Modus 105 vs C-Taper Lite

Are you seeking the best golf shaft? You are in the right place. Each shaft is different. The consistent profile of high-quality shafts is a sign of your quality. Imagine a shaft with a different profile if you use a five iron and a six iron.

For years, golfers have debated the advantages and disadvantages of C-taper light shafts and the modus 105 shafts. In this article, we’ll examine and compare these two shafts (Modus 105 vs . C-Taper Lite) and help you to choose which one is best for your needs.

What is a Modus Shaft?

Modus shafts are shafts that have been tested on the Tours. These shafts handle higher speeds and maintain the desired ball flight. This is great for those who want to keep their spin rate and have a longer trajectory.

Modus shaft, a modified wedge and steel shaft, gives players greater control over their trajectory, distance, direction, and spin rate. The shaft is unique depending on how the golfer feels.

The Modus shaft is a favorite for both everyday and Tour golfers. This shaft is a perfect combination of feel and performance. Made in Japan, shafts are manufactured to the highest standards of accuracy and control.


What is a C-Taper Lite Shaft?


C-taper shaft lite improves the c-taper designed for those with less flexibility. The lighter version removes the taper and maintains the backswing speed from shoulder height to the ball.

Differences between the Modus 105 and C-Taper Lite

Modus 105

Modus 105


  • Modus 105 has unique playing profiles that can be used with different models of Modus 105 to give golfers the best launch higher and spin characteristics.
  • Modus 105’s weight ranges match golfers’ release patterns to get the best distance and accuracy throughout their set.
  • The Modus 105 shaft is made of high-quality materials that allow golfers to hit many shots in any condition.
  • It provides tight dispersion due to the strict tolerances of the highest quality levels.
  • Due to its unique raw steel material, and the accompanying heat treatment, it provides accurate distances.
  • Smooth profile with a traditional, straight bend.


  • The Modus 105 shaft is made of high-quality materials that allow golfers to hit many shots in any condition.
  • A stiffer tip design might be more appropriate for players looking for low trajectories with their irons.
  • Modus 105 is a great feeling shaft for golfers of all types.
  • Modus 105’s ability to match shafts with precision through the entire set is unrivaled. This gives golfers peace of mind that every club they carry will be well-built and consistent.
  • The Modus 105 is a fantastic option for golfers who want to enhance their iron performance without feeling overpowered by a strong flex.
  • Players with wedges will also find the Modus 105s shaft an excellent option.


  • This shaft may not be available in smaller pro shops or retail stores.
  • The Modus 105 shaft is usually subject to an OEM surcharge, leading to higher prices for new iron sets.

C-Taper Lite



  • The C Taper Lite, some lengths range from 37.5 inches up to the 42-inch mark.
  • C-TAPER LITE shafts incorporate proven KBS performance benefits and feel lighter in swing weight.
  • C-Taper Lite Iron shafts are by far the best available for the game.
  • These iron shafts allow you to get the ball in the air for a longer distance with greater control and speed.
  •  The controlled spin and trajectory of the C-TAPER LITE shaft are achieved by its firm tip and bit-softer butt. 


  • The Lite maximizes energy transfers, and robotic testing showed an average increase of 5 years for each iron.
  • The shaft’s design characteristics allow for a lightweight and consistent launch.
  • The C-TAPER LITE maximizes energy transfer to the most significant distance by using a constant taper design with a proportionate increase in wall thickness.
  • It has a stunning, piercing mid-high trajectory which cuts through the wind like butter.


  • Considering how shaft technology has advanced over the years, you can’t afford to upgrade.

Flex: C Taper Lite vs Modus 105

The most obvious difference between both golf shafts lies in the flexibility options. Both have the same kind of choices. They are standard stiff. Regular flex is ideal for those with average speeds for swinging, stiff flex is best for those with an average or slightly higher speed, and extra rigid flex is ideal for those with over average swing speeds.

The variety of flex options makes any of these shafts an excellent choice for a range of golfers. Whatever swing speed you play, any of these shafts is an appropriate option.

Length: C Taper Lite vs. Modus 105

The main distinction between the two models is the length selections. It is possible to select lengths that are a bit larger compared to C Taper Lite. It depends on the type of model you’re familiar with. This extra inch could represent the difference or break in the length you choose to use.

One thing to remember is a golf club’s shaft length limit. USGA sets a limit of 46 inches on each golf shaft or golf club. It will be considered illegal if a club head or shaft length exceeds 46 inches. There’s not a limit to the size of either the C Taper Lite or the Modus 105 exceeding this limit.

Weight: C Taper Lite vs. Modus 105

Regarding the amount of weight each shaft can bear, there are a few distinctions to be noted. There are some differences in the C Taper. C Taper Lite offers more options in terms of weight when compared with Modus 3 105 regular sides. 

Another difference is that Modus 105 has a slightly less weighted option than the latest version, which comes with C Taper Lite. Also, you will have more options with Modus 105 than with C Taper Lite compared to Modus 105.

The USGA offers a range of rules which must be followed for each item of machinery. A piece of equipment that violates a rule is deemed illegal since it does not comply with the equipment’s specifications.

As per the USGA, the KBS C Taper Lite Regular and Nippon Modus 3 105 are legal. That means that you can utilize them for any casual, high-level amateur, or professional golfing outings.

Which One is Right for You? 

When selecting a golf shaft, there are a lot of aspects to take into consideration. One of the two crucial aspects to consider when selecting Nippon Modus 105 or KBS c-taper lightweight shafts is its strength and stiffness.

The stiffness of a shaft is measured using flexible places, with a more significant bend point suggesting a more rigid shaft. The weight of the shaft is determined as grams. A greater weight suggests a stiffer shaft. 

C-Taper Lite shafts were explicitly designed for those with a moderate swing speed. They are constructed of lightweight materials that make them more comfortable for you to hit. Also, they have a more excellent flex point, making them more responsive and providing the shaft more power. 

Modus 105 shafts were made for those with high swing speeds. They are made from the heavier KBS C-taper light shafts, which are 55 grams in weight.

Bottom Line

Have you found the best option for you? Modus 105 is similar to the Nippon 950 in terms of shaft shape. It’s pretty stiff beneath the grip but becomes slightly softer in the middle and stiffer towards the point; The shape is thus “classic,” and because the middle region isn’t too stiff, it is also reasonably rigid overall.

On the other hand, C-Taper Lite keeps most of the feel but adds some extra energy. This shaft provides the impression that it is incredibly accurate and solid due to the rigid tip section; If you like the first C-Taper’s feel and precision but want to reduce the volume or add air to the ball, you can try using the KBS C-Taper Light.

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