a brush, or a vacuum to get rid of any loose or extra dirt.

Step 2

HAND WASH. The guard should be scrubbed and rinsed well using a light soap, such as dish soap. Don’t immerse.

Step 3

ACID DRY. Avoid living in the sun’s rays.

This method of cleaning can be used on the entire Gel-to-Shell protection equipment that includes elbows, wrists, legs, thumb, and wrist guards.

What Are Some Common Injuries That Elbow Guards Can Help Prevent in Baseball?

The most frequent elbow injury seen in youngsters is called medial epicondyle-apophysitis, also called “little league elbow.” It is an injury caused by overuse that affects one of the plates that grow located within the elbow. And you can prevent this injury by using an elbow guard.

Acute dislocations and fractures in an elbow joint can be noticed less often and are considered emergency orthopedic conditions. The swelling and the disruption of elbow structures could cause damage to one or several of the nerves of the elbow joint, which regulate the wrist, forearm, and hand.

Who Needs an Elbow Guard in Baseball

The person who has a fear of suffering a serious injury; worries that an unintentionally thrown pitch could hit an extremely sensitive area on the arm.

  • The person who needs to nudge an elbow into the floor while sliding.
  • Any injury or pain that occurs to the elbow must be protected from collisions.
  • Any injury that requires to be treated with warmth or a therapist during playing.
  • If anyone desires to intimidate the opposing pitcher.

The elbow guard we see today is mainly an elongated tough piece of plastic equipped with Velcro straps or a large enough size to slide over, which protects the elbow as an element on the back of a robot made of metal.

For the most part, any baseball player who is concerned about getting injured by any incident during games should wear a baseball elbow guard.

Do Elbow Guards Hinder Performance at the Plate?

No, Elbow guards do not hinder performance at the plate. They may be uncomfortable to wear, but after a while, it becomes natural to use an elbow protector while hitting a baseball. So the majority of the time, elbow guards do not interfere with the swing of a baseball player.

It’s easy to think about the difference between how secure a hitter is as well as how efficient they can be in the field. I was also curious whether elbow guards could hinder an athlete’s swing, so I tested a few elbow guards in the batting cage and saw they didn’t hinder the performance.

Should I Wear a Baseball Elbow Guard?

Yes, you can wear a baseball elbow guard if you need to ensure the security of your elbow when hitting. Elbow Guards can prevent injury caused by throwing a pitch that is not properly controlled, but it’s not mandatory to wear an elbow protector in baseball.

Many best baseball players wear protective elbows, and other top players don’t bother with elbow guards. This can make a lot of baseball players question whether they should put on an elbow guard in the first place.

The use of an elbow guard is a choice that is personal to each player. One of the best things about baseball is that it offers plenty of games and practice sessions, so players are able to play with various kinds of equipment for baseball.

There’s a wide range of different equipment to play with, and you should take the time to determine what you like most and what you could be happy with.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Baseball Elbow Guard?

Elbow guards come in a variety of sizes. Measure your forearm’s size just below the elbow to determine the size you require.

It is advised that players try elbow guards to make sure they are comfortable and secure fit. Also, it is important to think about the amount of protection they require because some elbow guards offer more protection than others.

What Elbow Do You Protect With an Elbow Guard?

There are two elbows in our body, but is it really important for us to put on an elbow guard for both arms when we bat? Should you wear only one elbow guard?

In general, the only requirement is wearing an elbow guard at the elbow in front of the pitcher. Right-handed batters wear an elbow guard on their left hand, whereas left-handed batters have the right arm with an elbow guard.

There’s no prohibition for wearing an armed guard when batting, but it could likely be considered odd to your teammates to wear an armed guard with elbows.


Once you’ve figured out what you are looking for, the decision to take the best baseball elbow guard will be easy.

The most effective elbow guards offered are made with high-quality materials. They offer an incredibly comfortable fit, which means you can focus on playing your most effective game.

With just a little investigation, you’ll discover the ideal elbow guards to ensure your safety and allow you to perform at the highest standard.

Don’t let your baseball season come to an end in a hurry due to injuries. Save your elbows by using our top baseball elbow guard.


How Do Elbow Guards For Baseball Improve Performance?

Elbow guards protect the elbow from injuries and enhance performance by allowing players to prevent injuries.

What is the Purpose of the Double Strap Elbow Guard?

Some players require more support, and consequently, they require the dual strap elbow protector. There are a number of companies that make these and offer more “personalized fitting.”

Are There Custom Elbow Guards in Baseball?

Yes, Some companies, such as Evo-shield, permit you to take custom elbow guards. These allow you to modify everything, starting with your color choice for the binding, base, accents, strap, and even the strap and logo. Choose the elbow guard you prefer and then apply your own personal touches to it.

What Are the Top Features of a Good Elbow Guard?

The main features of a quality youth batting elbow protector are the fact that they are comfortable and don’t limit movement, and they also provide adequate protection.

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