AFL 2022 Live Broadcast Guide

The new season of the Australian Football League, AFL 2022 will soon on be the ground, with around 1 starting on March 16. After a long breakdown of Covid-19, AFL is expected to get back into its normal shape this year. A lot of people will be finding the best place to watch this exciting event. Don’t worry, we will make the work very easy for you. Here, you will know all the possible ways to watch the AFL Live stream on TV and online.





Venue: Various

TV Channel: Channel 7





What is AFL?

Australian Rules Football also known as AFL, Aussie Rules or Footy is a fast-paced and highly skillful game played by some of the fittest professional athletes in the world. It is the world’s 4th most popular spectator sport averaging almost 37,000 spectators to each game. Footy is a sport that is played all around the globe by males and females in different formats from the USA, New Zealand, and India to Denmark, Croatia, and even here in Sweden. Aussie Rules is a unique sport, it brings together many aspects from other sports that may be more well known to you.

How to Watch AFL Live on TV?

  • Channel 7
  • ABC Australia
  • BT Sports
  • Fox sports
  • GZ TV
  • Sky Television
  • TSN

Various TV channels will be broadcasting the AFL live on television. Channel 7, ABC Australia, BT Sports, Fox Sports are some major broadcasters of the tournament. You will need to log in using the details of your cable operator to watch the event there.

GZ TV, Sky Television, TSN will also broadcast the full tournament in their respected area. You will need a cable TV subscription for that. Contact your operator if you are out of their network.

How to Watch AFL Online in 2022?

There are 3 options available to watch the tournament. Check them below:

Watch ALF:

Watch AFL will live stream the AFL 2022 season online. For that, you will have to purchase an AFL Global Pass. With the pass, you will get all the latest AFL updates and news, each and every game from anywhere in the world and where ever you want. The monthly subscription will cost you $39 AUD. You can also purchase a yearly package, through which you will be able to save some money. The yearly package will cost you $199 AUD.


With the exception of the Grand Final, Foxtel broadcasts every game of the AFL season live on Fox Footy. To participate, you’ll need a Foxtel subscription with the Sports HD pack. After that, you may use the Foxtel GO app, which is accessible for free to Foxtel IQ subscribers, to watch AFL games on your desktop or mobile device. It will cost $25 per month. Fox Footy, which costs $29 per month.

Kayo Sports:

The AFL will be streamed live online with a replay option for subscribers. The Kayo app is available for PC, Android, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Sony Bravia TV, and other devices. There are two pricing options: $25 for two simultaneous broadcasts and $35 for three simultaneous streams per month. It will provide you with 14 days of a free trial.

How to Watch AFL Football Live From Anywhere?


Channel 7 will broadcast the AFL live on their TV channel in Australia. But they will show a limited number of games on TV. They will be showing 3 to 5 matches on their channel every week. ABC Australia has the right to show the tournament is in their channel. You will need a cable TV subscription to watch the tournament on your television. ABC Network shows all the AFL games on their TV network.

United Kingdom:

In the UK, BT Sports will stream the AFL 2022 on their channel. They show a lot of sports events on their channel all over the year. BT Sports will telecast five games in a week. You can also watch the live streaming on their dedicated app, BT Sports App. Connect to this network soon if you don’t want to miss a moment.


In China, GZ TV will be streaming the AFL games on their TV channel. GZ TV is a dedicated sports channel in the region, that shows 24 hours exclusive sports events on their TV channel. They will show AFL on their TV network. So, call your service provider if you are lacking the channel.

New Zealand:

In New Zealand, Sky Television will be showing the full tournament. They show a variety of events on their TV channel including rugby, cricket, netball, rugby league, football, motorsport, golf, tennis, and many more. They will show the tournament to the AFL fans of New Zealand.


In Canada, TSN has reserved the broadcasting property the AFL Livestream for them. They are one of the biggest sports broadcasting channels in the world and number 1 in their country. They broadcast sports of almost all genres in Canada. TSN will show the AFL too on their TV network.

How to Listen to Radio

The best place to listen to each AFL match is on the official AFL app which you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

When an AFL match starts, each broadcaster is shown, and you can pick and choose which station you like. It is easy, convenient, free, and ideal for those people who like to listen to the game from their phone or tablet device.

You can also head to the official AFL website to listen to each game from the stations that offer it.

Final Words:

AFL is one of the biggest football leagues of the year. The best Australian Football players perform here and show their best. So, if you are a Rugby fan, don’t miss any moment.



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