TopBoxer Alien Gloves

Are you thinking of investing in a decent pair of boxing gloves for your sparring, boxing, muay Thai, and regular training? If so, TopBoxer Alien gloves are here for you, which will pretty much guarantee you an amazing pair of gloves.

TopBoxer Alien Gloves are in the range of the top-rated Mexican-style puncher’s gloves. All the gloves from this well-known brand are constructed with three layers of evenly distributed padding with lots of pop. Besides, these gloves are always pretty up there when terms come to ergonomic features, durability, and comfort.

There is far more to know about these deconstructed Mexican fight gloves. Have a look at our dedicated TopBoxer Alien Gloves Review guide that will make your decision stable to buy this new and most sophisticated boxing glove.

Features And Benefits

TopBoxer Mexcian gloves are the combination of the best of everything. This boxing gloves-topboxer is custom with their twist to get the perfect combination of protection, durability, and fit. It offers all the essential features and benefits that are needed in an entry-level and pro-level fighter. Besides, the ergonomics of the gloves grab special attention.

  • High-Quality Materials And Constructions

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TopBoxer Alien gloves are well known for their high-quality materials and well-built construction. The complete gloves are rolled up with high-quality leather.

The stitching over the sides is quite tight, which increases the durability of the gloves. You will find no ends stitching out or fraying anywhere from the stitching. You will find extra stitching in the custom one, which gives more structural support.

  • Great For Beginners And Pros

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TopBoxer Alien gloves are great for beginners and designed to protect you and your opponent. The beginner will feel comfortable enough after wearing and also convenient to put on and take off. It will not let you feel a bit irritated while boxing. Besides being a beginner, TopBoxer has a series only manufactured for professionals. All the models will represent great value for money.

  • Affordable Price

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TopBoxer alien gloves are not only superb for providing quality, durability, and comfortability but also come at a reasonable price. You will get gloves in every budget range, starting from low prices to higher ones. From the plenty of reasonably priced gloves, you chose the right one without emptying your wallet. 

Why Quality Boxing Gloves Are Important?

Boxing gloves assist you in protecting your hands when kicking pads or heavy bags during training sessions. It also minimizes the impact and injuries for ourselves and our training partners in sparring.

A quality glove will only ensure the best protection, and the strong punch shields give stability to the wrist during the shock of a punch. That’s why a boxer should first concentrate on the qualities of gloves.

When the terms come about combat sports, boxing always stands in the first range. While training or workout in boxing, a good pair of boxing gloves is a must to protect your hands and maximize the punching power. 

Besides offering protection to the puncher and opponent, it also reduces the impact of punches by increasing each blow duration. Thus you can spread the impact force over a wider area. 

The more quality boxing glove, the more benefits that you will get from them. Have a glimpse at some of them:

  • Good quality gloves feature premium thai pads that keep your hands warm. Thus in the winter or colder months, you can keep your hands warm and can continue your stability.
  • If you are using standard gloves, it will improve your punching power and also assist in absorbing the impact of punches to the next level.
  • Boxers will get the best strength, speed, and agility during workouts and increase their confidence.
  • The most important part is improving your balance and coordination while using the best gloves.
  • A-grade boxing gloves are not only superior to the materials but also incredible in fitting around the hand and forming a fist shape.

What Makes TopBoxer Gloves A Great Value?

TopBoxer Alien gloves are excellent gloves for having vast high-quality features. It is remarkable in the gloves world, starting from premium padding to the gripping feature.

Also, it will provide the best hand protection, sparring softness, making the thumb differently, and customized color and sizes make the gloves a great value.

  • Soft Cushion Foam

TopBoxer gloves manufacture with soft foam padding, making the softest training gloves that are hardly found in other gloves. Besides, it will be the best choice for beginners, athletes, and those who want a perfect grip on the heavier weights.

  • Maximum Hand Protection 

TopBoxer Alien gloves are always a top pick for providing ample protection and a secure fit. These excellent gloves are made from premium material and have a fully breathable mesh on the palm. So, it will be best for those fighters who need good hand protection.  

  • Sparring Softness

When the terms come to sparring, you will need a good set of gloves to protect you and your partner. TopBoxer boxing gloves have a luxurious amount of padding that makes it easy while sparring in boxing. 

  • Custom-fitted To Any Hand Measurements

Every series of the TopBoxer Alien gloves are customized with different sizes. This will be easier to fit into any hand measurement. The gloves come in sizes from 10oz to 22oz, which is ideal for training, sparring, and fights. 

  • Croc-print Leather

The TopBoxer alien boxing gloves are made of the highest quality natural leather print with a croc pattern. This will provide the most professional vibe when you are wearing it. 

  • Best Structural Shape

Every glove from the TopBoxer alien is neither too puffy nor too small. If you choose the stock one, you will get smaller gloves and less padding. But if you want to have a better shape, you can try out the custom one. Both are impressive and make you feel more natural.

  • Making Thumb Differently

This is most of the essential part of the TopBoxer Alien glove and worth the value of it. The gloves tend to make your thumb differently. It has a big floppy thumb, allowing the leather to wrap over the edge with ease.

Is The Quality Of The TopBoxer Alien Gloves Good?

Yes, definitely!! The TopBoxer stood out in terms of quality. Even TopBoxer series gloves are well known for having outstanding qualities. From design to the cut, colors, and the type of padding makes, the series is a highly recommended glove brand.

Also, the constructed genuine leather, the customized softness, and the Body protector features are incredible, making it one of the top-class gloves.

How Do The TopBoxer Alien Gloves Feel When You Wear Them?

The most attractive part of the TopBoxer gloves is the curling and full fisting feature. That’s the reason you will feel more curled and like a half-open hand after wearing the gloves. Also, it will allow you a complete squeezing by doing a full fist.

  • High Comfort In Thumb: 

TopBoxer stock series has featured with straight thumb design. It will provide you the superb comfort while griping. But if you like a curved thumb, the brand Topboxer has also developed this feature in their custom series.

The TopBoxer stock gloves have skinnier sharp tapered thumb along with a very modern and stylish design. In the custom gloves, you will get a fully curved design. Most series will handle your thumb differently with more comfy.

  • Enough Padded: 

TopBoxer gloves have enough padding that will not let you feel the sharp edge. It will feel tight after wearing with a comfortable and light vibe on your hand.

  • Fit Correctly: 

The TopBoxer gloves have a secure and snug space that allows proper circulation and movement without being too tight. That’s a good sign of properly fitting gloves. For this, you will feel supportive and comfortable.

  • Staying Put During Training: 

When you are in training wearing the TopBoxer gloves, they will stay where they’re supposed to. You will get a tight closure through the laces or velcro around your wrist. This wrist fit feature prevents the glove from the prone to falling off.

  • Fingers Fitting: 

A very good sign of good gloves is touching the fingers on the top of the boxing gloves which you are getting in TopBoxer. After wearing the gloves, your fingers will sit against the top of your glove without cramping. 

Do The TopBoxer Alien Gloves Provide Good Protection For Your Hands?

The TopBoxer alien gloves have super cushion foam that perfectly fits around the fist and wrist. So, you needn’t be worried about your hand protection when wearing gloves. The gloves ensure the maximum protection of your face and hand while training.

Boxing gloves act as a shield of protection for hands and body. TopBoxer gloves are not a bit lagging behind in this feature. These boxing gloves are made of premium materials that are extremely durable.

The high-quality material of the gloves ensures you provide sufficient padding for optimal hand and wrist protection but maximum comfort.

The main function of these boxing gloves is to provide a soft cushion for your finger joints. Thus it protects you from serious damage to your knuckles and also from breaking your own bones. 

The gloves will fit around the hand, forming a fist shape. For this, it will provide a strong layer of protection over the whole back of the hand and the thumb.

In short, TopBoxer alien gloves are a well-padded pair that is incredible for hand care in all training forms and offers decent flexibility during workouts. 

Are The TopBoxer Alien Gloves Easy To Put On And Take Off?

TopBoxer alien gloves are manufactured with superb smooth and slippery feature that makes it easy to get the gloves in and out of your hand. By this, you are getting good handling of the gloves, making them ideal for everyday training.

TopBoxing gloves are made with premium quality material, ensuring long-lasting durability. It also features a hook-and-loop closing mechanism that allows security and makes it easier to wear and take off the gloves with ease. 

For beginners and those who aren’t sparring professionals, TopBoxer gloves should be the first choice to go with. You can put on the gloves and take them off as your preference during the workouts and training sessions.  

How Well Do The TopBoxer Alien Gloves Grip The Boxing Bag?

The TopBoxer alien gloves provide you with an excellent grip on the boxing bag. The gloves come with soft, durable, and professional quality padding, and the bigger hand compartment will let you grip the boxing bag with ease.

During the boxing training session, it is essential to wear boxing gloves when punching a bag. It will provide more padding and also will lessen the impact on your hands during punching.

The gloves are just a little wide and not too big all the way around. Thus, it will be pretty easier to grip the boxing bag with the TopBoxer boxing gloves.

Do The TopBoxer Alien Gloves Come In Different Colors?

Yes!! TopBoxer Alien gloves come in various colors and combinations. All the colors are associated with different styles according to the boxing gloves series.

The manufacturer ensures a 100 percent color guarantee of the product. Also, Prices may vary based on product color.

Some of the top-notch TopBoxer Alien gloves in different customized colors are:

  • Old School Brown: 3 sizes are available in this color with either thumb attached or not. 14oz, 16oz, and 18oz. 
  • Old Scholl Red: There are 3 sizes available on this color, closured with lace-up or velcro. 
  • Win1 Maroon: Win1 alien maroon is the most popular series and comes in about 8 sizes, including 10oz, 12oz, 18oz, and 20oz.
  • Win1 Black/Gold: The Win1series boxing gloves in black gold color combination will provide an exception vibe after wearing.
  • Win1 Matte Black: These series are finished with Matt Black, which is perfect for those who are a freak in deep black.
  • Win1 White: The win1 white color will symbolize a fresh start and fairness while the training session. This series also comes in about 8 sizes.
  • Win1 Navy Blue: If you favor the shiny navy blue, this series will be your next best deal. Just choose the best based on your size.
  • Win1 Red: Win1 red series is the most popular series of the TopBoxer alien gloves that can be either laced up or velcroed.
  • Win1 Mexico: You can protect your hand with exceptional Win1 Mexico symbolized with the Mexican symbol on the back of the hand.
  • Muay Thai: This will be the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the fit and feel of the traditional Thai style of velcro boxing gloves.
  • Classic Bag Gloves: Classic bag gloves series of TopBoxder perfect for hitting the heavy bag. It comes in two sizes, either medium or large.

Where I can Buy The TopBoxer Alien Gloves?

You have to find out the boxing glove which is best for you and fills your requirements like weight and the circumference of your dominant hand. There are far enough websites that offer TopBoxer Alien gloves in great deals. But be concerned about the trustworthy one. It will be better to choose the best option for you from the TopBoxer official website.


That’s all!!! Throughout this article on “TopBoxer Alien Gloves Review,” we have explored every single detail of the alien boxing gloves – topboxer. Besides providing the highest quality leather, the gloves ensure maximum power transference during training and the best comfort. So, get a pair of this fantastic glove and be ready to enjoy a world-class feel.

Karen R. Miller is a journalist in a well-known international news publishing agency. He also writes for Surprise Sports partially when big events occur in the octagon.