Boxing Hand Wraps

Are you looking for the best hand wraps for boxing? Boxing is an intense sport that requires dedication, discipline, strength, and skill. Your primary weapon is your hands, which you employ to punch. So, to protect your hands, you should wear the best boxing hand wraps.

In this article, I’ll thoroughly analyze the ten best boxing hand wraps with different characteristics to assist you in making the best choice.

What are Hand Wraps For Boxing?

Boxers will often wear a hand wrap to shield their hands and wrists from harm caused by punches. This helps to maintain alignment and compress the hand’s soft tissues during punches.

Hand wrapping serves a few purposes. The first is to protect the hands of fighters. The hand structure comprises small joints and bones vulnerable to breaking from repeated punches. The hand wrap protects the muscles and tendons and cushions the impact on the elbow.

The hand wrap also protects the joints that are moving or loose. It protects the joints and absorbs shock.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hand Wraps?

  • They are protecting the knuckles from the impact.
  • Provides stability and support to the elbow. This stops the unintentional movements of the elbow like rolling.
  • It helps keep the knuckles as one unit—aids in preventing injuries in the hands.
  • Binds all the smaller joints of the forearm into position, reduces the vibrations, and reduces shock into the joints.
  • It creates a comfortable pad to grasp between fingers and the palm. It helps prevent injuries when the fingers are crushed against the palm.
  • A lock holds the thumb in place, helping prevent injury in the fingers.

What Are the Best Hand Wraps For Boxing?

Product name Price Specification Why we like Why we don’t like
Meister Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps Average 180″ length.Three pairs of shoes in red, white, and black.

A loop and hook fastener.

Gloves fit well under the thin texture.It offers the best support and comfort.

Secure throughout the entire exercise.

Some people find thin textures to be fragile.
Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-inch Handwrap
There are numerous color options available.180″ wraps.

Breathability and speedy drying.

Flexible and durable materials.Stretchy and comfortable.

Keeping your hands, you have a cooler.

Wearing no labels.
Pro Impact Hand Wraps 180 inches is the length.It enables you to wrap your wrists fully.

Strong Color Schemes.

Providing the ideal balance of support and comfort.Created to provide the most hand support possible. Unimpressive rubber stitching.
Everlast Professional Hand Wraps  $5.99 – $36.49 Hand ring to improve wrapping safety.Satisfies both amateur and professional standards. Long-lasting.There are fifteen colors to pick from.

Maintains its shape.

Not as flexible.
Elite Sports Hand Wraps 180″ in length.Available in eight (8) different colors.

Washing machine-safe.

Under gloves, lightweight and quiet.Extremely cozy and soft.

Very firm and flexible.

A thin substance.
WYOX Boxing Hand Wraps A gel knuckle cushion.Three-year guarantee.

More smoothing.

Simple to put onIt gives an additional layer of security.

Washable, transparent, and quick to dry.

Not as encouraging as some alternative options.
Jayefo Sports Hand Wraps 

Applicable to all professional boxing.Friendly to washing machines.

3-year guarantee.

Friendly to Your Hands.Prevent Skin Rash.

High-Quality Elastic Hand Wraps.

Not many color options.
Venum Boxing Hand Wraps
$6.99 – $16.04
Cotton fabric with stretch for greater comfort.Mexican fashion.

Microfiber closures for increased security.

Firmly fits into boxing gloves.Enhanced hand safety.

Maximum hand comfort and safety.

Several sellers may charge a high price.
TITLE Boxing Mexican Style Hand Wraps $6.99 Super-strong, hardly elastic substance.Simple and reliable hand wrapping. Adaptive material for improved fit.Multifunctional. Not as flexible as some alternative materials.
Hawk Training Hand Wrap Elastic fastening for improved fit.Knees of the paddling.

Washable in a machine.

Avoiding wrist injuries.Lovely falcon printing.

MMA hand wraps and breathable boxing gear.

Some users might think it’s too big.

1. Meister Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

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Meister Adult Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

Meister MMA gloves are a decent sportswear brand with the best hand wraps for boxing. From boxing gloves to deodorizers, flex shorts and flex shorts, hand wraps, and rollers, you’ll surely discover the perfect equipment for your training.

Of course, their hand wraps are best for boxers or any other fighter.

It has three (3) sets with 180″ elastic cotton wraps. They are available in different colors – white, red, and black.

Meister hand wrap is made with durable cotton and a spandex blend that creates a semi-elastic. The spandex blend creates a comfortable and perfect fit on the hand.

Additionally, it comes with a standard length of 180″ length, which securely protects your elbows and knuckles when wrapped correctly.

2. Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-inch Handwrap

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Sanabul Elastic Professional 180 inch Handwraps

Moisture is among the main reasons hand wraps and gear generally are prone to degrade over time. Let me say this when you’re not sweating hard enough to get up and running and are likely not working as hard as you ought to.

Thankfully, the sanabul wraps 180-inch will solve your moisture concerns. They are constructed of an exclusive polyester material that stops your hands from getting too hot when you go through the bag. After you’ve completed your training, the material lets your wraps dry rapidly.

They are durable, so you can depend on them for countless practice sessions. If that’s not enough for you, many elite fighters use these wraps. This is what got me to give them a shot. In the end, if they’re as good as Michael Bisping, they’re adequate for us too.

3. Pro Impact Hand Wraps

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Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps

Pro Impact is another good brand of boxing equipment that provides various essential accessories to go with its hand wraps.

This hand wrap is made of spandex and cotton material, which is more robust but not as stretchy as its counterpart, the Meister MMA.

Another fantastic characteristic is the huge selection of colors available from Pro Impact: there are 13 different colors that you can pick from.

The most significant characteristic, hands safety, has been made the top of the line. The wrap is 180″ in length and has a hook-and-loop closure. The material is very thick, which provides padding to the knees when hitting bags.

However, people with larger hands complain that the wrap feels heavy as a boxing glove because of the dense texture. It could also require a few times to get used to the hand, but this is not a common issue with cotton fabrics.

4. Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

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Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

The Everlast Professional Hand Wraps are constructed from washable by machine polyester and nylon blend. They are treated using an anti-microbial treatment to aid in the prevention of the spread of bacteria.

The elastic closure makes it simple to attach these wraps, while the elbow strap ensures they remain secured during exercise. This wrapping set is offered in two sizes: 120 inches or 180 inches.

In addition, the anti-microbial treatment can help keep hands healthy and clean. This makes the Everlast ideal for martial artists of all levels.

5. Elite Sports Hand Wraps

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Elite Sports Boxing Hand Wraps

Elite Sports are a well-known boxing company for its gear and equipment. Being a major company, they also manufacture top-quality equipment and equipment for other combat sports such as MMA Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai.

These Elite hand wraps aren’t any different from other top brands on this list. They provide the common characteristics you’ll get from a hand wrap with a great combination.

Hand wraps are constructed of a soft fabric that is 100% flexible to ensure all-day comfort on your hands or when hitting the bag.

For most people, comfort is the primary characteristic of these Elite Sports hand wraps.

Additionally, these wraps are machine washable to spare you the effort of hand washing and keeping them fresh daily. However, the hook and loop closure can entangle other clothes and clothes. So you should place these in an airtight bag before washing them.

6. WYOX Boxing Hand Wraps

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WYOX Boxing Hand Wraps

WYOX Boxing Hand Wraps are an ideal option for any boxer searching for a versatile hand wrap. The gel padding on the knuckles can be used to absorb shocks. Additionally, the elastic closing makes it simple to remove and put on.

Quick wraps are an excellent feature as they let you quickly enclose your hands in preparation for an event. The fabric is washable and breathable. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple wrap to wash and dry.

7. Jayefo Sports Hand Wraps

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Jayefo Sports Hand Wraps

The Jayefo Sports hand wraps are made of cushioning made of gel to keep your hands safe and have hook-and-loop closures to keep them in position. The fabric’s breathable properties help ensure that your hands stay cool even in the most intense workouts.

These enough wraps are great for boxers with a tight budget who need a top-quality product. They offer the protection you need while also being light and comfortable.

If you’re hitting the heavy bag or practicing Muay Thai skills, these are the top hand wraps for your boxing.

8. Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

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Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

The variety of colors available in these hand wraps lets you pick the one most compatible with your personal style. The thumb straps make these wrap gloves user-friendly, while the thick cotton material makes sure your hands are protected against any damage that comes from an impact.

The hand wraps allow you to easily wrap them in your preferences and not run through the fabric. The cotton fabric in these wraps is extremely soft against your skin, and the velcro fasteners guarantee an incredibly secure fitting. The wraps come in two sizes: long for elbow support and short for just support for the knuckles, so you can pick one that suits your requirements.

9. TITLE Boxing Mexican Style Hand Wraps

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Title Boxing Mexican Style Hand Wraps

The TITLE’s Boxing Mexican Style Hand Wraps are constructed from a mix of elasticized spandex and polyester, making them both comfy and air-tight. The semi-stretch elastic gives perfect support, and the hook-and-loop closure with thumb loops guarantees a snug fitting.

Hand wraps like these are great for anyone who is a boxing or MMA athlete who needs to safeguard their hands when they train. The fabric is breathable, helps keep hands dry and cool, and the hook-and-loop closure guarantees a tight and comfortable fitting.

Overall, a great hand wrap!

10. Hawk Training Hand Wrap

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Hawk Padded Inner Gloves

These superbly cushioned boxing hand wraps are great for shock absorption and secure your hands, allowing you to box pain-free for longer. The stitching is overlocked to ensure long-lasting durability even in heavy and frequent usage.

The hand wraps for boxing feature an elastic closure that makes them very simple to wear and remove. The elbow strap is extended to give incredible support and stability to avoid injuries. The breathable cotton fabric is extremely dry, which helps prevent the accumulation of sweat and odor, and feels extremely soft to your body. They are also machine washable, which makes them easy to clean.

What Type of Material Should I Look For?

Tape and Gauze

Enclose your hands in gauze, then secure them with various tapes such as gaffa tape. You may need to practice the technique for a while before you can master it. It is recommended that you have someone help you. This technique is the easiest and most secure way to enclose your hands. It is well worth the effort.

Reusable Cloth

These standard wraps are excellent and can be purchased from top brands such as Everlast. They are also available in many different lengths and colors. Cloth wraps measure between 180 and 220 inches in length. The longer the cloth, the better protection you will get.

If you are doing shadowboxing or solo training, choose shorter lengths. Longer lengths are better for sparring or fighters with larger hands.

Elastic Bandage Mexican-style Wraps

Elastic hand wraps have more flexibility than reusable cloth. This means they can be moved and conform to your hands while you box. They won’t shrink as you train or box. It’s up to you which wrap you prefer. You can test out both to determine which improves performance. They’re not as durable as cloth wraps, but they last much longer.

Fastening Materials

Most cloth wraps and Mexican-style wraps come with an elastic material. They are durable and easy to use. Velcro fastenings are the most practical and available in various hand and glove wraps. However, if you purchase your cloth without a complete fastening, it could cause damage to the fabric.

Tape is another common fastening, along with elastic. Tapes can be torn and come in lengths up to 10m.

Hook and loop fastenings are another option. They are stuck because they can be used for longer, saving you money over the long term.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Hand Wrap For My Boxing Gear?

Finding the size of hand wraps you need is simple and efficient.

Measure the circumference of the hand starting at the bottom of the thumb. This measurement can be compared to your weight to determine the size.

Add speed wraps to the mix. The same principle applies: measure the circumference of your hands and select the appropriate size.

Hand wraps that are smaller than average will be required for small hands. However, you can choose to wrap around your hands in a larger size to protect your hand. There are also options for 200 and 108, so there is something for everyone. The best recommendation is 180 inches long. It is a larger hand wrap that can accommodate all sizes. In boxing, it is better to have more material than you need to protect your elbows and hands.

What to Consider When Buying Hand Wraps?


Wraps that are standard in style do not offer much flexibility. You want them to fit your hand like a cast for maximum protection. Wraps in ringside Mexican Style are more popular because they offer some breathability to fit the hand like a glove.

Others have other reasons to use ringside wraps during their workouts. These wraps are not as flexible during exercise. This is a personal decision.


The length of cloth reusable hand wraps is typically between 108 and 210 inches. Because there is more material to wrap the hand with, longer wraps offer greater security than shorter ones. For people who spar or have larger hands, longer cloth wraps will be more beneficial. For those with smaller hands or who shadow boxes without contact, shorter cloth wraps are better.


Most hand wraps are approximately 2 inches wide, but they can vary widely. While some brands prefer to make wider wrap bands, others produce thinner wrap bandages. Again, width is a personal decision and preference. When buying a wrap bandage, be sure to consider the width. Wraps are more gripping than those with a velcro closure system.


You can pick which color to wear your clothing according to your tastes; however, choosing a color you can easily keep clean and match with your attire is best.

What is the Difference Between Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps?

Boxing Gloves

They are also more comfortable to wear. This woven material can be scratchy, making quick wraps uncomfortable for long sessions. It is especially irritating between the fingers. Gel gloves are a better choice than quick wraps as they offer more protection for the fingers.

Your body adapts to the weight of boxing gloves and makes your muscles stronger and faster. You will feel lighter with regular boxing gloves if you take off the heavy boxing gloves. This will allow you to be more efficient and effective in boxing matches.

Hand Wraps

You can enclose your hands differently depending on which area you wish to protect with traditional wraps. Enclosing your hands to protect your elbows can be helpful if you are prone to elbow injuries. An inner pair of gloves would not allow for this level of personalization.

It can sometimes be difficult to put on gloves wearing an inner glove. This problem will not be a problem if you have a set of gloves. Wrapping can be done in various ways depending on what gloves you use, how you train, and if you need to protect certain areas of your hand from injury. This is not possible with an inner set of gloves.

Washing them is the only thing that can cause wear to a wrap set. This is because they are not washable like inner gloves. A pair of quick wraps will eventually break down; sometimes, they can burst under repeated impacts. Gel inner gloves can also be damaged but are less common than quick wraps. If hand wraps are properly maintained, they will last longer.

Do I Need to Wrap My Hands If I Am Using Boxing Gloves?

YES! You need to wrap your hands. It doesn’t matter what your level of training or ability is. If your sport is boxing, MMA, or kickboxing, it can help reduce your injury risk.

How Often Should I Replace My Hand Wraps?

You should replace them every 4 to 6 months, depending on how often they are used and how well they are maintained.

You should be able to keep your wraps alive if you allow them to dry thoroughly after every workout. Wash them monthly and ensure they are free of tears and snags.

How Do I Wrap My Hands For Boxing?

Method 1: Using the Right Wrap and Technique

Pick the Best Wrap

There are numerous kinds of wraps, and it’s crucial to pick one that will be the best fit for the size of your hands and the type of boxing you plan to perform. Think about these factors when choosing the perfect boxing hand wrap:

  • Cotton wraps are an excellent choice for regular exercise. They are in length for juniors and adults and fastened with elastic on the ends.
  • Mexican wraps are like cotton wraps. However, they’re made up of elastic fibers, meaning they can be made into the form of the hand more quickly.
  • Gel wraps don’t weave on the hands and are instead slipped onto fingerless gloves. They cost more compared to cotton and Mexican wraps. They’re easy to put onto.
  • Wraps for the competition are made of tape and gauze. The boxing rules specify the exact quantity that can be used to ensure that every boxer has an identical padding size.

Wrap in the Right Tension

Handwraps should be tight to ensure stability to the elbow and hand; however, if they’re too tight, they may restrict circulation. Doing a few repetitions is possible until you can get the right tension.

Keep Your Wraps Clear of Wrinkles

Lumps and wrinkles are uncomfortable while trying to concentrate on boxing. They prevent the wrap from protecting the delicate bones in your hands and helping to stabilize your wrists.

Make Sure Your Wrists Are Straight While Wrapping the Wrap

If your elbows are bent as you wrap them, the wrap won’t stabilize them. Your chance of injury won’t be as great if you maintain your wrists in a straight position during the process.

Method 2: Winding the Wrap

Stretch Your Hands Out

Spread the fingertips as wide as possible, then flex all the muscles. The boxing wrap is intended to protect the hand while moving. So you must start by exposing the wrap to any actions you may perform when boxing.

Put your thumb through the opening in the wrap’s top.

 You should ensure that the wrap’s underside is in contact with your hand. If you turn the wrap upside-down, it will be difficult to fasten it once you are done. You will find a label or printed area on most wraps that tell you which side to face.

Wrap Your Elbow

Wrap the wrap around your elbow depending on your large hands and your desired stability. End the wrap by wrapping it around the inside of the elbow.

  • Each turn should have the wrap laid flat.
  • You can adjust the number of wraps you do on your elbow if you feel the length needs to be increased or decreased.

Enclose Your Hands

Pull the wrap to the opposite side by wrapping it around the back of your hand, across your palm, and over the region slightly above your thumb. Repeat the same process three times, ending with the wrap on the inside of your hand close to the thumb.

Wrap Your Thumb

Wrap your wrist once to begin and then a second time to close, finishing the wrap just above your thumb. Using your thumb as a guide, wind the wrap upward from the base and then downward again. Wrap your elbow once more to complete the motion.

Wrap Your Fingers

Wind the wrap to secure your fingers at the base, starting inside your elbow.

  • Wrap the wrap around your elbow and place it between your pinky and ring fingers.
  • Turn it from the inside to the outside of your wrist, over the top of your hand, and between the middle and ring fingers.
  • Turn it over from the inside to the top of your hand, between the middle and index fingers. End at the elbow.

Enclose Your Hands Again

Wrap your wrist around. Next, wrap diagonally across your hand from the outside to the inside. Enclose your hands around your thumb and continue to wrap your palm. Continue wrapping until you have used the entire length of the wrap.

Secure the Wrap

Elastic it to keep it in place. To test if the wrap is comfortable, flex your hand and make a few punches. You can adjust the wrap if it is too tight or loose.

Repeat With the Other Hand

Although wrapping with your non-dominant arm may appear challenging, you will quickly become used to it. Inquire about help from your partner or coach.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Wrapping Their Hands?

Fighters can have problems if they use too much tape or gauze. Gauze and tape are porous, which can allow moisture to seep in. This can lead to sweat accumulation, which can add weight to the gloves and hands of the fighter. Boxers will punch slower if they have more weight in their gloves.

You can also make a mistake by not understanding the anatomy of your hand before wrapping it. Wrapping should also be done with care. Wrapping should be done to protect against any injuries, wrist problems, or finger issues.

The last thing you should do is choose the right wrap. Wraps that are too rigid or thick won’t hold the hand securely when you make a fist.

Hand-wrapping is essential before you can train or get into the ring. The inadequate wearing of hand wraps can hinder your performance.

What is the Best Way to Store My Hand Wraps?

Handwraps are essential for combat sports. They serve multiple purposes, providing extra cushioning when striking, supporting your wrists, and helping to absorb sweat, which helps to reduce foul odors.

Let the Air Dry After Each Use

After use, don’t leave your wraps in your gym bag. Allow them to air dry. You can expect bacteria and fungus to thrive in dark, humid environments. They will cause your wraps and clothing to smell bad. Allowing them to air dry can slow down or stop the growth of bacteria and funguses, keeping them fresh.

Use Hand Wraps

If you train three to four times weekly, consider purchasing more than one wrap.

Handwraps can be used to prevent sweat buildup in fibers when cycling. It will preserve the integrity of the Velcro.

Wash Them in a Mesh Bag, or Hand Wrap Wash Bag

My wraps have caught in the washer several times, causing them to become unusable. To prevent them from tangling in the washer, wrap them in a bag.

Do Not Dry Them in the Rryer

Wraps that are dried in the dryer can cause them to shrink and lose some of their elasticity. To preserve cotton (or a cotton blend), hang them to dry in the sun. If you don’t have time to wait, ensure they are in a wash bag when drying in the dryer.

Keep Your Wraps Fresh

You can leave your boxing wraps overnight in detergent or fabric softener if they are particularly odorless.

Use a Roller to Wrap Multiple Pairs of Wraps

A hand wrap roller, designed to help you roll your wraps faster, can be purchased. If you have several wraps, this tool is amazing.


Selecting the best hand wraps for boxing needs isn’t easy because it’s mostly based on your personal preferences. There are also minor differences between these hand wraps so that you can select the best fit for your requirements. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. See full affiliate disclosure here.


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