Best Women Paddle Board Life Jackets

Are you just starting out and unsure which women’s paddle board life jackets or other effective options are best suited for you? Look no further – we’ve put together this article with the top selections.

At sea, safety comes first while enjoying yourself. There are numerous options of the best paddle board life jacket for women.

But, not all life vests are created equal, so it is essential to select the appropriate personal flotation device that matches your paddling conditions.

Without delay, let’s dive in.

Product Name Specifications Price
Stohlquist Women’s Flo Life Jacket
  • Coolness and wearability
  • Ultralight and ultra cool
NRS Ninja Personal Flotation Device
  • Provides enhanced visibility
  • High-speed impact with the water
‎$99.00 to $147.95
Astral Layla
  • Made for safety
  • Secure front pocket
NRS Women’s Siren Personal Flotation Device
  • Season-after-season durability
  • Provide ventilation
Astral Linda Women’s PFD
  • 100% recycled Polyester shell fabric
  • Durable, long-lasting

1. Stohlquist Women’s Flo Life Jacket

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Stohlquist Women's Flo Life Jacket

Brand Stohlquist
Color Orange/Gray
Life Vest Type Type III
Material Neoprene
Product Dimensions 17.72 x 17.72 x 5.51 inches
Package Weight 1.21 Pounds

This high-end women’s paddling life vest is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it perfect for chest-high paddlers. Mesh sides and back let in ample airflow to keep you dry on the lake.

Stohlquist is the market leader in the Personal Flotation Device (PFD) market, with over four decades of experience.

The Flo women’s life vest features built-in cups for extra support. An adjustable cross-cinch strap also ensures a secure fit, helping prevent the jacket from slipping up.

With a large zip pocket, you can conveniently store small personal items. Furthermore, the materials used to craft this woman’s vest guarantee comfort and breathability. The life jacket also has a waistband made of neoprene which helps keep it securely in place. With comfort in mind, you won’t even notice that it’s there!


  • Large zipper pockets
  • Adjustable straps fit various body types perfectly
  • Ideal for kayaking with high-back flotation panels
  • Great for larger chest sizes
  • Lightweight and airtight material


  • Getting an excellent shot might be difficult

Why Do I Like This Product?

This paddle board vest offers the advantage of versatility, making it a favorite among us. Stohlquist women’s Flo life jacket offers airflow and comfort while making it ideal for leisure paddling.

2. NRS Ninja Personal Flotation Device

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NRS Ninja Personal Flotation Device 

Color Orange
Life Vest Type Type II
Item Package Dimensions ‎20.67 x 14.21 x 3.46 inches
Package Weight 0.6834 Pound
Material Type II Life VestOrange Life Vest

I am truly amazed by the design and style of this NRS Ninja paddleboard PFD. The flotation foam inside is packed into just two panels, giving you much greater freedom than when wearing traditional life jackets.

NRS Ninja: AirMesh fabric on the inside panels and shoulder straps provides maximum airflow.

This stand-up paddle PFD is available in four colors: Teal lime, lime, and red. Available exclusively on Black.

This product is offered in three sizes and features six adjustment points to ensure comfort regardless of body type.

The Ninja is equipped with a front clamshell pocket for organization and a lashing tab. Additionally, this Type III life jacket has received U.S. Coast Guard certification.

For those seeking total freedom while paddling and who don’t mind getting some sun on their shoulders, this is an ideal option.


  • Unbeatable mobility
  • Perfect for people with shorter legs
  • Clamshell pocket
  • Pocket for hand warmers
  • Very durable


  • Not as robust as some other PFDs
  • Not Everyone
  • The neck straps may not fit everyone and could cause irritation if not worn correctly

Why Do I Like This Product?

I personally have one, and I was pleased with its fitting and size. When you capsize, it does not ride up too much, and it stays snug to your chest while floating.

3. Astral Layla

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Astral Layla 

Brand Astral
Color Eggplant
Life Vest Type Type III
Item Dimensions ‎4 x 24 x 20 inches
Package Weight ‎1.84 Pounds
Material Kapok, Pvc
Style ‎Jacket
Size Large/X-Large

The Astra Layla jacket is the ideal design for women and the best women’s paddle-boarding jacket. Crafted with curvy women in mind, this jacket comes complete with breast cups and princess seams that are connected for an ideal fitting.

Astral Layla is a lightweight and comfortable PFD designed specifically for SUPs. It’s perfect for women who plan on paddling longer than an hour and require something easy-to-use and comfortable while they do so.

Astra Layla is made with 200×400 PVC and nylon, providing it with strength and water resistance. Furthermore, its combination of Organic Kapok, Gaia foam, and PVC foam makes it incredibly eco-friendly.

You’ll prefer the Astral label if you’re looking for an extremely comfortable and high-end option. The Astral Layla not only feels cozy, but it fits perfectly, too – especially for feminine women out there!


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Many pockets for storing items when paddling
  • Sizing can be easily adjusted for comfort
  • Comparing it to other women’s SUP PFDs, this model is quite cost-effective
  • An impressive buoyancy rating will keep you afloat should you accidentally slip into the water


  • Not suitable for rough paddling
  • Some reports indicate it may not be 100% waterproof

Why Do I Like This Product?

Female paddlers especially appreciate these life vests. Not only do they use it for paddle boarding but also kayaking and boating excursions.

4. NRS Women’s Siren Personal Flotation Device

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NRS Women’s Siren Personal Flotation Device 

Brand NRS
Color Black
Life Vest Type Type III
Item Package Dimensions ‎26 x 20 x 7 inches
Package Weight ‎2.2 Pounds
Style Jacket
Size Large-X-Large

NRS Siren is an ideal garment for women paddle boarders. Its soft design features soft foam split into six distinct panels, making it comfortable without feeling too heavy or restricting when paddling.

The PFD boasts mesh panels to keep you cool and content throughout the day.

NRS Siren vest is offered in three sizes with six adjustment points to ensure the perfect fit. Shoulder straps can be cushioned for added comfort, while reflective accents enhance visibility.

Furthermore, there’s a handy front zipper pocket for added storage. There’s never enough storage!


  • Wrap-around to fit
  • Excellent range of motion
  • Feel comfortable against your skin
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavier than other models

Why Do I Like This Product?

My friend who purchased this jacket was highly satisfied with its lightweight feel while paddling. In the water, I noticed that the PFD didn’t extend over his ears – an excellent indication!

5. Astral Linda Women’s PFD

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Astral Linda Women’s PFD 

Brand Astral
Color Fire Orange
Life Vest Type Type III
Material Polyester
Item Package Dimensions 21.5 x 15.2 x 4 inches
Package Weight 1.02 Pounds
Style ‎Jacket
Size Large-X-Large

The Astral Linda personal flotation device is unique with its Thin-Vent back design and ultra-thin foam in the back. Perfect for those with high backs or going SUP fishing, you’ll feel right at home in this device.

The life jacket is ideal for keeping you cool and warm while maintaining ideal balance when kayaking or paddling.

This women’s life vest offers ergonomic comfort with the latest airflow technology. Features such as a mesh back and lightweight materials make this vest an ideal choice for active outdoor adventures.

We especially appreciate the fine mesh strip on the back, which helps circulate air to keep you cool on hot days.

Astral Linda is offered in four stunning shades: cherry red, clearwater blue, lilac navy, and crimson black.

When planning any SUP activities that involve sitting in a SUP kayak for extended periods, you must consider wearing this USCG Type III life vest.


  • Ideal for kayak seats
  • Very light
  • Perfect for summer weather
  • It has the perfect fit for any body type


  • Flap the tab on the lash
  • Only two straps to the side

Why Do I Like This Product?

As with the other life jackets we’ve reviewed so far, this one features reflective piping, which makes it stand out more when swimming. That extra security is always beneficial for everyone – an added layer of safety is always beneficial!

How to Choose the Best Women Paddle Board Life Jacket

Comfort and flexibility

Make sure the life jacket you select is comfortable so that you can wear it for extended periods of time. Certain types of vests offer better shapes than others, and flotation devices shaped like rings also differ in terms of comfort level.

It is essential not to have a loose-fitting board since this could put you at risk of injury and make riding uncomfortable. Plus, if it’s too loose, it may fall off when you take an unexpected tumble from your board.

Be sure to purchase a vest that is loose but not restrictive to allow for proper breathing.

It is essential to purchase an emergency jacket that you can put on and take off quickly. Furthermore, make it effortless to adjust the size of your jacket according to changing temperatures.


Every year, thousands of people are injured when boats collide with them. A quality safety vest can help you avoid becoming one of these victims by being bright and reflective, so you are as visible as possible in low-light conditions.


It is recommended to purchase an inflatable safety vest or flotation equipment that inflates quickly and automatically when you are thrown off your board, especially if you are injured. You also have the option of manually inflating it if the auto inflation fails.


Everyone wants to look stylish when playing an outdoor sport, and some vests are more appealing than others.

Don’t buy an uninspiring or dangerous jacket just because you like its appearance; flotation equipment doesn’t have to be dull or uninspiring in appearance either; many modern vests combine functionality with fashion for a great look.

Bottom Line

The above best women’s paddle board life jacket will help you to enjoy paddling. So, take a look through our suggestions and check if they appeal to you.

Check out our buyer’s guide, and follow the same criteria as I did to find the right life vest for your body, needs, and style of living.

We’ve provided our pros and cons for each product to help you to pick the most suitable one.

Bon voyage and happy paddling!


Do you need a life jacket for paddle boarding?

Yes, Every paddleboarder should wear an appropriate life jacket while on their boards. But ultimately, this depends on your level of experience; experienced paddleboarders may not need the life jacket, while kids and beginners would benefit from having one on board.

What kind of PFD works best for women when paddleboarding?

For stand-up paddleboarding, the Type III or Type V PFD is the most reliable. These two models offer both comfort and security when paddling. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. See full affiliate disclosure here.

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